In addition, the integrated large screen display that looks as if its been cut, creates a unique and modern interior space Music. The nero slim design seats are about 30 thinner than in previous models by applying gigasteel to the back frame Music. This provides a more spacious interior. The ambient light installed on the crash pad of the passenger seat creates a variety of interior atmospheres. If you go to setup vehicle lights, ambient light, you can set the brightness and color of the ambient light with user friendly controls such as the button starter shift by wire and automatic brake system. The nero control console provides an optimal driving environment. The dynamic chrome garnish connected to the crash pad, creates a unique door design the knobless inside door handles create a minimal look. The passenger and rear seat doors unlock when pulling the handle once pulling. It again opens the door which prevents the door from accidentally opening, while driving for storage space, a push button, type glove box, a console front tray with a wireless charging system for smartphones and an open type variable capacity cup holder tray are applied in the front seat Area in the back seat, you can use the cup holder by pulling the arm rest forward. A relaxion comfort seat is also used for the passenger seat. If you press the rear of the relaxion comfort seat switch, a message will appear on the infotainment system to check if theres enough space behind you, after confirming press it again and the relaxion comfort seat, will recline putting you into a zero gravity position after the seat.

Reclines, the seat can be adjusted through the seat adjustment switch. The nero has added a smartphone charging system to the front of the central console tray when you place a mobile phone that supports wireless charging on the charging pad charging starts, and the indicator turns orange when charging is complete. The orange light turns green. If there is a problem with charging, the orange light will blink for 10 seconds and turn off if this happens, pick up the phone and try again or check the charging status, the hood will slightly open while pushing the centrally located locking lever to the left, lift The hood halfway up and it will open fully on its own by changing the previous stay rod type to the gas lifter type, lowering the engine hood and firmly pushing it down. Well close it. The nero has the most second row, legroom and headroom space in its class, so passengers can feel more comfortable in the cabin space. The second row multi stage latch function, is applied to the rear seats. Pulling the lever on the rear seats moves the seat back slightly, allowing each passenger to adjust their seating posture when loading cargo, the back rest, can be fully folded to add more luggage space. The high tech touch type info climate control system can operate the desired function when you press the mode change info or climate control buttons located in the center of the control system and can quickly switch to the selection screen of the infotainment system or the climate control System usb charging ports are installed at the top of the front, console tray and the side of the passenger seat, so both first and second row users can conveniently charge their devices on the infotainment system.

You can enable or disable this function in setup vehicle head up display Music, a 10 inch windshield type head up display will be used to minimize distraction while driving Music. If you activate quiet mode on the infotainment system screen, the rear speakers will turn off and sound. Will be produced only in the front seat area then rear seat. Passengers can enjoy a quieter environment. The nero series features eight premium. Sound systems from harman kardon on the infotainment system go to setup sound and premium sound to use the speed, dependent volume control function which automatically adjusts the volume based on the speed of the vehicle and activates. The startup volume limit function to adjust the audio volume. If it is set too loud when starting the vehicle, in addition, you can use functions like position, tone guidance, radio, noise driver assistance and connected device. The built in cam which records all events while driving and parking is deactivated during shipping. So initial setup is required to select a recording method for driving or parking go to recording options under built in cam on the infotainment system. Home screen then select on while driving or on while parked in real time video storage. You can save the event around the desired time as a video by installing the built in cam application on your smartphone. You can check the recorded video and link to social media. In addition, you can download videos using the usb port in the upper right corner of the glove box.

Remote smart parking assistance is a parking function that helps you park and exit a space using parking space, navigation and vehicle control when using this function with the engine turned off press the smart key door lock. Button within four meters of the vehicle then start the vehicle by pressing startup button within 4 seconds when the engine is on press and hold the parking view button to turn on parking, which will then guide. The remote forward reverse function on the infotainment system, screen after aligning the vehicle in front of the parking space, Music and shifting to park exit the vehicle with your smart key and make sure all doors and tailgates are closed and youre ready to go press and hold The forward or reverse button on the smart key to automatically control the vehicles steering shifting and speed to reach the desired location. Then you can enter the vehicle with a smart, key or press the remote start button on the smart key. At this time. The system automatically shifts to park and engages the electric parking brake Music to operate. The rear, occupant alert system go to the infotainment system and select setup vehicle convenience and rear occupant alert. If the rear occupant alert system is on once the driver store is opened with an occupant in the back seat and the engine turned off, a warning message will appear on the dashboard and an alarm will go off when this happens. Press the ok button on the steering wheel to disable the function if the driver exits without disabling the function closes the drivers door and locks the doors.

A second alarm will go off and the emergency warning lights will turn on a text. Message will be sent to the driver through the kia connect app to notify them of the rear occupant to turn off the notification simply unlock the door with a smart key Music. Paddle stop assist mode is activated when you hold the left, paddle shift.