com we know you love mgs and electric cars, so you are going to love what we have in store today, the new mg4, but before we get cracking priorities subscribe to the channel and click those notifications on, because if you do love electric cars, this Is the only place to be come on too much lets start with the cold, hard facts. This is the newest addition to mgs pure electric lineup, the mg4 and youre, not going to forget what it looks like, even when its parked on your driveway, which is a good start, its a five seat hatchback made in china, where its called the mullen. Interestingly, though, the styling and some of the engineering is done here in the uk, you get a single electric motor mounted in the back driving the rear wheels and its priced between 25 995 pounds for the standard range model, with up to 217 miles of wltp ability Up to the 31 495 pound trophy with a bigger battery, this one, an se with the big battery, can manage 280w miles on a full charge. Now there is a lot to tell you about this car, but the good news is. I have the keys, however. Only for two hours so here goes, i think, the biggest deal besides. The price is the way the new mg4 looks its much more funky than any of the mgs that weve seen so far. There are plenty of angles. For a start, a sharp snouty front end impressive 17 inch alloys and on some versions, two tone paint and a really interesting rear, with a double bubble: rear spoiler.

They didnt trust me without. One, though, were driving the cheaper entry level. S e in this shade of spanish higher car white, but i still think it looks good and its probably the pick of the range now. Its definitely distinctive but weirdly im, also getting a sense of deja vu, a bit of kia ev6 at the front here and perhaps a bit of nissan leaf nissan area at the back, or is that just me, maybe thats just me is that just me. Let me know in the comments below, but whatever you think to the outside inside, well, its bang up to date, really, first up youve got this seven inch screen directly in front of the driver with all of the important information that you need for your driving. In addition to that, youve got this 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen very similar to vw id models actually or to be honest. Most popular electric cars now have this. Now, interestingly, the mg4 also gets a row of physical buttons, which call me old fashioned. I do really like just because it avoids the kind of faffing around trying to find something on the menu if youre on the motorway, and you need to do something quickly like a bit of climate control or turn up or turn down volume, so that i am A fan of um, even if they dont look, super modern and forward thinking, whats, also not quite so forward. Thinking are these.

If you do upgrade to the trophy model, you do actually get wireless charging for your phone, which would be nice, but instead what theyve tried to do is to neason up the cables you plug in your phone cable underneath here, because there are two usb ports, which Is great but to try and knead it up its then pushed through here, which just looks a bit odd and of course, youve still got messy cables hanging at the bottom, so i dont know cables always do look a bit messy but im, not quite sure. That is um the best solution, then, on this sort of shelf here weve got the rotary gear, selector, nice and easy to use same with the handbrake. The only thing i would say is normally in my driving position. I quite like having the gear selector in the middle or on the steering wheel, whereas here its just slightly its, not centered its slightly off to the left, it kind of favors the passenger side. It just annoys me a little bit. It doesnt make a huge amount of difference. Obviously, youve only got to stretch an extra inch across, but just for me, i quite like it centralized um or easy accessible when my arm is resting on the armrest but thats a personal choice of mine. Now, interestingly, just like the id3 and the pole star, this doesnt have a start button, so you just sit in the seat and then you select your gear, so thats nice and easy to use.

Also, i think you probably can see theres lots of space in the front plenty of space to store stuff as well. Youve got two cup holders storage here right in the middle door. Bins, i think, ultimately, what mg have done is had a look at what bw are doing and then upped the game a bit. Yes, there are a few budget y areas, but i think for the price youre paying its actually really good value as weve come to expect from mg theres a lot of kit on offer the base se model with the smaller battery comes with automatic, led headlights, adaptive Cruise control, rear parking, sensors, climate control, digital dials and a 10, and a quarter inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android, auto, as well as a load of other bits and bobs like the ismart app full specs can be found over on As always, and for an extra two and a half thousand pounds, you can have the se long range like this one which gets the same kit and the bigger battery, but also active grille shutters in the front to improve efficiency. Then theres the trophy which you can only get in long range form and on this one you get a black roof, the funky spoiler and tinted windows, heated leather front seats, sat nav, a 360 degree, camera wireless phone charging and additional safety features like blind spot monitoring And yes, you can choose from six six different colors volcano orange for the win.

