The zsev was a bargain and so was the mg5, and now we have a smaller car thats. Even more reasonably priced, its called the mg4 and in fact this could be the best value ev. Yet before i tell you about the mg4, though, please dont forget, if you like this video, please dont forget to like comment and subscribe to our youtube channel. So this car is a bit of a departure in terms of appearance for mg. You can see its got a much funkier, more kind of avant garde, look to the front end and if you follow me around and look at the roof now this is the uh. The top of the range trophy model, so it has this kind of two tone and has this little spoiler at the back, which looks great, but unfortunately it does have a slightly negative impact on range. You also get this light bar at the back again much funkier than any mg weve seen before. There are two drivetrains with the mg4 ev and two trims, but you can only specify three combinations: the base, se car sports, a 51 kilowatt hour battery and 125 kilowatt, which is 167 bhp motor. You can also get a long range version of this trim with a 64 kilowatt hour battery and 201 brake horsepower motor, which is 150 kilowatts, then theres the top end trophy model which we have here, but you can only get that with the 64 kilowatt hour battery.

One big difference with this car is its on an all electric only platform called the modular scalable platform. That means theres no compromise for there being petrol and diesel models of this car at all. Everything is designed around it being electric. The se trim still includes the mg pilot safety package, which incorporates adaptive cruise control theres a 10.25 inch media screen, plus support for apple carplay and android. Auto you even get access to the ismart app. The trophy trim adds a 360 degree parking. Camera live services via the ismart, app wireless mobile phone charging, sat nav, plus heated front seats and steering wheel. The basic color is white and you can also go for blue black gray or red, like we have here for no extra cost. The trophy also has the option of the fetching orange used in a lot of the first mg press images thats around 600 pounds extra, though these 17 inch two tone wheels, are common across all cars and every trim level. So this car is about the same size as an id3 from volkswagen, although that is a little bit taller. So this car is in that popular class of compact sub compact, like the id3 like the golf. What does that mean for interior space? Well, lets have a look inside and find out previous mguvs looked unexciting on the outside and although the interiors were perfectly adequate, they werent that thrilling either. That has changed the mg4, which is much more compelling well get to the instrumentation a bit later.

Generally, everything feels much more up to date. This leather and fabric is specifically for the trophy edition, so these seats are comfortable enough theres a decent amount of headroom. I think if you were six foot, one six foot two youd be absolutely fine, theyre theyre, fairly flat in in terms of the the cushioning but but again pretty comfortable. This trophy car has electric adjustment of the seats. You can go back to the forwards, change the um, the back seat back as well, but there doesnt appear to be any lumber support. We also find these keys a little bit wobbly, which is a little bit fisher price, so youll notice. This is very different. If you see another mg before the central console is completely redesigned much less going on much fewer buttons. This trophy car has an a uh charging wireless charging pad for the phone here. A couple of cables here with these with lightly weird holes for um for different types of phone as well. Now, if you go down here, theres a couple of cup holders theyve got retention clips, so you can have a variety of cup sizes, but not really large ones. Theres actually, and if you can see there is a um, a 12 volt car power thing down there and one usb c and one usb type. A connector underneath here is a little bit of space. But you know its nice to have this kind of space to be able to move across as well, rather than feeling enclosed, which you know if this was higher, we feel very enclosed.

And finally, if we go back here, theres, a small cubby uh, which you can put stuff in and in front of it theres this you can maybe put a ticket or some menus or something in there as well theres a reasonably sized glove compartment here enough for A plastic bag with something from mg. In there very handy you could probably put maybe two or even three sets of gloves in there. You see, the passenger seat has a manual adjustment, and this is what you get in the sc models as well for the drivers seat. So one of the things that mg likes to stress about this car is theres plenty of room for five people in the back were not entirely sure about this middle seat, but definitely the outer seats have plenty of headroom and theres a decent amount of knee room. As well, so this off seats obviously set up for me im 510. If i was a bit taller, thered still be a decent amount of leg room for someone, five or five ten or six feet in the back as well. So definitely a car that can get at least four adults and probably a fifth one at a pinch as well. One thing that we dont have here, though, is any kind of armrest, so this is this. Middle c is just to see theres no, nothing to pull down with cup holes or anything now theres, just one usb port in the back and no vents for air conditioning for rear seat passengers.

Thats, like the vw id3, but its a bit still a bit of an emission rear seat. Passengers also benefit from a magazine holder for your kids to put their copies of the mg classic car manual or whatever. It is kids read these days, but you also get these two extra pockets, so they can put their devices up here, which is were starting to see this in cars, realization that people will be using phones in the backs of cars. So its nice to see this and you get these isofix points for the two outer rear seats for putting child car seats in the back. One thing you dont get with this car, though, is any option to have a sunroof. That was an option with the mgzs ev long range and i believe this car can have a sunroof in some other regions, but thats not coming to the uk. Apparently. So this car is in the same class as the volkswagen, id3 or cooper board, which are basically the same car, so its a hatchback – and this is 363 liters, which is a little bit less than those cars offer. There is some space under here which, as you can see, is just about enough to put some charging cables and some extra emergency kit there. Now, if we take this off, which is not incredibly easy but easy enough, take that off. So if you put the rear seats forward, the usual 60 40 arrangement there – this is um theres a bag in the way, which is why thats not landing flat.

