Oh my goodness, Music. Can i please, can i drive nope, please, Music, uh Music planet earth is in trouble and we need to transition to sustainable transport faster. So today, myself, rick, bulmer and leading battery chemist, dr eur mcturk, are checking out the all electric fiat 500e Music battery 42 kilowatt hours, total 37.3 usable range 140 miles or 224 kilometers according to ev database, which tends to be pessimistic, chances are youll, get more performance. An 87 kilowatt motor 220 newton meters of torque and not to 60 in nine seconds, all in a car that weighs 1405 kilos charging theres an 11 kilowatt on board charger, but it will charge it up to 85 kilowatts on ccs, so thats pretty fast id say So i mean it only charges it noticeably above 50, kilowatts until about 60, but thats still pretty decent, especially given the battery center nice. All right lets drive yep, oh all, right, all right. So here we are in the back of the fiat 500 e, its not as big in the in the back as youd like no, it is a fair bit smaller than some of the competition isnt it for the rear occupant space. But that said out of the four occupants, including the driver that you can have in this car three of the seats. So the front passenger and the two rears have isofix fittings. So you can actually take three little people on a school run, which is quite handy at bruce lee bonus you dont, get many cars with isofix in the front and the back tell you what the steering is is light yet reassuringly weighted, thats, really good.

It feels pretty solid doesnt it it does. Thats such a small car. The brakes are, oh theyre. Definitely a bit yeah theyre a bit keen arent they and thats. Not the regenerative, braking thats the foot brake it will speed down. Lets talk about regenerative braking. What is it so regenerative braking is when the electric motor basically goes into reverse and under braking? What it does is you take your foot off the throttle the electric motor starts. Gathering energy from the momentum of the car turns it back into electricity which just stuffs into the battery. So that gets you more range, and it also means that youre not going through brake pads anywhere near as quickly as you would in a petrol or diesel car. Ive, yet to properly give this ones regen a go. Lets have a try coming up to here. This standard setting is virtually non existent, but you can change that and in terms of the acceleration well lets chuck our foot down here. Shall we, you know for a small? Oh goodness me that was very keen yeah. It was scrabbling away for grip there yeah if youre used to like a tesla or something like that. You know which is like being rear, ended by a high speed train. Then that was nothing special, but if youre used to a petrol car coming from a gutless little one litre engine to a car that looks like it would have a one liter engine in it, but actually has a fair amount of punch.

That 87 kilowatts adds up. Pretty quick, as does the 220 newton meters of torque, which means it can get its power down awfully quickly right. What are we driving and where are we going? So what we have is the la prima spec of the 500e thats, the top end specification that has just about everything that you possibly want to throw at it in terms of where were going were in glasgow, which of course hoped hosted the cop 26 last year, Part of which the kind of fringe events took part at the arnold clark, innovation center – that weve just left. This is one of their vehicles that were borrowing just now were just offered. We drive around glasgow because this is a car thats, predominantly aimed at urban environments. But that said, the range of it is more than enough if you want to go across country, especially with that rapid charge capability. So this is a little car designed for the city, but punches above its weight. Do not think that its only suitable for urban can environments. Can i drive. This is way too much fun. No, can i please, can i drive nope? Please no drive no come on. Can i drive where next, i guess were heading back to base arent? We lets test out navigate to the arnold clark innovation center in glasgow, navigate to the arnold clark. Innovation center in glasgow navigate to curl street in glasgow. Do i need to say it in scottish navigate 2, g11, 6 n, a which one do you want so yeah weve just discovered that the voice activated sat nav, doesnt, understand a scottish or english accent, which is? Is it an italian car? That said, though, no i mean other than that you know the map itself does look clear enough.

The the touch screen is fairly responsive, as maybe slight delays, but nowhere near as bad as other cars that ive seen, and it is a very clear image on that touch. Screen yeah its beautiful and i love this. I like the way its set out. Youve got some nice, knobs and buttons here, so its not like full on touch screen like you get in in the tesla, which is great, but also has a has a few drawbacks on this on the steering wheel as well. Easy to use does feel like a well built high quality car. You know the 500e is actually built on a different platform from the 500 petrol car, even though they look very very similar, and it is a separate platform, so its built ground up as an electric vehicle. How is it in the back for you? Do you know what i thought you were going to snap my legs in half when you push the seat back, but actually its not bad? Could you do a long journey in this car? Ah, i reckon i could do a couple of hours uh and then i would need a break and then the next couple of hours would get begin to get a bit tiresome hey sunshine, on a rainy day, and it is actually mixed muscle. I mean this car is perfect for glasgow isnt it there we go. Would you like an umbrella? What i love most about the fiat 500de is that it has a cabriolet roof.

So were going to call this car leonardo da cabrele, we might cut that. We definitely cut that so the turning circle is a very impressive 9.7 meters, and certainly we found that out when we were swapping drivers. This is so tight, perfect urban environment. Goodness gracious me yeah. You could probably turn around in a garage in this pretty much yeah. This is insane because anyone else getting dizzy im, not too bad, just getting it. Oh actually, yeah. If you spin the other way, the same amount of times it balances out the dizziness thats signs, for you is that true, i dont know i dont know. I think you could tell me anything and i would believe you question thats gone there we go. There are two usb sockets, one of which can charge uh in the little ducket in the center console there, which is next to the artist formerly known as the cigarette. Lighter now, vanity mirror theres also an sos button, so if youre involved in a heavy accident – and you need some help, press that and it will get through to the emergency services, although that said, the vehicle will actually automatically contact the emergency services. If theres a crash. Thats heavy enough to deploy the airbags lets, not test that, but lets test the brakes. Oh those are good brakes that is really impressive, and that is some broken camera equipment. Oh you fixed the umbrella. The brakes were that good, it fixed the umbrella.

Oh no umbrellas broken again. So a quick word from you in the back hows your driving experience of this amazing electric car being it has bowled me over. I honestly went into this thinking. Oh its going to be a small car, its probably not going to be that great, genuinely its addictively good fun to drive the brakes are incredible and they need to be the way the rick was driving it and the handling is is just spot on. It is a proper little drivers, car perfect for cities. I mean that turning circle is nuts, but also yet it will quite happily do long journeys as well and ill. Tell you what surprisingly comfy for adults in the back as well whod have thought it well done for you, congratulations welfare and thank you for watching the faster project Music.