So this is going to be a transit, tuesday, video, but whats really cool about this van. Is this is an electric van and what an electric ford transit gosh when i thought they couldnt get any worse? This is what they go and do so. Im gon na walk through this transit im gon na show you what i like what i dont like about. It and what we did to it here at weld tech designs. This is going to be fun. Lets go check this thing out, Music. All right so were gon na go jump in the back of this thing and take a look at it. Of course, we know that we see a lot of build outs with our ford transit vans that we see here at weld tech designs and now. However, i dont know if the e transit is going to be the greatest choice for your over land build because you may just get out to your favorite camp spot and then realize that you cant get back now. What i would be curious of, because i know zero about solar and that whole thing how it works is maybe somebody out there in youtube world can enlighten me. Could you put solar panels on the roof of this enough to charge the batteries in it and if you could, how long would it take? I mean thats a good question because maybe if you were going out into the woods for like a week – and you had solar panels on there and it would give you enough range to get back so maybe that is something that is good.

So as we jump into the back of this e transit, what i do really like about this is the height of this. This is going to be a high roof, 148 inch, wheelbase, ford, transit and thats whats great about the ford transit is the versatility in this. You have the ability to configure it. However, you want, you can see that even in here me being only a measly 510. I still have a ton of room, so you do have a lot of room for build outs like these six foot cabinets in here and this really nice workbench. Now i know that they will be adding more things into this and im. Just curious as well is with the additional weight: how much weight? Can you really add to these, where you dont completely diminish the range of the e transit van? That would be another thing that im asking you out there in youtube world um. Who has them and what do you think about them? Because 100 miles, i mean yeah, i guess thats good if youre just commuting around town like this guy does but uh what? If you want to go farther, i see these tesla lines for charging stations that seem out of control and ridiculous, and that would just deter me from ever wanting an electric vehicle is waiting like three hours to charge. It im like no ill pay. The hundred bucks in gas and be on my way because my time is more valuable than than sitting around doing nothing so really cool inside here lets run around to the front of this thing and check out the engine right who everyone wants to see the engine In an e van lets go so im going to tell you when i opened up the hood of this for the first time i really expected to see even less.

There is quite a few components underneath the hood of this. As far as even you know, you still have coolant to cool down the motor and uh. You know air conditioning pumps, things of that nature, so it is really fascinating to me and uh. Some really smart people actually put a lot of thought into this, which is really cool. I will notice another thing that i alright another thing that i did notice in the front of this as well. Is the spare tires up front on this versus in the rear of that now that be could because of the giant motor thats in uh, in place of the rear differential, which is pretty cool? It resembles much of a volkswagen type engine with a coil spring uh. I mean instead of talking about it, lets go check it out its pretty cool. So this motor is pretty neat back here and you can see it still has the driveline cv axles to supply the power to the rear wheels. It does have the coil springs and the shocks in the back of it so similar to like a volkswagen style, rear end except the volkswagen had torsion bars, not coil springs, but a really neat setup. So again, i care im curious about the weight carrying capacity of these, because that is a lot of weight on that coil spring. One thing that is cool um, something different – that if you see on most transits that this one might have these little spacers in here, because we might have put a lift on this.

So super neat up here. You know down here: um, not a lot to it. God id love to put one of these in something else. You know like a 40 connell line, just something who knows make it all wheel drive i like doing silly stuff but uh. This is just its really cool again: unibody rear motor, no drive shaft. Just a lot of battery uh, maybe we should go drive this thing all right so before we jump in this thing and take it for a ride, lets talk about what we did here at weld tech designs. We mentioned you saw the spacers in the rear, so we did lift the back of this two inches when it comes to the front of this, we did a three inch lift up on the front using our weldtech designs, fabricated, spindle, to give it all that lift. Now, of course, its going to look much much better once it gets a set of method, race wheels and maybe some toyo tires. Who knows well try to update you guys and get some more current things, but right now these tires are just too nice and too new to replace um its time to close the hood and go for a ride all right. So it does have a key like normal transits. Now. What throws me off in this is? Is you go to start it, of course not having an engine is huge to me um. It does light up and were ready to put it and drive and go um.

What i do love about this is this huge navigation screen on there, which is going to give us everything like like make it colder in here, because its warm all right so were gon na go for a drive, it is really smooth and you dont have obviously The revving of an engine as you accelerate, which is going to be nice, of course, its not a sports car and its, not the ford mustang mock egt, which i got to drive, which was a ton of fun. I need to do a whole video just on that car, maybe on over at jeremys world 10. We will do that, but i mean its a van and its electric. I dont my expectations are, not you know huge and you can see. What is kind of interesting is, as i hit the gas, it keeps me in like the green range and if i go out of it, its gon na, like okay, youre doing well on battery efficiency, i wanted to say fuel efficiency. Now the one thing even the owner did mention to me is what is neat. Is the zero to 40, maybe isnt that spectacular, but when youre going to get onto the freeway at that 40 miles an hour or more, it really gives you a little bit more um dude the pickup at 40 is pretty awesome. I definitely its pretty nice. I mean the thing is smooth youre, getting some noise out of the cabinets in the back, but i could see why people like these electric vehicles – you know you dont, have the loud engine revving up as you accelerate its instant power to the wheels and its efficient Power so or maybe as efficient as it could be.

When you do that, that power meter went crazy and says, like your nuts and its going to adjust the miles or your range as well, depending on how you drive it but uh, you know thats one thing: thats, really nice about this weldtech designs. Lift kit is its not going to change the characteristics um over the stock because we didnt add shocks to the rear of it or to the front so its not going to make it stiffer its still going to maintain that factory like ride, because all of the Lift is in the spindle, which is going to be really nice, so thats going to be a big plus in this lift kit, whether you have a normal transit or any transit thats. The benefit of using a kit that we make here at well tech designs there. It is guys our ford e transit review and uh a lift kit. You know i mean who doesnt want a lift kit on their ford transit van. I dont know. Maybe this will be the only one we do maybe theres other people out. There would love to have their ford transit lifted um. Overall, i mean, i think, its uh or transit like theres, nothing spectacular about it. Yes, its electric and youre gon na save some money at the pump, but really, then you have the charging costs involved of it. I know that theres definitely going to be benefits long term of it, but uh thats, just not my wheelhouse.

What my wheelhouse is is lifting transits and having fun with them so thats, another ford transit done.