I am back again with an interesting video of etris 350 customer review. Currently i am here at opal, hyderabad telangana state, to know the full information and genuine ownership review of this e bike. Now mr rajesh reddy is with us hes the owner of this eateries, 350., hello, sir. How are you okay? Could you please introduce yourself to our audience? Hi friends, this is rajesh shreddy. I am from pal. I am working in kabul im doing as a market marketing and sales in all over india, so i purchased this bike. Okay, marketing purpose. So at exactly what price you have purchased vehicle and uh, how many months its been? Actually, i purchased the bike on may 28th. In 2002, okay, yeah its cost to begin with, is one lakh. Seventy thousand seventy thousand. Yes, okay. I paid down payment of forty thousand and remaining one like the season uh for loan purpose. Okay, so you have choose the option of emi so how much you are paying every month every month i am paying 4000 rupees okay until how many months 48 months, so rajesh kumar ready, uh its almost been three months right so till now how many kilometers? You have clogged yeah, four thousand seven hundred kilometers, four thousand seven hundred kilometers uh till now in these three months. So that means you always almost in a day, uh used to travel hundred kilometers, eight hundred eighty two hundred so and coming to the price of this vehicle, its almost one like seventy thousand rupees and also in bike segments in eevee uh bike segments.

We are also having revolt 400 also. So what do you say about that? Like its almost it comes for uh, one like fifty to sixty thousand rupees yeah, i think its passing around one like fifty thousand. I think yes, i have seen that. Actually i went for uh tested, also okay, but i dont i didnt like that. Uh, because heating up was not good. Okay sitting is not good. Okay, so is it your first vehicle or have you ever tried anything before the citrus? I have purchased one scooty raider gmo pyramid, its a low speed scooter. Yes, i used around nine months. Okay for this bike. I waited three months for three months, three months, so after booking uh, you have waited for three months to get delivered. You have waited almost three months. Are you not tired of waiting? No, i went to the showroom many times for this bike, but it all they didnt approve from central government. Okay, so that rated period given three months – and this is the first bike they given to me in all over india – okay in all of our india – it is the first delivered bike to me only first may 20th. After me, they delivered india, okay after you only they have delivered all over the india on may 30th. They started okay, so they have delivered you on may 28th, only first of all in all over india hes. The first person who is using this 350 bike and a company is claiming that its having a claimed range of 140 kilometers.

So have you ever tested whether you are getting that range or not yeah? I they said that i got 142 mileage, actually one for 141.2. They given 140, but i have seen one part of because how it come means you have to maintain minimum speed of 40 to 50 range right and you will get pakka 140 above 140 around 150. Surely, and company is also claiming that its having a top speed of 90 kilometers per no, no, it will go. I i think i have seen only 85 only 85., so you have not touched in 90.. No, i never tried. Okay, you are never tried for these vehicles; they have used a lithium and uh battery pack right and the battery pack. If you see it carefully, it might touch uh speed breakers. Whenever we go height, is there okay, ground clearance centimeters? So i think there is no problem, i think also one atm okay, so you you dont, get any kind of problem, so we should not worry about that. Dont worry about it, okay, right and also in our hyderabad. In some places there will be huge uh traffic right in that uh traffic conditions breaks place a crucial role. So what about the comfort of brakes? These two brakes are awesome. Okay, im telling, because both are displays. Okay, okay, itll, be awesome, theres, no problem with that brakes, so you youd never get any kind of problems. Okay, problem: okay in this four thousand seven hundred kilometers of journey, have you ever faced any kind of issues with bike.

Any kind of okay. Today is the august 22nd on august 18th. I think i got one problem battery problem. Okay, what happened? We got that okay, so is it a middle off road? Yes, okay, it got dead. Then i called to the road assist service. I told so this time. Theres no person available in that area, united, okay, neither, but no one is available for this bike. That person told okay that uh. You told that okay, he sent one technician. He came there and he checked all things theres a battery okay, so i went. I went through him only two showroom. Okay and i kept my bike there. Then, after five days, i got my bike again right. Okay, in three months of time, only you got one problem like a battery problem battery is the heart of bike. Yes, so thats the main main thing now it got dead. Okay, so what did then yeah? They replaced the new new battery. Okay, they replaced new battery and talking about the display cluster, so it is snapping uh its not having enough brightness thats enough. I think, okay, for you, its okay, no problem below sunlight, its not possible to see everything yeah. So as it is having you know, you know yes, some problem. I think it happened for some shadow. You have to enter some chatter, then it will okay. So, according to you, customer service is not okay. For you right im not satisfied with the customer service people, okay, they will take too much time.

Yes, uh. They are taking too much time when you got the problem, also right, right, okay and uh. Talking about the seat also, when comparing these vehicles with other e bikes, it is uh like somehow different right. So are you comfortable with the seating pillion? Also, this seating key is comfortable to me. Okay, because there is no. There is no problem with that seating. So i think its not suitable for family families. Some they will face some problem with that, because when, when we apply front brake, they will come from china, some problem, how much electricity consumption will be there. If we, if we use this bike actually for full charge, it will take six to six and a half hours time right, okay, charge a full battery full battery. Okay, i have seen that the daily consumption of this electricity – eight rupees only eight days because for 140 kilometers, actually, everyone will get only four rupees current bill, okay, foreign – and i think you dont charge it daily right, because i i wrote right okay. So what about warranty terms and conditions? Theyre, given three years warranty? Five thousand kilometers only okay! This is, i think this is not good, because its possible, unlike 7200. Yes, they need to improve the warranty period, also warranty also yeah around five years. Okay, i havent discussed about this uh with the customer care or showroom person. They told that it depends on manufacturing company. Only okay, they wont do anything okay for regarding warranty all right.

Okay, um! Have you ever tested this vehicle in a uphill area? Yes, it will same easily, okay, as it is, having a 16 degree centigrade. I think i have seen that it will climb very well okay, so you have never faced any kind of issues with that. Also so, have you ever tested this vehicle uh in raiding rainy conditions always kept you under brain only rainy time, only right, okay, so rajasthan? What do you want to suggest to our audience about customer service? I think customers are just poor in this purely way, because i have seen that they never respond as soon as possible. Okay, theyll take some time. They delay giving the results here right. Okay. So if i ask you three positives and three negatives of this e bike, what do you say? Three positions that mileage pick up and look looks only this is the main part of things. Negative means. Customer service native point. Is that one only okay? I, given one point only one negative: you are uh giving right to whom you will suggest this vehicle for students for students, okay, right, okay, and if i ask you to rate this vehicle out of five, how many stars will you give you that performance? I will give four, of course i have i faced one problem with baton rouge. Okay, so i dont have any billiard rust on battery okay, so i lost one star just because of the battery right now.

The solving problem is there. So the battery got dead. I think all right, okay, so rajesh g. What do you want to tell our audience about this vehicle? If anyone wants to purchase this vehicle, i will suggest to the students and the young people only because it looks like sport bike only. It will find a pickup. Also awesome speed: it will go around five yeah. It has in 85 kilometers speed. Okay, it will go 90, i think, but i dont know i suggest to students and young people only right. Okay, thank you, rajeshji. Thank you very much for your time and valuable information and thats all about the customer review of eat. Risk 350 guys – and if you like, this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos.