We want to talk to you today, something very special thats come out this year, its the pro turn ev mower um, its a 60 inch into probably late next year middle next year, theyre going to look into getting this into a 48 inch and a 52 inch Theyre going to progress and get the battery operated machines full commercial into the standalone, but today were going to talk to you about this particular unit. Again it is a 60 inch ev battery mower. It does come with four batteries there, a lithium ion battery. There are four of them they are located in the back. We will show you and break this kind of down well break it down the batteries break down the spindles, well break down the features and functionalities youll see throughout this video about this mower and the key characteristics. What separates this from anybody else, thats out there in this industry, gravely has been doing their due diligence and been working on this for the past eight years. So this is not something they take lightly. Theyve done everything possible. They can do that theyre going to be in the forefront of the marketplace. So again, four batteries, you can run this on two batteries or four batteries average run time, youre looking anywhere four to five hours. Now again, that just depends upon you know how much you mow, what type of grass youre mowing how high the grass is, is the grass wet so an estimated average across the board has been four to five hours.

Typically, when youre out there youre mowing probably more than four or five hours, but you got to include your time from getting from point a to point b. You do get a charger with this. You can charge it 110 or 220., its a typical plug. You charge it, you charge it put it into the machine, it will charge the batteries as they are sitting in the machine. You can buy an off a portable charger that you can take the batteries out of the machine. You can set the four batteries into the machine, plug it into the wall and watch it charge. If youve got additional batteries which you can purchase, you can purchase additional batteries, put those batteries in and continue on throughout your day, so the batteries obviously are located in the rear part of the machine. Just like any other product out there, its battery operated. You have a light indicator. Itll tell you exactly how much time you have on your battery the lcd screen that comes on these. It also tells you that it tells you everything you need to know about this machine talks tells you about your blade engagement talks about batteries where youre at as far as runtime on the batteries it gives you complete breakdown of everything, thats functioning on this machine. So you always have the whereabouts of whats happening, how its happening and whats going on and one of the great things one. I think one of the unique things that theyve done with this ev piece is theyve put in the um.

The x3 constant drive spindles its a proprietary spindle, basically says that youre able to work on the spindle from the bottom. You dont have to replace the spindle like your gas mowers. Now, if youre mowing and you see a stake – and you happen to hit the stake – you pretty much damage that entire spindle with this, this allows its called its called a blade slip. It allows the blade to slip, so it doesnt create that damage, and then the blade will resume and catch back up to the remaining two other blades or whatever it may be. So its a very cool technology cost effective, helps you out there on the commercial side as youre mowing battery wear time. As far as warranty youre talking three years on the battery youve got five years 1500 hours on the actual machine itself. From a warranty perspective, as i said, you get four to five hours run time, so you say: okay, well, whats it take. If im going to charge this, how long am i down average charge time if you were to run that battery down to about the 15 to 20 percent, with a standard charger that you comes with the machine? Itll, take you about 12 hours. You can buy a fast charger, would take that time frame down about six hours, so im kind of nice and again once you get back you plug in. If youve got to plug into your your actual trailer plug it in and you can be charging your batteries as youre going you get back home, you plug it in, at the end of the day, charge your batteries um a nice little feature too.

It balances out on the battery, so say: youve got two batteries at 80 and youve got two batteries at 50. The mower knows its called a leveling. It will level that batteries that will run on those two higher eighty percent batteries until it gets to that fifty percent level. In the other two then itll start to drain all four of them simultaneously, and you can actually see that on the lcd um display uh really really cool feature again. This is the 60 inch deck its two two ground speech. Youve got actual a low speed and a high speed low speeds, eight mile, an hour to four mile an hour if you pull it up to rabbit youre at 11 to five and a half, so its kind of a nice little factor depending upon what youre doing Seven gauge steel all the way around um. This also has the x factor three deck on all their commercials. What they come out with its one of those its its its its designed to be able to throw the grass and grass fluently, gives you one of the top one of the best cuts youre ever going to get from a gravely mower. Some of the other nice unique little features as far as accessories on this piece. You buy the portable charger. You can buy batteries, you can buy the fast charging kit. As i mentioned, you have a mulch kit. You can buy an led kit suspension front fork, so you can actually put suspension front forks.

It comes with standard forks. You can actually purchase suspension front forks. Give you a little bit better ride. It does come with a full suspension seat. You can add that, additionally, depending upon the properties and the properties that you mow, you can also get a lawn striping kit if necessary, and then ultimately, a beacon, light beacon light is nice. If you do any municipalities or youre in a high traffic area, you can purchase the beacon battery, so people can certainly see you and where youre at talk about price. Obviously everybody says okay, and once you see some of these features um that connor will show you on this machine um. Ultimately, what it comes down to is price. Well, this particular machine is priced right about 28, 000. Okay, so youre like hold on just a second well. If, if we look oh look at it and the best thing to do, is you look at it as a return on investment? If you were to purchase this machine youre, basically, your return on investment would come within 14 months. So again, yes, its a steep price to pay, but ultimately, depending upon what youre mowing, how youre mowing um you get into those hospitals and things like that where, where noise is a factor, this is the machine to handle that so again, weve talked about a lot Of the feature functionalities, um connor will highlight those for you folks. We do have this in stock.

It is a its its sitting here in our showroom. I highly advise that this is something piqued. Your interest stop out, take a look test drive.