I think there is one irritating emission, though no rear, wiper thats something im gon na really miss on rainy days in terms of space. I think this is a pretty good match for the id3. Then, if we talk about the seats, theyre really quite comfortable, actually on this particular model, you can manually adjust the seat to pretty much any position, which is quite useful. If youre sharing the car with people of um differing heights, now theres also decent space in the back, and you really notice that theres plenty of leg room thats, probably because that the wheelbase is nice and long also mg says that the battery is compact. So its actually only 110 millimeters deep, which is about that height, so theres going to be plenty more space for your feet. It does sound like a small thing, but it does actually make quite a difference to the interior space. Now the boot is 363 liters, not cavernous, but theres, a decent hatch and a nice flat floor, so its perfectly doable and livable. No frunk, though sad face. Although really what do we actually use the front for maybe putting your cables in, which is nice to have? But its not the end of the worlds to be without one. Now, if you need to tell you, there is a 500 kilogram limit, which is enough for a small trailer or a bike rack, but that is it and its worth noting. You cannot put a roof.

Rack on the roof of this car, it is banned on the mg4. Now this is the mg4 se with the bigger battery. So that means you get just over 200 brake horsepower and 184 pound per foot of torque; okay, theyre, quite modest power figures in the grand scheme of things, but i think perfectly adequate. If you just need to drive around in real world road conditions every day, with a zero to 62 mile per hour time of around eight seconds and a 99 mar per hour top speed, the mg4 is perfectly perky without straining your neck or spinning. Wheels. Certainly good enough for keeping up with whatever you need to do, and even the odd overtake the smaller battery version gets just under 170 brake horsepower, but because its a bit lighter its got exactly. The same performance figures now apparently theres torque of an mg4 with twin motors, four wheel, drive and 400 brake horsepower and a zero to 62 time of four seconds. Now that i would like to drive but well more relevant than that is actually the basic car, because it has a bit of a sparkle compared to the modern electric version of an mg where the zs and mg5 are perfectly acceptable. This is actually very nice. Both a bit sportier and more engaging it doesnt heave about it, has a perfect 50 50 weight distribution, which probably helps with that the steering is precise, direct and not too heavy and the ride.

Although it is a bit firmer than the last mt5 or zs, i drove it doesnt bounce about all over the place. Now i dont think it feels quite as composed as an id3 or cooper born. It gets a bit fidgety on the rougher roads, but its definitely not uncomfortable, and what i will say is that theres quite a lot of tyre and wind noise, particularly at the higher motorway speeds. And yes, there are five: yes, five drive modes and the normal. It feels quite sporty, maybe too sporty. I think the throttle is just a bit too sensitive for every driving. I personally prefer something a bit more relaxing a bit more consistent, which is the eco mode, so ive got it on eco mode at the moment. Now, when it comes to the regen, there is adjustable regen, but theres no switch or paddles. You actually have to go into the screen to adjust that, but you cannotice the difference. It works well enough. Now one of the modes for regen is adaptive mode which uses radar to adjust the regen level, depending on where you are, which is quite clever. All in all, this is a massive step forward for mg. I think its really raised its own bar from acceptable to a genuinely good car to drive im a bit impressed. The good news continues when it comes to having to top up the car when youre out and about in this long range version, theres a 61 kilowatt hour battery that should see 280 miles of wltp range, theres, modest, 7.

4 kilowatt ac charging, which is okay but decent 125 kilowatt dc on board charging from the port here, on the left hand, side thats more than any mg, so far matches most vw stuff and should see a rapid charge from 10 to 80. In about 34 minutes on a big enough public charger, youll be putting in about 155 miles over that time, whereas at home a standard wall box will see it flat to full. In about 10 hours, the smaller batteried standard range car gets a 51 kilowatt hour power pack, 217 miles of range and slightly less dc charging at 100 kilowatts, its got the same 7.4 kilowatt ac charging ability and will take slightly more time from 10 to 80 percent. Even with the smaller battery at 37 minutes, but a homeware box will see it filled up in just over eight hours now, as i said at the start of this, ive just had a couple of hours with this car, but i think the big news here is That mg has stepped up its game to the point that you dont have to justify your choice with value for money excuses the mg4 looks up to date. It has a modern interior plenty of tech and comes with a seven year. Warranty. Add that to the fact that its gunning for cars that cost quite a bit more and yet offer similar amounts of range and equipment, its going to have owners of vw, id3s and cooper boards.

Taking a good hard look at the sums when the comparable versions of those cars start at around 36 000 pounds and, more importantly, other monthly finance figures. Now, of course, these are changing all of the time, but when we film this today, you could get an se standard range for around 300 pounds per month with a 4 000 pound deposit now thats, because the car is expected to hold its value really well, so That makes the payments cheaper to put that into context its about 150 pounds per month cheaper than an ied3 and to top it off mg reckons it will have a couple of thousand mg4s ready for delivery by the end of 2022. So if i was in that year, long queue for an id3 im, not so sure id be waiting for it now. Well, thank you so much for watching this video. If you are into electric cars, then this channel is the one for you. So please do subscribe.