My name is derrick reilly. Today we are looking at the opal vivaro e and it is the passenger version, its the vivaro e life with passengers in the back. So lets go through some of this, so it will look very much like the combustion engine vehicle with that grille there. There is no frunken, underneath there thats, where the electric motor is its a 100 kilowatt electric motor. This is a version that was brought in by opel ireland and some of the trim level is a bit uh its before production. So you dont, have the fog lights down here, etc. Um theyre, halogen headlights with halogen daylight time, runner lights, theyre steel wheels. So if you wanted the nicer trim, i think its going to be the zafira model price. For this, one after grant is around 41 000 euros and the severe model with leather seats and nylon, wheels, etc, etc, is starting at 54 000 euros, both with a 50 kilowatt hour battery usable 45. Kilowatts, probably in around that 200 kilometer range real world, probably 180 and then cold motorway, probably 120 130. But youve got your opela vauxhall badge there, depending on what country youre in nice, big, windscreen and youll see down along the back. There youll see where the old fuel cap was, but on the electric version you have your up here, ac up to 7.4 kilowatts and then c dc on the ccs is up to a hundred kilowatts same as all this cilantis range i mentioned.

Youve got the 16 inch alloy wheels in steel and nice and practical youve got the little celantis indicator that i always talk about. Youve got wingmers, which i would like a bit bigger. Um youve got the black molding along the bottom, with black um door handles and thats, where the other fuel cap was but its closed off. Now lots of glass in this great visibility – and this is the nine seater version which is the opel vivaro e combo life. Sorry, the varro e life – i dont know why its a combo and then youve got the only e honestly on the back here, and this has the big barn door with the windscreen wiper. And so you bring all this all the way up fall into the actual um about 600 liters up to window and with the seats out at something like 2700, like its obviously its its a huge van uh with tire points and again this one has that floored Option everythings a bit, whereas with the zephyra youll, have a bit more um car like minibus, like, whereas this is a van with seats in it and a very utilitarian. So its not a power tail lift. It is a handle down along the side. Youve got twin sliding doors and youve got the second seat, has a 60 40 split or its broken down into chairs in essence, and theres a handle behind it before we get to that. One good thing about the vivaro e life is its got three isofix points.

So you could have three across the back this seat, doesnt move, but you have the option of um tipping it up. So you pull this handle here up and it actually tilts forward, so people can get in the back there and then on the other side, the whole two, the other bench clips up thats back here and the whole thing tips forward, so sit in the back. You have the knees are out today. Shorts are on probably an inch sorry one or two centimeters headroom, no problem there and three or three headrests in the back with three three point: seat belts, which is good to see, but nothing else back here. No usb connectors. No cup holders, so there would be a bit of aftermarket stuff that you would need, but the space is there, even though that seat, doesnt move and then in the middle row same rough. You know a couple of centimeters there and again. Headroom is massive. I think on the severe life it has, a panoramic sunroof potentially is an option anyway, so that is the two rear seats and the boosh and then on the passenger side, turn the bag in the back. You have your on the door pocket here handle here, pocket here, lots of space here, another little pocket down here and then you have for opening the bonnet well have a look inside there. It opens up at the top thats here somewhere first time on camera, and that is a bit of wasted space in there.

You probably could get a tray, an aftermarket tray that would allow you to store some stuff there, even if its just the cable theres plenty of space, for it lets close down there and then on the dash again same as the vivaro that i have on the Channel you can look back and see if youre interested in the commercial version of this. If youre copy cup holders youve got a magazine rack, there is no shelf up on the top, which again, i think, is a missed opportunity. Then youve got your glove box, not bad size. Weve got your shelf. Youve got your pocket in underneath. Here. I really like the side to side open that the things that get me excited you can see theres a handle here, and that means theres something down under here. So youve got charging cable there and hopefully give me another charging cable there as well too so theres. Two um: what have we got here? Nice, simple display, android, auto or capital carplay merge. Youve got your car. Your radio youve got your manual um climate control. All your buttons ac and lets turn that down so that were not getting any copyright strikes. So youve got ac on it. Manual youve got your rear, lock your center lock and your child lock in the rear, 12 volt usb type, a thats. What ive been using to work on them and then youve got that stellantis switch gear again.

So youve got your drive modes, uh power, normal and sport power or sport depends on what they call it normal eco and then youve got your reverse, neutral, drive and then two stage regenerative braking. This is a small bit encompass, and this is because its based on the commercial engine view event, whereas normally there would be a gear selector there be that automatic automatic manual, whereas really this could be up in the dash here, because its only buttons down here you Have your electronic handbrake and then scooting across its great to be able to just scoot all the way across you have your very blank steering wheel and again, i think its just because of the model that we have. It is a traditional key and you pop it in the doors, are open all over the place yep, so the two slide doors and well take that off now and so on. The dash you have the instrument. Cluster youve got your charge. Eco power youve got your percentage. Battery youve got whether youre, taking whether being economical or maximizing your battery, because the air conditioning and then your speed and then in here it is your trip. One and two. You have your sm battery indicator. You have your kilometer per hour and then you have your what youll actually be using when youre driving and youve got some brightness and controls down here. Just leveling up here, some blank top switches on the steering wheel itself.

