So, as you can see, its beautiful car still love the color that sound that you hear is the car pre conditioning from the outside. You can see that i catch a lot of bugs. I live out in the country, so, whenever its evening the bugs are out in full force and one of the things that stands out from driving a white car is obviously the dirt, and i do need to get this wash the dealership i bought it for actually Gave me a discount code, one of the things that my wife noticed is that theres, some tar on the from the streets that jumps up onto the car and i didnt get any kind of special protection on this car. So it is just something that she noticed that in the future we need to think about. If were going to be getting any other white cars. As you guys know, i like driving black cars, but this one is available. I also like white cars, especially this one is like that pearl white color that sparkles in the sun one other thing that has come up. I dont know why this always happens to me, but my right, rear tire got a puncture almost immediately and i have one of those temporary rubber plugs in there. Ive used those before and they can last for thousands of miles. These are 175 dollar michelin tires, and i didnt want to replace it with like 2 000 miles on it, so im gon na ride that, for as long as i can it doesnt feel unsafe or anything like that im comfortable with it.

I know some people think its unsafe, but ive got punctures before and cars stayed in control, so not super concerned. So lets take a look at the trunk. Sorry for the wind. This is the trunk space, its adequate, its big enough. For me, there is space underneath for storage and then i always keep that pump with me in case. I need it, which, unfortunately i did and then lets take a look at the back seat area. So i can use that to unlock the car oops. I locked it back seat room is really nice and theres a car seat that we use sometimes and plenty of room back here. So one of the things that you can see when looking at that monitor is a lot of fingerprints and i actually dusted that area up there before and it caused scratches almost immediately. So that is the only time that i have dusted it just because i dont want it to get all scratched and scuffed up and whatnot and im, probably im gon na get a cover for the screen itself, but even this piano black around the screen. When you try to dust it it scratches it so im not sure what to do about that and same with that piano black around there. You can actually see some of the scratches despite the fact that ive not dusted it so lets go around and go to the front seats and so theyre up close, you can see a lot more of the dirt and also the fingerprints theres, no way of really Closing that, without touching the car and getting all of those fingerprints back there, you can kind of see the pearl white paint from up close.

It looks really beautiful in person, then im gon na go ahead and start the car and turn on the ac, because it is 85 degrees in the twin cities right now and getting hotter the cars in the sun. So you can see it says, 91 degrees. And if you look at the ev screen, you can see its at 81. I only charge this car up to 90 because i dont need the range and even at 81, its still estimating 249 miles of range, which is accurate. You can see there ive got 5128 miles. One of my favorite features of this car is the lane keep assist and cruise control and with lane keep assist when that little steering wheel right there turns green, then the car will follow the street and it does a pretty good job of it, and usually i Have lane keep assist and cruise control both on at the same time, and it does a good enough job of following the street and it blinks a few times to let you know when its going to disengage so that you can have your hands on the steering Wheel, i really like the feel of the wheel. One of the things that is slightly uncomfortable is this beautiful white stitching. I usually have my hand like that or around this area and try to avoid touching the stitching because its pretty hard and rough another concern. I have with the stitching is that it will eventually get dirty and it will become brown and ugly.

Otherwise, i like the steering wheel, its very comfortable theres, the horn, its a much better horn than i had in the nissan leaf. The nissan leaf horn was a cute little horn thing that did not intimidate anybody into moving out of your way or even noticing you when im driving im, usually driving with the screen on it, tells me how many miles ive driven in a particular trip, and how Long ive been driving and the average miles per kilowatt hour. I usually look at my tire pressure and you need to drive in order for it to be able to calculate the tire pressure you can see its 231 miles with the ac on 250, with the ac off and the more you drive the more those numbers can. Another feature that i really like about the car is the blind spot monitoring so its on right. There thats lane, keep assist. You can kind of see it in the mirror, but thatll turn on, and it will also make a whole lot of noise. If you try to change lanes at the same time that theres a car in your blind spot, then heres a closer look at the piano black, you can see how kind of dirty it gets and then two cupholders in here and you can actually retract these cup Holders and just have large storage space in there and that closes all the way. Another thing that i like is theres a gap here, so usually im going to have my phone sitting right there and then android auto will come on when its plugged in and then i can hide that cable.

When i dont need it, then theres some more storage right there really cool car. I really like driving it cloth seats, so its got leather trim and cloth seats. The seats are very comfortable. I like that my wife likes them a lot. This car is just nice enough that it doesnt make sense to trade in a car that we paid thirty three thousand dollars for for a fifty five thousand dollar car. The one caveat to that is, we would get another seventy five hundred dollar discount if we bought the pole star, so it would be more of like a 40, some thousand dollar car right now, its still not worth it for us. One of the reasons for that is, you can see were still in our old house. The housing market has completely frozen up, and so weve had to significantly reduce the price of our house, so it doesnt make sense for us to going into a premium car when weve had to basically give up a whole bunch of money, hopefully well be able to Sell this house soon so that we can move into our house with acreage and heres a view of the back seats. So, overall, i like everything about this car and if i press that drive mode button right there, it can go into sport mode, and this car is very quick in sport mode. This all feels very good. This is leather right here. These plastics are comfortable.

The sound system on this car is really good. Actually so theres really nothing that i dislike about this car. I thought that it would maybe be a temporary car for us im thinking that were going to keep it. I still have the reservation for the silverado eevee and my wife is also still interested in the silverado. If we have the opportunity to get one of those pickups when they become available, then we will another thing. These are all bugs that you see in the windshield. I need to clean that out, but this car catches so many bugs its really incredible. So anyway, thats a quick, 5 000 mile review great car. There isnt really anything that i would change about it. There is a trim that comes with full leather and some other features im, not sure exactly what features those are, but this car is plenty comfortable for me. I wouldnt pay an extra five thousand dollars just to get leather seats. Couple of important things i forgot to mention about this car guys, the ride quality is really good. Its a very quiet, comfortable car to drive and the build quality of it is really good. So good, in fact that when i turn on the uber app, it gives me the option to do comfort rides so thats, usually reserved for luxury cars. Teslas would be in comfort. If you were driving a bmw or an audi, it would qualify for comfort. This car also qualifies for comfort, so its a real nice car very easy and smooth to drive very quiet good sound as an owner.

I am very happy with this car and theres, really nothing that i would do to improve it aside from maybe make it slightly larger but thats a whole.