But this is 1177 liters, which is again a little bit less than an id3 or cooper ball. But if there wasnt that bad in the way, this would be virtually flat and no lip here as well, which is one of the things that people criticize the mg5 estate car. For so you can get an item in here pretty easily roll. Something in you know not a huge boot, but certainly a very usable space. There is one hook on the side here for putting a bag on, but not on the other side, and when you do put the seats back up again, you have to grab a hold of the seat belt because it theres nothing to stop it from getting in The way until the long range versions of mgs cars came along range was a problem with their vehicles. This isnt a problem so much with this particular car, even in the small battery form the 51 kilowatt hour. Battery has 218 miles of range, which is actually a bit more than stalantis cars like the corsa e from vauxhall or the peugeot e208. If you step up to that 64 kilowatt hour battery, though you get 280 miles of range with the se trim and 270 with the uh, the trophy trim, which you know the um this bit on the top here and some other things. In fact, its apparently a bit heavier reduces that a bit but thats still very competitive thats up there with things like the hyundai kona uh, the kia inero or nero ev as its now called so for charging.

You have a typical ccs port. Youve got ac charging at seven kilowatt hours, which takes about nine hours with a larger battery and dc charging goes all the way up to 135 kilowatts, which means it takes about ‘ minutes to charge the battery from 10 to 80, which is excellent. Apparently, these cars also support vehicles to load, which means you can actually output from this port as well. We dont have the adapter to demonstrate that, though, im afraid either way, theres plenty of range for longer trips, particularly with that 64 kilowatt hour version and its getting about 4.4 miles to the kilowatt hour, which means its not that expensive to run. If you do manage to still have a 29p per kilowatt hour supply, that equates to about 6.6 p a mile, obviously thats, going to go up soon with the energy price increases interior controls, as we mentioned earlier, are relatively uncluttered, so you get a delectably angular steering Wheel, nice firm feeling to it these controls. This is a custom control, but the rest of this is this voice: control thats to do with the adaptive crews. On the right hand, side is more media related controls. Now one thing we would like to mention is that there are some things that dont seem to be very easy to um, to find like, for example, changing the power of the car. You have to actually deliberately assign it to one of these buttons. You do get stalks first, the the lights and theres one for the windscreen wipers here.

So one thing that has been very much modernized is the instrument binacle. You can see here its completely digital. Its a seven inch screen youve got the the speed in the middle youve got some adas information on the left hand, side, and this would actually be a trip meter, though currently youve got a door open, so we cant actually see whats going on there, and you Also got other stuff ranging around like range at the bottom, and you know regeneration level. Actually, next to that is a um of a small thing that saying zero power right now, but that will give you how much power or regen youre getting as you drive along. You actually start this car just by pressing the um. You can hear it dinging there thats the um the system coming on, because you just press the brake pedal like a tesla and then you just leave and lock the car. You dont need to turn it off and on so thats one things very different. A lot fewer buttons here, so you can see that this this knob here you is for selecting, drive, reverse neutral and park in the middle and theres a separate parking brake. But you dont really need to touch that. There is no particular switch, as we said, for selecting the power mode, which i think is a bit of an emission and theres no switch for specifically for changing the regen level either you have to assign those to buttons on the steering wheel.

So there are some controls here for the air conditioning youve got de misting for front and rear, and you can turn the air conditioning on and off. However, if you actually want to make any adjustments and again, we like to have at least a few air conditioning controls and physical buttons, you press this and you can see it comes up there with a with a touchscreen display, as if you turn it on the Fan goes on you theres presets. There turn it off turn it on eco mode, heated steering, wheel, heated seats, so this 10.25 inch screen is common across all cars. Now you do get navigation with the with the trophy car you dont get this with the sc youll. Have to use another feature which is um the apple carplay and android auto for that, but a lot of people prefer that anyway, so you have these four different panels: youve got weather battery. This tells you what radio station youre on the navigation there. If you go into the car settings reasonably well designed you can actually, this is where you actually assign. So if i change that to drive modes and the right hand is for ac, so you can see if i press the a press, the button that kind of gives you control over the ac. You can configure what those buttons do change how the lighting behaves the safety settings a few things there. This kind of just gives you a few things about mg pilot that you can change change.

