Its fully electric lets find out how good it is as a baby, drive and dont forget to like and subscribe and follow us on our socials. The child seat. Section of this review is brought to you by infosecure in the back of the kia niro. There are ice picks from the two outer seats theyre, not within plastic guides. Now i have found they can be a little bit tricky to connect to, and you have to get right in the center of that bar for them to connect nicely now. I could get three child seats across the back here and there are top tether anchorages on the back of each of the three rear seats and theyre, really nice and easy to access through the boot. Now ive got two forward facing and a rear facing infrasecure child sitting. Here we attain more the aspire more and the achieve more now. Legroom is good. In here too, we could fit a 182 centimeter passenger in front of a rear facing child seat. Theres no hump in the rear foot well as well, which makes accessing the rear seats really nice and easy to learn more about the child seats used in this video. Just click on the link here: storage in the back of the kia niro is quite minimal and basic. There are two cup holders in a fold down in the central seat, back theyll hold a reusable or disposable coffee cup. The door bins in the back are small.

Theyll just hold a refillable water bottle and theres little handle wells theres a map pocket in the back of both front seats that will hold but not conceal an ipad in the front of the nero. The storage is better. There are two cup holders in the central console that will hold a reusable and a disposable coffee cup and when youre not using for them for that, so they can just retract away and youve got a nice storage area there. Also, if you lift up the armrest youve got a hidden small storage area there, too, in front of the gears youve got a wireless phone charging pad and sockets for plugging in and charging phones. There too, the golf box is a good size in here that will hold a ipad and wallet with the manual. The door. Bins are a good size in the front, theyll hold a refillable water bottle and an ipad fits in them too, and theyve got the little storage handle wells too. There are air con vents in the back of the kia niro, which are fantastic for keeping rear passengers. The right temperature, while youre driving along also youve, got usbc charging points in the front seats here for the rear passengers and youve got a normal plug socket in the back there for laptops and things like that. The boot door of the kia niro opens electronically with a bit of a beep and closes like that too. Now it does have this rather flimsy collapsible parcel shelf, which i think is a bit of a shame.

Lets find out how much we can fit in the boot empty will hold 11 shopping bags or a twin pram and no shopping bags, or a tandem pram with four shopping bags, a single pram and two shopping bags, or a compact stroller and nine shopping bags, or A medium sized dog now the kia niro, does have a feature where you can drive the car just using the key fob here, which is really handy for backing it in and bringing it out of tight car parking spaces. However, i have found – i havent really needed it this week, because the kia niro is quite a small and narrow car. Now the new kia nemo is only available as a hybrid or this fully electric model. Now this one does around 460 kilometers to a full battery range and takes about 45 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent, which is a little bit long for a family motorway, stop Music, now being a fully electric car. This is nice and quiet to drive, got all those lovely benefits of driving, my kids to sleep and things like that without journey, through fuel and being nice and small, its really easy to drive around town and park and maneuver its turning circle is really lovely and Tight and youve got eco mode and normal mode and sports mode in here to really change your drive. So if you need to reserve battery power pop it in eco, if you want to have a bit of fun, the sports mode is nice and fast too.

The media system in the kia niro is lovely and easy to navigate and simple to use now down in the track pad. Here you can switch between climate and your other um media controls, which is really nice and simple. Now you can control the climate from this screen too turn that on and off on your ac and put it to driver only which i really like in um evs to save the battery now youve got a few features in here: good for family, so quiet mode, Which brings the sound from the rear speakers to the front ones great when your little ones fall asleep in the back and voice memo. So you can make notes and record funny conversations with your kids too. Now youve also got your ev screen, so you can control everything to do with that and see a distance to flat battery too now it has got apple carplay too, which is fantastic and when you put it into reverse, youve got a lovely, clear screen here and You can turn the parking sensors on and off easily down in the central console Music. So to sum up with the new kia nero gt line, it makes it a fab little five seater, electric suv. You can fit those three child seats really nicely across the back and having no hump in the footwell makes getting to the seats really nice and easy. The boot space is really good for a little car like this, and you can fit that twin pram in the boot.