Electric vehicles, um in terms of upgrade were talking about the double capacity in terms of battery capacity and and double the range weve got. The one pedal drive system – weve got the um hill hold system and weve also got the cruise control on this particular vehicle. Now you know, weve talked about some of the upgrades now its time to take it for a bit of a drive and see how it performs. So one of the benefits, obviously of increasing the battery size, is how responsive the vehicle is, and i know theyve done a bit of work with the actual programming, so ive, driven the before and the after and in terms of acceleration. Definitely the afters is far superior. So lets have a bit of a feel um its under control environment here im just going to give it a little bit of acceleration and well feel the effects of the of the upgrade yeah right. That is um very torquey and we know one of the features or the characteristics of electric motors is 100 torque, and i know the program in this one here optimizes that torque curve, so it is absolutely torquey off the line, so great improvement. So what were going to do now is have a feel of that one pedal drive system, the regenerative braking so effectively the accelerator and we squeeze it and we obviously take off like a traditional car but as we release the throttle or the accelerator its going to Break on us so well give it a crack and have a feel of the effects so accelerates away normally and take the foot off the throttle.

Okay, so theres a significant amount of braking. Just taking my foot off the throttle, um, you know its almost like applying the brakes in in terms of the braking feel um, i believe its proportional as well. So the quicker you take your foot off the throttle. The more braking effect its going to have in more regeneration, so thats going to charge our batteries. Okay, lets give it a crack all right so right, away fairly, normally and now im going to take my foot off the throttle fairly quickly, yeah, definitely okay, so you can really hear that regen. You can feel that deceleration its effectively like applying the brakes, but were charging the battery so as a driver experience its probably something youll get used to fairly quickly ive been driving this for half an hour, and i understand how its behaving so. I dont think theres a consumer itd be an issue, so another clever feature theyve built into the the programming, is the ability to go back to the factory settings as mitsubishi had designed it. So the way you do that is via the selector, so you go from the d into the b mode. So what that does it brings it back to oem or factory programming, which means that were not going to have the one pedal um set up so no or very little regeneration and obviously with the no little regeneration were going to need to use the factory brakes.

More so lets have a feel on in in terms of how that feels in driving. So as we accelerate away still very similar in terms of response, as i back off, okay, so thats coasting like a normal vehicle, would and as i apply the brakes, okay. So the mitsubishi setup of the oem programming, it actually behaves very similar to a normal driving vehicle, which means theres, probably not as much battery regen, and you know, as a consumer youre, probably not going to change as many brake pads in when youre in one pedal Driving because the regeneration is going to do a lot of the braking for you in this factory mode by all means, i think they do a little bit of regeneration but very little compared to the upgrade thats made possible through the av solutions. So one of the features that is built into this new program is hell hold, which effectively means that, if youre on an incline or a decline, you can release the brake or the throttle and the vehicle will basically hold it while wont roll backwards or forward. So well have a bit of a check here so theres a little bit of incline in front of me ill just roll up this little incline and well just see what it does as i release the throttle and not apply the brakes. Okay lets see what it does now: okay, so thats, yeah, effective, so hill holding no brake, no accelerator the vehicle hold um and lets just see what it does.

As i start right away now, a little bit of roll back, okay, so no problems at all minimal roll back and away. We go again so that hell hold is very convenient. Um, in terms of you know, when youre trying to get up and down a hill and not rolling backwards, so one of the features included in the upgrade is the cruise control which um you know. Cruise control is nothing new, but what we have with this particular system. It actually holds the speed that its set at so, if you set at 60, its not going to creep to 65 or 66 whatever down the hill, which is pretty important, its happened to me where ive crept, so it really holds the speed quite well so well, Thats a wrap um weve, given the car, a good test, drive, weve, um, checked out the features and the functions. Um of note. Weve still got more range um, even after driving for an hour and a half than the car had when it was um new out of the factory, so big tick in terms of an upgrade uh. The one pedal uh drive a little bit of getting used to a few minutes and i was used to that. But the big benefit is obviously the hill hold um. It holds in the hills. Um. The regenerative braking means were getting a bit of juice back into the batteries um, and also the cruise control and the fact that it doesnt um, overspeed or under speed, and maintains that what youve set it out is a real benefit.