Now, how are you going to tell a hyundai kona electric from a hyundai kona ice vehicle or internal combustion vehicle? Well, the electric does not have a grill here does have a grille down here to cool the batteries, but theres no grill here. If you see a grille here, you know that is an ice vehicle and it also has the battery access port right up front, whereas some vehicles have them on the side now, hyundai says the reason that they have placed it off center is because it shows that This is an electric vehicle, not quite sure about that nissan puts it in the center and other hyundai vehicles have it on the side, where youd find a normal gasoline port so interesting to see that when you charge the vehicle, this area here turns green. There is a series of lights here as well. This does take the 1772 and the cms connector right there. So if you want to do dc fast charging, yes, this vehicle will do that or you can just charge on your 120 volt at home or on the 1772 that youre going to find at your local supermarket. So one of the things about any electric vehicle is: where are you going to charge your ev? There are plenty of free chargers located in supermarket parking. Lots, shopping center parking lots like this volta charger right here. So if you want to charge, you can charge almost anywhere in a suburban or urban area that has free charger.

Now, of course, there are pay chargers as well and youll get a faster charge at a paid charge, but youll also pay for that thing, and if you want a level one charge, which is a 120 volt charger, the car comes with a 120 volt plug in That i plug in personally in my garage whats under the hood of the hyundai kona well lets have a look classic uh like any other car. It theres a lever inside on the drivers side. You open it up. There is a holder right there, so theres no frunk in the kona, so no no franc, but there is the ev engine, the eevee eco technology device in here, which is basically the electric engine. And yes, there is a regular uh, 12 volt battery. In here, electric cars do use 12 volt batteries and what are the other things that you see in here? Maintenance wise? Well, there is windshield washer fluid right there. There is coolant there, theres brake fluid there, so those things do need to be maintained and of course over here is where your fuses are all these orange wires here. Those are the high power wires, so theres a lot of technology in here. But if you look at it, as you can see, theres not a lot of space being taken up in the engine compartment by the electric power plant. Now this is not the batteries the batteries are under the car. This is just the electric motor and then theres a front wheel, drive system here and yes, there is a radiator in there.

You can probably see that a little bit down in there, maybe not but remember it – does have a radiator for both the air conditioning which it has a heat pump on and also to cool and heat the batteries. Now the side of the kona is pretty basic crossover. Youve got your area up front where actually, there is electric components, engine components up here: theyre, just not gas powered. There are four doors: two on either side to access: the passenger, compartment, theres, a little cargo area and, of course, a hatch in the back. Now the one thing youre going to notice on the kona electric are these 17 inch wheels now these are special tires, but theyre not the skinny tires that we used to see in the early electric vehicles theyre pretty much regular tires, though there are harder. So it has less rolling resistance and, of course, youre not going to see a lot of air entrance there. One of the things that the designers try to do is to create as little air disturbance as possible, which would mean more power that would have to be used to drive the vehicle so thats. Why? You dont see a lot of open space there and plus you dont, need it to cool the brake pads, because a lot of braking on a electric vehicle is done by regenerative braking. So when you go to slow down youre, not using your brake pads. The forward motion is doing a regenerative energy which is putting electricity back into the battery.

So you really dont need as much brake pads and when they say electric vehicles dont get as much maintenance thats one of the things that youre not going to be doing a lot of is replacing your brake pads. It has manually retracting side mirrors. It has very normal door handles and you see in a lot of electric vehicles, you see recessed door handles these door. Handles are like what you would normally see. They just open up and handle and are mechanical theyre, not electric door handles like we found on the volkswagen id4, so lets go in and have a look inside of the hyundai kona electric now inside the vehicle here, pretty basic, as i said, switch gear is shared With the first generation ionic, this sort of spaceship style turbine air vent here, ionic has two levels of switches. This just has one: it has the traction: control off automatic charge, there parking sensors off now, the ionic doesnt have a parking sensor and, of course, the brightness and dimness of the dashboard. This vehicle does not have a heads up display the gear shifter are buttons here. This is different in ionic than it is in the kona. There is an electric parking brake here, of course, underneath there is where you would put your wireless device into charge, and there is a usb a in there as well controls here for hvac controls up here. For map navigation, radio and media, now this hyundai kona, electric and right now fully charged its 298 and again its a colder morning, so it would normally be a little over 300.

. Now there is no um video mirror and theres no switch for day night there. There is a place for your sunglasses. There is a sunroof here which is very nice to have and a manual shade, which is nice. The sun visors slide out theres also a mirror there and you get to turn your light on. If you want to do that, thats right there, so thats nice theres a little place to put a ticket underneath. If you need to do that now, the thing youre going to notice is this: nice seating material here, perforated seating material and that works with the heated and cooled seats, theres cooled and heated seats and those are just for the for the two front seats. Now there are no heated and cooled seats in the rear, though the rear does have the same type of material. Now. One of the things that i have noticed is that there is a lot of hard plastic here, uh and its really not overly attractive, but its okay. I mean its fine, something that thats interesting with this vehicle, so it does have a little area down below the console and theres an outlet there, and there is a usb as well as a 12 volt outlet there. If youre looking for more usb well thats theres one right here, theres also wireless charging right there and inside here, youre, not gon na find anything uh theres, not no outlets. In there thats.

Just your regular storage box, there a little place there cup holders that are there very simple sort of nice and space ag. Looking vents, the doors also are very simple and clean. Now i like the two tone, coloring here, the darker plastic and then the leather at white leatherette. Now, yes, there is a second row now. This is not a three row crossover. This is only a two row vehicle, so there are is seats in the front for the passenger and driver, and then there are three seats in a bench seat in the back now, one of the things that we found in the kona is that theres not really A whole lot of space for those second row passengers. Nor are there a whole lot of amenities for the second row passengers, but lets have a look inside so whats it like in the back seat of the 2022 kona electric, well, its pretty simple, actually theres, not a lot of knee room if the seats are set. More to the back for the front seat, passengers headroom is okay. There is one map pocket right here. There is one usb a port here, but nothing else. There is a little kooby there that i suppose you could put your phone in but other than that. Its about it, there is of course, grab handles on both sides. Theres a coat hanger up here led lights here, but nothing back in here. There is a fold down.

Armrest is nice, but theres no pass through here. So if you want to pass through – and this is a 60 40 rear seat with this part being the 60., so you could have it that way. I suppose, and of course, if you want the third center seat, theres, not a lot of room here – theres, not a big transmission hump here, but of course, once you put this arm rest down, that loses that third seat in the middle, but nobody wants to ride In the middle anyway, so im going to give the back seat youre not going to really want to ride back here, i dont think a whole lot im not going to give it a lot of points up for variety and like many crossovers today, the hyundai kona Electric has a rear, hatch and a small amount of cargo space here, actually its pretty good, i would say theres at least 24 inches here, its a pretty good space. You do need to take this package shelf off. If you want to get anything big in it. Does bend back so youre, not gon na get anything real tall or boxy in, but you can always put down the rear seats now the kona storage area is not super big, but big enough for things. It does have this hard package shelf cover here that you would pop out and take with you somewhere uh. But what are you going to do with it if youre traveling, you can probably put it down below here, Music youre, seeing more and more of these type of security covers, underneath the back is a little tray area and underneath that is where the air pump is, And also where the charging cord is and its a nice big area there, though its not really big enough to put a laptop in if youre, trying to hide a laptop theres, really not a whole lot of space.

A little holding net here does have nice little snap here for that so thats nice. Thank you for watching this video on the 2022 hyundai kona electric. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up and follow us here on the real dc car guy.