You have radio on this side on this side. Youve got cruise control and speed limiter lights, um up on this one, and on this one youve got the wipers, but otherwise its a very plain on the driver door. You have an adjuster for the wing mirrors and then your front and um your your just your front electric mirrors, because the windows and the things any doors and were back in again in the doors. Oh no theyre, theyre, sealed glass yeah, so yeah no actual opened up, but that is the vivaro e life. If youre looking for something but sexier, you can get the zafira version of this, but otherwise lets take this one out for a spin and see what its all about, but before we do that lets run through some stats. So with the stats, it is a 50 kilowatt hour battery 45 kilowatt hour usable. There is talks of a 75 kilowatt hour battery coming, but i dont know what the seats in the back. The zapier version is eight seats, whereas this is nine seats. Uh charging it on a home wall box is about 17 hours, seven hours, 15 minutes um and then on the fast charge. Up to 100 kilowatts, you go from 10 to 80 percent in 26 minutes um. Well, we got so the length of it is nearly five meters thats four point: nine five six meters width is about two meters. Um wheelbase is 3.2 meters, so the width and then the height, as well as about two meters about 1.

9 meters. Cargo is about 500 liters with max, for cargo is 3 000 liters actually roof load. Yet you can put stuff up the top 150 kgs. You cant put a vertical load on it. On the back of 60 kgs and towing, you can unbreak at 750. Kgs and break is a thousand kgs. Nine seats. Three i suffix thats based on that psa emp2 platform. So enough, stats weve talked about the price, the colors, you can get it in white, black light, gray or silver, dark, gray or silver. Whatever you want to call it, i think theyre, both silvers, actually and red, which was nice lets, take it out for a spin whats it like driving the vivaro e life, as we talked about the key already in turn, and then turn again for ready. Weve got our little multi level two stage regen um and were away handbrake releases itself. It is down in between the seats, serious um, driving position between the visibility of the front and its a full glass house. I probably would take this central um headrest down just because of visibility. Restriction with the rear view mirror. But then, if somebody has the middle or the last row, central headrest up youre going to be stuck with that as well. But the um wing wearers, as i always say in vistalantis, specifically the opals and the vivarium when i had it the last time, i would like to see it with a with a larger side mirrors, but i appreciate that with arrow.

So this is perfect. If youve got a large family, its perfect, if youre a taxi driver theres a good grant there at the moment, uh for between 20 and 25 000 euros of uh, if youre eligible of a grant on it, but otherwise yeah its good. This is a funny spec because it doesnt have all um what the trim level that you will get in ireland so its hard to like it. Doesnt have reversing sensors, but that will come if you order a variety. Now they got this from the factory at the very beginning, the end of last year, so that they could see what they would or wouldnt put on us, and so it looks like 50 kilowatt, with the nine seater, with the eight seater zephyra, they may put the 75 kilowatt hour battery on it, which get you another 100 kilometers, ballpark and people may some people may want that they may want that 300 kilometer range be that taxi, be that for family and personal use, but otherwise its a lovely van for driving. Some people, like the styling on it, some people, think it looks too vanish. Some people think it looks like a taxi, but if youre looking for practicality, if youre looking for space and ive got a couple of opal reviews on the channel, if they havent already come out already, please do so were gon na drive to 10 000 subscribers in 2022 and so ive got the combo cargo combo e cargo, combo e life, vivarro e cargo, and now the vivaro e life.

So ive done all four uh commercials. Looking for the mulvanel, the big one, looking forward to reviewing that, but across all of the stellantis range be that passenger or commercial peugeot citroen, hopefully someday. I get to review the toyota pro ace, the commercial versions. Fiat are based on this platform now as well. So theres lots going on um drive modes, we talked about when i was doing the static, so it is power normal or eco, so theyre, the the same as the cargo version, the two stage region doesnt have blind spot in this version. But again i dont know whether thats a true representation of what youre going to get doesnt have one pedal driving its just that two stage region or doesnt have that automatic handbrake either. Visibility on the driver display is great, its analog, but its. It does exactly what it says in the tin for the bigger stuff speed and what youre doing power wise and with nine people in it. You still have a lot of luggage. Youre gon na stack up suitcases, absolutely problem, so if you can get away with between 150 and 200 kilometers worth of range, be that commercially as a taxi or be that for your family, home use. This may be the perfect vehicle for you and at this price, 41 000 is cheaper than an id4 youre, not going to get the range youre not going to get the level of sophistication and comfort bush.

You wont get nine people into an id4 and you wont get the luggage that youre going to get into this in an id4. So just as a comparison, dont like this is much more comparable to the id buzz and thats going to be a lot more expensive. Now bigger battery i appreciate, but so hopefully, youve enjoyed the review of the vivaro e life, as i said, make sure youve subscribed to the channel hit the like button, leave a comment and remember, if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and Ill review.