Sometimes it works, and this time weve decided that the problem we want to manage is pollution. Its a good problem to choose, but weve also decided that electric vehicles are the solution to that problem. So today is a big day at padre, because we get to ride indias. First, 100 production ready electric scooter from an established bike manufacturer, but before we get into that subscribe to powerdrift hit the bell icon and at the end let us know what you thought of the chat im actually quite certain that the inspiration for the design of the Chetak is actually me because im very, very italian, looking okay, slightly italian looking and im smoother and slicker than the average human being, and that i think, describes the scooter to the tee. It is very nice looking indeed, but what is really impressive is the finish and the build quality on this scooter, because this is, i think, almost a segment benchmark in the way it looks and feels. But the really interesting stuff is actually under the scooter and theres. Four things you need to know so, its a primarily a metal body scooter, but under that metal and a little bit of plastic is a steel underbone frame into which the battery slots and thats actually in here, usually the batteries on a scooter like this, would be Under the floorboard, but not on the cheater bajaj has also chosen not to go to telescopic box. They use the training link suspension in the front, which does look good, makes the alloy wheel on the other side, look nice and clean, but it is an interesting choice because telescopic forks are functionally superior to these at the rear, theres a motor shock and look carefully That is actually where the motor is mounted its not mounted directly to the hub theres, a set of gears that drives it its not a hub mounted motor like, for example, the tvs iq, but its a very interesting way to do this because it eliminates both the Belts and the chain, both of which can cause transmission losses and or noise, but all that has to turn into a memorable riding experience right lets.

Take the electric scooter for a spin Music is a surprisingly nice quarter to ride in the traffic and a big component of that, for me, is the noise and it doesnt have any theres a very neutered vine from the motor in a series of beeps. But even in light traffic its hard to hear those noises, so you get the sense of a completely silent scooter on top of that, the acceleration is actually quite nice, so overtaking things is really easy. The 60 kmph top speed. That does bother me quite a bit, but i suspect that the commuter scooter crowd wont be put off so much by it. The other surprise for me was the ride quality, and this is a little bit on the bouncy side, so punas broken roads as well as concrete joints, were communicated to my body faithfully, and i wish that it hadnt been done like that, the only other niggle i Have is when you go from a completely close throttle to an open throttle. There is a little bit of a hesitation before the torque delivery starts and i think that could be tuned out and that would make the scooter much nicer to ride on the move. The kick down is a good idea because it makes passing things even in eco mode, very easy, but if youre far hungry like i am eventually you run the battery down. The rated range is 95 kilometers in eco mode. But the question remains: how do you charge the cheta, so bajaj has not built in a fast charging option into the chetak and its no surprise tvs hasnt, either for their icube? What you get is a 2.

7 meter, long cable standard with the scooter which ends in a 5 amp plug. This looks different because this is the industrial specification you do get an adapter on the scooter to use any plug you see, and that means, when you walk up to random strangers, youll only be asking for the electricity not for adapters. What you do when you come home on a normal day, not in an emergency where you need to borrow a plug point. Is you take your cable, you plug it into the wall. This is your home charger unit. Bajaj will install one for you in your parking lot. You close the cover, primarily so that nobody can unplug your scooter in the night. You close the seat for the same reason and you walk away plug it in for an hour, and you get 25 charge and thats how you charge a chair because bajaj isnt planning to create a charging network at all and most of chetax riders will be charging Them either at home or at work. But how do you get one home in the first place? Well, you go to and make a booking, and the nearest ktm dealer will handle the delivery, as well as the annual 12 000 kilometer service for you for now. Thats 14 dealers in bangalore and two in pune up is 1.15 lakh for this, the premium edition and about 15 000 rupees less for the urbane, which is the entry level trim with a front drum brake Music.

So with the chetak, i can now finally say that i have ridden a 100 production ready electric scooter in india, and i have to say that i am surprised and disappointed im disappointed because the performance is modest at best and its pretty obvious that the first wave Of electrics will get are all going to be mass market oriented, and that means that, at least for the enthusiast, the excitement is not going to be electric. On the other hand, i am surprised at how much difference the silence and the acceleration together make for the cheetah, because it does elevate an experience that should be mundane by the spec. In that sense, the cheetah is quiet, its satisfying to ride and its actually quite impressive, i would have said clean, but the fact of the matter is most of the energy you are burning in your houses in terms of electricity is coming from coal. On the other hand, its also obvious that the equivalent of 110 to 125 cc scooter today in the electric world is going to cost about 1.