Its called the atto 3.. Now, youve probably seen videos and reviews on the ato 3 already, but chances are, they were a left hand, drive car or a pre production model. This. This is the australian version of the ato three, its the one that youll buy. Now we only have the car for a day, so this is a first impression, but by the end of this video, not only will you know how much the 803 costs youll also know how far youll be able to drive it on a full charge. Youll know how to charge it, how long it takes to charge youll, know the servicing costs and where to get it serviced well, go inside youll see what its like to sit in, if its practical or not, and well even take it for a quick drive. Now, if you want to read the full review, go to and give us a like a like em and subscribe, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a world where range costs money thats right. How far do you want to go? Yes, the atto 3 with the standard range battery, goes 345 kilometers, thats right on a full charge and that lists for forty four thousand three hundred and eighty one dollars. But you can get an extended range battery in your ato three and that will take you. 420 kilometers on a full charge that lists for three thousand dollars more thats right: forty, seven thousand three hundred and eighty one dollars.

Of course, these ranges can vary depending on how you drive the car, well get more into that in the efficiency section as well. By the time you get these cars on the road, the final price may vary as well were talking stamp duty and all those other on road costs. Yes, western australia charges you more than tasmania that type of thing so read the fine print. Now, both of these cars, the standard range in the extended rage at 3 come with exactly the same standard features ill show you them come on coming standard on the atto 3. Are these 18 inch alloy wheels, led headlights and running lights? Theres led tail lights too. Roof rails, proximity, unlocking and an automatic tailgate standard on the inside is this 12.3 inch screen which could rotate push button start wireless phone charging, air conditioning, heated front seats, the drivers is power, adjustable ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof wheres. The sat nav it doesnt. Have it what about apple, carplay and android, auto uh, not right now, both of those are coming later in 2022., the at 3 is fully electric, its, not a hybrid theres, no petrol engine in there ive checked no petrol engines at all, just an electric motor and Has the same output for the extended range at 03 and for the standard range 803 it drives the front wheels its a front wheel, drive only suv lets talk charging. Now the standard range battery is a 50 kilowatt hour battery.

The extended range is a 60 kilowatt hour battery, but all you have to remember is that the standard range has a 345 kilometer range and the extended range has a 420k range. How long it takes to charge. Your 803 depends on how you decide to charge it now. It actually comes with a cable which will just fit into a regular household power point. You can plug it into your garage power point or run it through your lounge room window and plug it in next. To your tv, it will take all day to charge it that way, though literally itll take 24 hours, maybe more a long time. If you dont have that type of time. There are public, fast charges, theyre a lot quicker and something like this will charge in about two hours from zero to 100, which is not too bad, build your dreams. This has to be the longest badge in the history of car badges. I mean its a sentence on the tailgate of a car. I really dont understand what it means, but the optimistically surreal sentiment matches the styling of the ato iii perfectly sure the exterior is slightly restrained in its design, but i like its determined face and the premium looking back end with those beautiful tail lights, but its inside That things become more avant garde with these door handles those vents. This tiny motorbike, like instrument cluster, then theres, the giant screen which can do this and the dashboard, which looks like its made of rippled sand, stretching from one door through to the other.

And yes, then theres the guitar like door, pockets with strings that can actually be played like a musical instrument, its all a bit dreamlike in here now its got a pretty wacky design, its very similar to what minis doing with their interiors as well. In terms of how it feels uh, obviously you cant touch it through the camera, but i can tell you its its very synthetic, its sort of a sponge like material here on the dashboard, a sort of fake leather here on the top uh. These seats feel yeah, theyre, fake leather, then its not natural at all. It looks like itd be hard wearing easy to clean. So if youve got kids itd be looks like you could, just wipe it down or if you like to eat on the go, looks like itd, be pretty easy to uh hide the evidence as well. Very good, now up front is pretty practical. Youve got an enormous center console storage bin here, its really really deep, big enough for there. It is that youve got cup holders up front as well. Youve got this area under here too, for whatever that is, youve got usb ports down there as well. Youve got a wireless phone charger up there too, and these guitar instrument door pockets as well. Now, in terms of practicality, this attos3 is pretty darn good youve got cup holders which are in the fold down armrest. There youve got directional air vents in the back here.

Those cool little disc ones there and you got that thing. There youve got a couple of usb ports down there, a little pocket down there as youve seen the guitar instrument door, pocket holders um also little map pockets. No one uses it for maps anymore theyre for iphones and devices, and things like that uh. But look at this leg room here. This seats in my driving position and ive got so much room there. That is really good for a little suv, and even with this sunroof ive still got enough room for my noggin um im actually really impressed with the space thats in this little suv, its quite good, very good. Now the boot, its not a bad size, its 440 liters in cargo capacity, automatic tailgate as well standard on both threes. It fits most of our cars guide, luggage, its a shame, theres, not a boot. In the front, there seems to be room for one. They had been, it might have been able to fit everything at the time that we made this video. The ato 3 had not been given an ancap crash test rating no, but when it does get one well, let you know what it is no, but you can rest assured that the addo 3 has got a host of advanced safety tech im talking aeb theres lane, Keeping assistance, theres blind spot warning, theres, rear cross traffic alert with reverse braking its got adaptive cruise control front and rear parking sensors.

