Im doing this one by myself, which is why youve got the shaky, cam and well im here. This is the mgz suv, the 2020 version, and this is our drive review now, if youre looking for our video of the specs, then youll want to look up here where we talk about the interior, design, the trim and all those kinds of things. The first thing you notice driving the mgzs ev, is that it is not the quietest of cars, it definitely transmits a little more road noise than you get with the less budget oriented vehicles. But that said because its an electric vehicle, the actual in cabin noise, is not that bad. Unless you get up to motorway speeds, when it does become pretty noticeable on these kinds of roads, though it is pleasant and quiet, the ride and handling are a little bit. Shall we say unrefined? This is definitely not the kind of road on which this vehicle excels. It does again you get quite a lot of rumble through from the suspension and well. You can feel that suspension being a little bit coarse. It doesnt do anything terribly unpredictable. However, theres no huge amounts of understeer or oversteer to manage, and it generally goes where you point it when we talk about in cabin noise, were often talking about noise from the road or were talking about transmitted noise from the wind outside. But the other thing that you get in this car is quite a distinctive motor wine.

You hear it even at low speeds and on high speeds at motorway speeds. It can be quite niggling you just kind of notice. It wailing away back there, its not the most pleasant noise, theres, also a lot of noise from the accessories, the wiper motors you can hear them. You can hear the air conditioning working away. All of that gets transmitted straight through to the cabin and thats one of the places that you really do feel the way that theyve reduced the price on this vehicle. That motorwine, which comes from the 105 kilowatt permanent magnet motor, does give enough power to get you up to speed pretty briskly, particularly in town on the motorway. The top speed of 87 miles an hour well thats, fine in england, where the top speed is 70 miles. An hour, but in some other parts of the world that might be a little bit awkward and certainly those overtaking maneuvers, where you really want to put your foot down and just zip past someone you dont, have a great deal of power up at that top end. To do that kind of thing, it definitely feels like a value engineered vehicle, the feel of some of the switch gear, its all definitely okay, but it really doesnt feel particularly well put together, but it does have a lot of features that help to make up for The fact that, at that price, you are still getting automatic wipers, youre still getting lane keep assist, and while the lane keep assist, i find a little irritating, particularly outside of major roads, so driving down roads like this, you really feel that its a little bit slow And a little bit laggy and it wants to pull the car in directions that arent necessarily terribly helpful.

So i often find myself turning it off on these smaller back country roads. But when youre out on the main road on motorways or freeways, then you would find that it works pretty well and it does keep the car more or less centered in its lane. As i say, it does sometimes seem to be a little bit slow and it does seem to be a little bit late, so you get quite close to or even across the line before it actually notices and once it does, it pulls you back with a little Bit more of a jerk than i would like, but that said, it is a standard feature on this model. One of the things that has struck me as ive been driving down the motorway with the driver assistance system is that it is quite irritating at times with its reminders to hold on to the steering wheel. I have had my hands on the steering wheel, the entire time driving this car, its, not one that inspires you to. Let go even for a second, but it is quite persistent and sometimes those reminders kick in. Even when you have your hands on the wheel and you are providing steering input all that said, though, the traffic speed sign recognition does work pretty well, and it has popped up with alerts appropriately timed that this is an area with variable speed limits, or this is A 50 or a 40, and those have been pretty reliable out here in the sticks, where the speed limit is 60.

It just tells you that its national speed limit, although youd, be unwise to do 60 on this in any vehicle, at least unless you were rally driving and the other end of the road was closed. The electronic traction control, which kicked in several times while we were trying to pass through some pretty muddy. Slippy roads did do its job, but again it really felt kind of in your face it, you knew it was doing it and it was letting you know it was doing it and it well. It just felt pretty basic. It felt slightly rudimentary it let you know what it was doing, because it hadnt been refined in that same way, and that is the way a lot of the car feels its just a little bit unrefined, unlike most cars, that we get which come from manufacturers. This car has come from a rental company – i just rented it as my car in the uk, and it has nearly 19 000 miles on the clock. Typically, the cars that we get from manufacturers may only have one or two thousand miles on the clock, so this has had probably a bit of a harder life than you might expect for some of our review vehicles, and you can feel it some of the trim Inside is broken, there are some little clips missing the clips that would lift the luggage cover. One of them has been replaced with a bolt and the other one is loose and the string has broken.

