Welcome to our review of the 2020 mgzsev. Why on earth are we reviewing a car two years after it came out? Well, first of all because you asked us to and second of all because we rented this while we were in england and it seemed like a good opportunity. So what do i think of this car well were going to get to that as we work through this today were going to do the walk around and then next time we will have the drive review so ill. Tell you how it handles today were just going to talk about the specs a little bit. First up. This is a 44 kilowatt hour equipped car. It has independent front suspension running on mcpherson struts and at the back it has twist stroke torsion bar suspension, which yeah you can feel that when youre driving as youve probably guessed from looking at the front of the vehicle. This is a car based on a platform designed for a petrol or gasoline vehicle. This partially blanked off grill down here does speak to that fact, and behind this mg badge is hidden the charging port, which is awkward to access to say the least. It has 50 kilowatt charging, which is a little bit lackluster at this point in time, but one of the most important things about this car is its price and affordability. So i can overlook that, although i would prefer more in the region of 80 to 100 kilowatts down at the front here, you do have a radar for the adaptive cruise control along with up at the top here, a small camera as youd expect.

This car does also come equipped with automatic windscreen wipers, which is a feature that my kia, niro doesnt, even have astonishing. Given the price lets just take a quick look under the bonnet and see whats hiding under there is there, as you might hope, a frunk under the bonnet here. There is plenty of room for a frunk. Unfortunately, there isnt one this being an internal combustion engine body. Shell, there is so much space going to waste, which is a bit of a disappointment, but you can see that its fairly well laid out and well. If you wanted to. Maybe you could add a front in the same way that the early kianeros can being a rental car. This has probably had a bit of a hard life, its probably been driven fairly. Well, not gently, and i used to say that all rental cars are off road vehicles, so perhaps its had a bit more mistreatment than normal. That said, it is a little disappointing to see that some of the chrome here at the front under the hood is already peeling its not anywhere that you would notice it, and it does suggest, maybe not a great longevity. But it should also be noted that this car does come with a seven year, warranty or 80 000 miles, which is very good front and rear. The car runs on 215 50 17 inch tyres. They should be pretty cheap to buy and you do get auto.

Folding mirrors, which is very nice side profile of the car, is really pretty unremarkable, but at the back you do get some nice haunches, which i know nikki will be a fan of lets, go round to the rear and see whats going on back there. The back of the car is pretty unremarkable. The rear lamp clusters are unfortunately incandescent throughout, which is a little bit of a disappointment. You do, however, get a rear, wiper, and that does make me very happy living in the pacific northwest or as this car does in england. Rain is a feature and having some means of removing it is always handy. The badge here opens the boot theres, no little dance or jig to do it because its just on plain old gas lifts. The parcel shelf on this rental version has already broken at 20 000 miles its lost one of its little plugs up here, and this string is too short because it appears to have broken. But you do get a nice boot floor with lots of room, and this panel does lift and reveal a charger and down below that a spare tire kit. The shelf also pulls out and drops down to make a little bit more space. Although then you do have a big lip to get your packages in over lets, take a look inside inside the cabin. You do feel that things are a little bit cheaper. The plastics, for example, not so much soft touch and the padding on the armrests is pretty thin.

The steering wheel is a good size, however, and comfortable to hold. It has an array of buttons and you know me im a big fan of buttons, but the reason that were looking at this car so hard is the fact that it has a sticker price of around thirty thousand pounds in the uk. That equates to around twenty eight thousand dollars when you remove the sales tax. That is twenty percent of the price in england, and that really is impressive. For a car with a range of 263 kilometers thats a bit north of 150 miles wltp range now on the epa test cycle, you can expect to get about 80 percent of that so somewhere around 120 130 miles, not bad, not brilliant, certainly better than the mazda Mx 30 that we recently tested, especially given that and externally this car just is a better deal. You might not expect it, but this car does come with forward collision avoidance. It comes with adaptive cruise control, it comes with auto wipers. It has a 8 inch touchscreen. Although it is without doubt the worst touchscreen i have encountered, i will still say it is a touch screen, unlike mazdas system, which requires you to use a little rotary knob. However, it is extremely laggy and i have not found it enormously – reliable, sometimes its refused to connect to android auto, but it does have that functionality and it does more or less work. The seats only have a few modes of adjustment, with no lumber support adjustment, which is a little bit of a shame.

I would like a little bit more lumbar support here, but thats just me, being picky above me is a panoramic glass sunroof. That is also a tilt and slide affair with a screen that is really impressive and actually quite pleasant. All in all, the interior of this car does feel a little bit tight and a little bit cramped that again going back to its earlier origins as a petrol car, but for a vehicle that gets five stars on the euro. End cap test granted a couple of years ago, thats, probably four stars now theres very little to complain about lets, take a quick look at the back and see how the legroom shapes up in the back here. There is a surprising amount of room theres plenty of legroom if youre my height im, actually a good few inches from the seat sitting here, just to get into shot and other than that theres, not that much back here, theres enough room for certainly two adults. Probably three for a shorter journey on that central seat, which is kind of a half seat. The floor here is almost but not quite flat, certainly not bad for a multi fuel platform vehicle and you do get one little charging point other than that theres. Not a lot back here, the seats fold flat, if you need to to load more luggage or carry something bigger, there are electric windows and the materials are so often the case are a bit cheap and plasticky, but again think of the price.

That is it for our quick walk around of the mg zs ev, the 2020 edition. Obviously, there is a 2022 version which we hope to get our hands on at some point, but you know being in the states. Getting our hands on vehicles from abroad is sometimes a little bit tricky. Thank you also to my lovely wife, who is holding the camera for this and also holding my teleprompter, but i did not bring my remote control to the teleprompter, so youll. Excuse me. If i come over and do that, that is it for today, if you like the video, please consider giving it a thumbs up and sharing it with your friends and dont forget to leave your thoughts below or in our free to join discord, chat room. There is a link down there in the video description and, if you really liked this video, why not leave us a super thanks? Its really easy to do and everything you send goes towards helping us make great content like this, where there is an awful lot of wind and im. Really sorry because i didnt bring the thing that covers up the microphone and its probably going to have had a lot of post processing. If you havent already make sure youre subscribed to this channel and our other channel transport evolve, take two and give the bell a gentle ring to make sure youre told when our next video goes live thanks on behalf of the entire te crew, go out to everyone Who makes te possible that includes everyone who supports us on patreon and on youtube, as well as those of you who just watch our videos, share them and tell your friends about them.

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