The lot well, almost the lot, its very, very impressive look out. The ato 3 is covered by a 6 year. 150 000 kilometer warranty. The battery has an eight year, 160 000 kilometer warranty now servicing. Now you will have to service the car, even though it doesnt have an engine, and services are required every 12 months or 20 000 kilometers. The prices are capped and it amounts to about 1700 over the course of five years, which is on the pricier side compared to its rivals. Servicing can be done at selected, my car centers. They used to be called kmart, tyre and auto, but they changed the name to my car, see the byd website for their locations now driving this car. This car has to stay in here. Its in captivity. Weve got a car which weve got outside, which we can drive its blue. I hope thats okay lets go. Okay, we are in the at 03, were outside now were in a blue car, its the extended uh battery uh at 03. uh its saying 99. At the moment, ive got 476 kilometers of driving range uh its supposed to have a 420 kilometer range, but thats the wlpt range, so thats generally. What youll get this is being quite optimistic. It hasnt seen how i i drive yet so interesting shifter. We go into reverse and we go back and the brakes are quite bitey. Ive noticed straight away, but youll get used to that and were going to drive indicators feel quite normal.

Um steering wheel feels a bit plasticky, but fine and away we go. We can turn our regenerative braking up a little bit, which i think is that button there standard youve got a standard setting youve got a high setting and when you take your foot off the accelerator, it slows down, but not as much as other electric vehicles. Some electric vehicles, you take your foot off the accelerator and it goes. This is actually not as anti social. This is the other thing as well. All your controls are pretty much through the screen so and like so many cars have got that these days, its pretty annoying, because sometimes you just want to dial like im, trying to work out how to turn the fan off uh. No, no, no im! Just there. We go off its off okay. I just wanted to hear how noisy that motor was yeah, its sort of like a um, its like a ghostly sound, its like youre in a haunted mansion theres, a ghost in the attic thats like um im, sure youll get used to that as well as an Owner and away we go lets fang it up this hill, well loss of traction there, putting my foot down and spinning the front wheels. It is front wheel drive, as i mentioned earlier, being an electric car that acceleration is quite good um. You just touch the accelerator and you go oomph, and that is because of the the good torque um newton meters, the torque, that electric motors have so even something which is a sedate uh.

Car like this has got pretty good acceleration like its something like seven seconds from zero to 100 7.3. I think it is exactly which is not too bad at all. Thats thats, pretty quick, quick acceleration. Now this is a very, very first impression. Ive literally been driving. This car for six and a half minutes uh and its the first ato three ive ever driven. So all of these are first impressions when we do get an 803 in our secret underground cars guide garage well be able to take it for a much longer drive. Well, live with this car well, be able to check that range well, be able to check the charging time and well be able to give you a much more thorough review of what its like to drive. But first impressions are is that it drives much like any other electric vehicle. I i like the seating position. You sit quite low that suspension over those bumps. There was actually pretty good its quite a comfortable soft ride, steering feels very light, so thats great for the city, great for car parks, lets see what the turning circles like were going to go around here, a bit of a turning circle test bit bouncy actually over Those speed bumps um turning circle actually not actually not too bad good. Turning circle visibility, wise its pretty good that that beeping was not a microwave. That was actually the car telling me that i was about to run into somebody.

There wasnt anybody there, but there was a car coming around the corner, so its very sensitive, aub autonomous emergency braking. It picked up a car, coming the opposite direction and for a while he was for a split second coming straight towards me. But of course he was going around the bend and i was going around to bend, so i did feel um a slight feeling underneath my foot underneath my break foot, so it was prepping those brakes ready to stop, but it didnt it didnt bring me to a Screeching halt. We are out of the city now on some faster funner roads, its going to give us a better idea of what the handling is like, but i tell you whats becoming quite apparent straight away, and that is is that were getting a loss of traction. Still, even at 60ks, an hour uh, if you put your foot down and its a bit slippery uh theres, so much torque going to those front wheels, it will spin them even with the traction control actually on so right. At the start of this drive, we had a bit of loss of traction taking off from the traffic lights up a hill and ive actually experienced that loss of traction again even traveling at 60 kilometers an hour on a freeway. You put your foot down in the wet. You get a lot of traction as well. Thats, not great. All right, ive been playing with the settings a little bit more now when it is in when the mode the drive mode is in normal mode.

It wont break traction. Well, i cant get it to break traction, but when its in sport mode it does it like, then, okay and thats, just because theres a lot of oomph going to those front wheels. So there we go thats a discovery, keep it in normal. If you dont want to break traction, all right, look weve done some fast roads. Weve done some windy roads, uh weve done some city streets as well. Its only been still a first impression of this car to wrap up that driving component. For you, its easy to drive its comfortable uh, the brake pedal feels good, the visibility is good, the cameras are great, driving position is fantastic, steering feel is good as well. Those are the upsides and the downsides are small window out the back there, but mainly biggest downside is that loss of traction, even you know, while youre zooming along at 60k, an hour if you put your foot down too hard. So that was our first impression of the australian version of the byd 803. Look on first impressions, its easy and its comfortable to drive its spacious and its practical and its pretty good money as well for an electric vehicle. Its loaded with safety, tech and standard features. As well, look were going to get one of these cars into the cars guide garage soon. Well, have it longer for a day and well be able to tell you more about it, then i know they are a bit cheesy.

These guitar string things for the door pockets, but listen to this thats, pretty good. I mean its embarrassing.