That might be something to do with the quality of the vehicle. That might also be something to do with the fact that rental cars tend to have a bit of a hard life, and this mgz suv at two years old has probably been to multiple different people and treated pretty harshly. You do get some little squeaks and groans from the suspension, which maybe that is a lack of maintenance. That said, the suspension still handles rough roads pretty well, it handles freeways and motorways very respectably and yeah. It is as with everything else in this car and im gon na come back to that term. It is a little unrefined. It does transmit a little more noise, its not really the high end car experience, but are you expecting high end at this price range? Im? Certainly not and when it comes down to it – and i ask myself – is this car nearly twenty thousand dollars cheaper than the car that i own does it feel like its twenty thousand dollars cheaper? No, no, it doesnt sure the steering is a little bit vague. It certainly doesnt have an awful lot of road feel and some of the electronics do behave slightly weirdly the windscreen wipers with their auto wiper. It sometimes gets a little bit confused and it gets very over excited about small amounts of rain or mist and then, when its raining harder, sometimes doesnt kick on when i want it to.

But those are things that i can overcome by moving the lever to a non automatic position. The center console, as i talked about in our walk around, is really quite laggy and kind of irritating. I would love to upgrade it to something better and i hope that in the 2022 version they have, but again we come back to that price and that price is really very respectable. I think perhaps the main thing that gets to me about this car. The thing that most disappoints is the instrument cluster, not because of the analog display, which i actually quite like, and i find quite pleasant and it conveys its information very clearly, no, its the ways that things havent quite been thought out. So when you plug it in it shows you the percentage of charge left. That is the only way that you can get this vehicle to show you how much charge it has the drivers cluster battery gauge only gives you that information in what could be 16 ish percentage increments, but they clearly arent because it flashes the low battery warning light At about a 25 state of charge, but on the gauge its on its last segment, which i calculated to be maybe 16, that really meant that id have no idea what its state of charge was. Most of the time, i was pretty much relying on a better route planner for telling me where to charge, and i often found that the a better route planner prediction was really variable.

Sometimes it would suggest that i would arrive with 14 and i would arrive with 36 and then sometimes it would suggest that i would arrive with say 20 and i would arrive with 15 and without that way, to read the actual state of charge without plugging it. In i was completely reliant on a better route planners planning, which meant that, although it was pretty clear, this car could go much further than a better route. Planner was saying i couldnt really risk doing that, and i found that really quite frustrating. But if youre using this as a vehicle around a local area, youre just occasionally taking longer trips, then im pretty sure that that wouldnt be a huge problem for you and certainly once youve got used to the kind of range that the car can do. Then youre really not going to have so many problems, so i know we would normally stand at the front of the car, but it is really windy out here up on bottom and more, and that is not ideal for filming. You know what the question we always ask is: who is this car for, and this car is for someone who is budget conscious, wants to drive an electric vehicle and isnt really concerned? It does come with a lot of bells and whistles. They work, theyre, not fabulous, but they are there, but i dont think those are the things that the people buying this car care about, sure its great that it has collision avoidance and its really good that it keeps you in your lane, more or less.

If a little late, it does do that stuff which helps keep you safe. So those kind of safety conscious things really important to people who have a family need. The space of this vehicle want to go electric and arent too worried about having to go great long distances its a really solid choice for someone who just wants a car to get them from a to b and for a new brand trying to make their way Into the marketplace, yes, mg has been around for years, but this is a chinese backed version of mg. Trying to re enter the market in europe. Trying to re make its name, and this is a really solid entry. There are definitely some things i dont like. I dont like the interface the fact that it doesnt tell you how long it needs to charge it doesnt tell you how fast its charging doesnt tell you how full the battery actually is. Those are things that need to be remedied and they might be remedied in the 2022 version of this vehicle. But in this one, if youre not doing long journeys, thats not going to be so much of a problem, would i consider one? Yes? Yes, i probably would in the us i probably wouldnt, have this as my primary car that range just isnt quite there and the charging of 50 kilowatts does take a while. But that said, if i lived in europe, i might well consider it 150 miles is enough to get you a good, long distance and definitely as a second vehicle.

I can see this being cheap to maintain. In the long run. I can see it being a great second car. As you know, im here on vacation, my lovely wife is holding the camera and the teleprompter if youre wondering why there was a bit of a cut there. That is it for today. If you liked the video, please consider giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with your friends and dont forget to leave your thoughts below. There is also a link down there to our free to join discord, chat room. Why not consider joining that? That link is in the video description and, if you really like the video, why not give us a super thanks its easy to do and everything you send goes towards helping us make great content and, in this case removing an awful lot of wind noise, because its Really windy up here and i forgot to bring the dead cat that goes on the mic. If you havent already make sure you subscribe to this channel and our other channel transport evolve to take two and give the bell a gentle ring to make sure you are told the very second our next video goes live thanks on behalf of the entire te crew. Go out to everyone who makes te possible that includes everyone who supports us on patreon and youtube, as well as those of you who just watch the videos and share them sharing the videos.

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