For example, the alerts for um front collision assist there. For example, drive assist system how it actually operates and the basic driving modes we started at. You know we switch it into sport mode there, for example, and this is where you change the um energy recovery mode, the regen braking. One thing we should also mention about this car is that you do get an app the ismart app with every car, but with the trophy you get more live features like weather, and you know connected radio playing as well. So these cars in terms of performance are pretty much average when it comes to cars in this class, the the basic sc short range car, with a 51 kilowatt hour. Battery has 125 kilowatts of power, which is about 167 bhp thats enough to propel the car to 62 miles per hour in 7.7 seconds. Now, if you go for the longer range cars, you get a bit more power 150 kilowatts, which is about 201 brake horsepower, but youre because theyre heavier. They dont accelerate, quite so far so 62 miles per hour in 7.9 seconds for those cars but thats still. Maybe a little bit slower than the uh, the basic pro performance id3 or a cooper bourne, but a little bit faster than a lot of the stalantis cars with a 50 kilowatt hour battery. So with that new msp platform, because the batteries are low, theyve positioned them. Precisely to get a 50 50 weight distribution, this is also a rear wheel, drive car.

They they will have an all wheel, drive version coming, which well talk about in a second, but with this rear wheel, drive car that weight distribution means it handles really quite well. This car is much more fun than any mg weve had before you know. You really want to drive it briskly around us, particularly around these kind of country roads that were on at the moment, as you mentioned before, there are four regen modes, theres a medium low, strong and adaptive, and if you sit it on this strong mode, you can Get close to single pedal driving now you do need to have a dab of the brake pedal to engage, auto hold, which is a company thats, similar to the way mercedes work as well. So one exciting thing that mg announced when they introduced this car to us today was the fact that there are two further cars coming in the future, one with a bigger 77 kilowatt hour battery, which will give 329 miles of range. Approximately thats up there with the bigger battery version of the id3 and certainly of you, know a really leading amount of range. Even more exciting, though, for those of us whove been waiting for an electric hot hatch, is the dual motor version of this car, which will have allegedly 330 kilowatts, which is 440 brake horsepower approximately thats going to be bonkers, its going to have a naught to 60. In under four seconds, they said about 3.

7 seconds, its going to have the 64 kilowatt hour battery and have about 250 miles of range as well, so that car could be incredibly fun and certainly really lives up to the the mg brand of old, which is you Know considerable to be associated with sportiness so with that longer range on this car. Already, though, this car is definitely um very usable for long drives, the comfort is decent. You know the um. The ride quality is probably not up there with something like an air suspension from on a tesla model s or a mercedes uh with air suspension. But you know: weve were driving on some pretty bumpy roads here out in the country in oxfordshire and its handling them. Pretty well its comfortable enough. Also, these seats are going to be perfectly adequate for a longer drive on a motorway too. When you want to motivate the long range cars, they also have this kind of aero vent that will change shape to improve the range of the car as well. So basic safety features delivered by mg pilot are generous with things like active emergency braking, which is obviously an absolute necessity for good end cap rating these days, youve got pedestrian and bicycle detection for driving around town and when youre on the motorway youve got lane. Keep assist with lane departure warning youve also got traffic jam, assist with intelligent speed, limit assist, youve also got intelligent, high beam assist and, of course, that adaptive cruise control, which is a great feature having across all range all the cars in the range.

And, of course, we mustnt forget that one important driver attention alert and if you move up from the se to the trophy trim, you get blind spot detection, you get lane change, assist and rear cross traffic alert and not forgetting the door opening warning and then, of Course, youve got that 360 degree parking camera that we mentioned before. So now we get to the mg4s headline act. The price the base. Se version is a 526 000 pounds that undercuts the stalentis equivalents by over three grand. The sc long range is still reasonable. At 28, 495 and thats sure to tempt over some potential of vauxhall and peugeot buyers because of this cars much better range. The trophy is a less reasonable, but still good. Thirty one four, nine five, but youre still going to be paying over four grand more for a hyundai kona with just a little bit more range, its worth, noting that now the government grant has gone. These are real prices, theyre not being helped by any kind of additional benefit. So while there were 26 grands in the past, these had a three grand discount which you cant get now. We dont know the insurance groups for this car yet, but one thing that mg did stress was high residual values. They said at least 60 percent and a little bit more than sixty percent for the um, the sc long range and trophy long range. Now, what that means is that the lease costs of this car going to be pretty competitive.

They talked about 300 quid for the um, the basic car 350 for the se, long range and then 410 for the trophy long range. Now these are all much less than equivalent cars. For example, the the id3 is going to cost at least 150 quid more mg. Warranties are now on a par with the koreans. The basic warranty is 7 years or 80 000 miles. So overall, then the mg4 absolutely dominates on value. It beats anything from kia, hyundai or stalantis and absolutely trounces. The current prices of the vw, id3 or cooper born so lets. Take a look at that 360 degree parking camera. You can see you get a top view from over there. You get a kind of sensor view and, of course, obviously the rear view camera. It certainly makes reversing a little bit easier. Our nearly hair tree, as you can see the sensors, definitely work, so the mg4 ev is incredible value, but its not cheap and nasty in any way. Yes, there are some rough edges and the boot space is merely average in its class, but it fulfills exactly what we hoped for when we heard this car was coming. The range is great, the driving very comfortable and the equipment level very good for the price.