Not the only awesome new car coming soon ive put together a list of the coolest and most exciting new cars that have just been revealed and im going to tell you everything you need to know about them, because im, matt watson and youre watching car wow buy, Sell car wow: this is the dodge charger. Daytona srt its only a concept for now, but it shows you what dodgers. First, ever electric muscle car will look like now lets cut to the chase. It looks fantastic. The outgoing charger was a fairly podgy four door saloon, but this new concept is a sleek two door coupe, just like the classic charger from the 1960s. The boxy shape hides plenty of core aerodynamic features like the integrated front wing that stretches across the bonnet, under the bonnets, its the new 800 volt electric drive system, which dodgers called the banshee dodge hasnt spilled the beans on the power output or torque. Yet of the banshee, but it did say the new charger will come with four wheel, drive and itll, be even faster than todays hellcat models. Itll also have a multi speed. Gearbox, like the porsche tycoon and audi etron gt, dodge hasnt, said how many gears it will get, but it did confirm. Therell, be track, modes, drag mode and a boost mode. But the weirdest thing about the new charger is that it has an exhaust system and its called frat sonic Music. Yes, an electric car with an exhaust well sort of its more like a sound amplifier built into air ducts that run through the car.

It isnt some weedy half assed attempt at making an electric car sound cool, though dodge says it can crank out 126 decibels of volume thats as loud as a hellcat v8. Now, if you want to see my full in depth, video review of the current dodge charger, srt hellcat click on the pop out banner, which should be appearing in the top right hand, corner of the screen now, alternatively, use the link in the description. The big news for the new, lucid air sapphire is that its tri motor. That means that it has two motors at the back and one at the front, instead of a dual motor setup with one motor at the front and one at the back like the standard. Lucid air has that car was already seriously quick and i found out for myself when i got a passenger ride at the goodwood hill climb in a car driven by the old top gear. Stick ben collins. Now the car he was driving was a grand touring performance model, so it had 1050 horsepower and 1 250 newton meters of torque, and it did not 60 miles an hour in 2.4 seconds, which is seriously rapid. However, the new sapphire comes with more than 1200 horsepower. Thats almost 200 horsepower more than you get in the tesla model s plaid the best naught to 60 miles an hour time. Ive had out of the tesla model s. Plaid is this: what did we get there 2.

4 seconds? Ah, however, that 2.4 seconds was on a badly surface road and the car didnt have a full battery and tesla claims. The plug will actually do naught to 60 miles an hour in 1.99 seconds, though, when tesla measured naught 60 times they use one for rollout, which i dont on my specialist timing game anyway. How does that all compare to the lucid? Well, the tri motor sapphire is supposed to naught to 60 miles an hour, just like the plaid in less than two seconds. How much less is it point zero one of a second like the plaid, or is it better than that? Well, they havent said what they have said is that the new sapphire will hit 100 miles an hour in less than four seconds. Has a top speed of more than 200 miles an hour and well do a quarter mile in less than nine seconds. That makes it quicker than a ten year old formula, one car which can do a quarter mile time in this much and then its only slightly slower than a rimac novera, which can do a quarter mile time in this much. Luckily, the new lucid gets common from it breaks as standard to cope with all the added performance, which should mean that it breaks a lot better than a tesla model. S plaid, which doesnt have very good brakes at all. But then again the sapphire is very, very expensive. More than a tesla model s plaid, it costs 249 000 thats around 120 000.

More than a tesla model s plat lamborghini has just revealed the urus perfomante, its the most powerful four door, its ever made and its already setting world records. This suv has 666 horsepower the number of the beast and its just broken. The pikes peak hill climb record in colorado with a time of 10 minutes and 32 seconds, thats 17 seconds quicker than the previous record, set by bentley bentayga w12 back in 2018.. This new auras is also 47 kilos lighter than the standard car and comes with load suspension and new unpainted carbon fiber body panels. It also gets a new rally mode designed for dirt tracks, see it is a proper off roader. After all, anyway, all these upgrades will set you back around 200 000 pounds, including tax, the new uras isnt, the only off road, the lamborghinis working on its also building a jacked up hurricane, yes, lamborghinis, famous v10 supercar is getting dirty before it disappears forever. Its only been teased in camouflage so far, but ill take loads of inspiration from this hurricane sterato concept from a few years ago. Serato is the italian word for dirt road. In case you were wondering this new car will come with beefy suspension, protective body cladding and a load of extra led spot lamps. Lamborghini hasnt revealed any performance stats for this car. Just yet, but dont expect ludicrous power gains. It might even be the slowest hurricane you can buy, who cares when you can do not just 16 less than four seconds over any terrain? Bmw is celebrating 50 years of its m division.

This year, its giving itself loads of birthday presents including the new m3 touring and the forthcoming m2 that car wont be fully revealed until later this autumn, but make sure you subscribe to this channel and click the bell icon to be notified. When i upload a video about this all new m2 anyway, bmw has also been working on something very weird, its this prototype i4. It looks like an i4 m50 with wider wheel arches, but the big news is that this test car is fitted with four electric motors. Take that tesla and lose it with your puny. Three motor systems. Bmw hasnt revealed any performance stats yet, but this teaser shows the prototype using its quad motors to do a static, 360 degree spin. Just like a tank. Can this car wont go into production no classic, but the technology will show up in fully electric next generation m cars, maybe even an electric replacement for the m3 ponyx egg has revealed a brand new limited edition. Hypercar called the cc 8 cc, 850 to celebrate 20 years since its record breaking cc 8s. That car had a supercharged v8 that made 655 horsepower, which was a world record for production cars back in 2002. fast forward 20 years, and the cc 850 has a modernized body with loads of aero upgrades theres, even a hidden rear wing inspired by the regera. The cc 850 shares most of its engine with the esco, although the turbos are a bit smaller to make sure theres absolutely zero turbo lag now the engine makes 1185hp standard and 1385 horsepower.

If you run it on eco friendly e85 biofuel thats, more than double the power of the old cc 8s, but the best thing about the new cc 850 is its manual gearbox yeah. This koenigsegg is the worlds most powerful fastest manual gearbox operated production car. This transmission is based on the nine speed light speed automatic transmission you get in the yes go. Instead of using pedals to change gear, you shift using a hydraulic clutch pedal and a six speed h pattern gear lever. How does that work? Well, the car decides which gears the linkage engages depending on the driving mode youre in this means road mode uses a set of gear ratios and track mode uses a set of different ratios. There is an automatic mode if you cant, be bothered to change gears yourself and thats perfect for if youre just using the car daily. But then, when you want to have some fun, you can go into manual mode. Essentially, this car gives you the best of both worlds. You dont have to decide if you want a manual gearbox or an automatic, because you have both aston martin is going topless with a new car called the dbr 22.. It takes inspiration from old le mans racing cars from the 1950s, but its got some cutting edge tech under that gorgeous carbon fiber body, for example, theres a 3d printed wrist sub frame and a 5.2 liter twin turbo v12, with 715 horsepower and 753 newton meters of Torque, this means itll do not to 60 miles an hour in 3.

4 seconds and go on to a top speed of 198 miles an hour. Aston martin has also pulled the covers off a new v12 vantage roadster. This has a 700 horsepower version of astons twin turbo v12, and he can do not 60 in 3.5 seconds. It also gets plenty of aero upgrades over the stand advantage to keep it stable when you max it out at its top speed of 200 miles an hour. Hyundai has only just revealed the stunning ioniq 6 saloon, but its already working on a high performance end version. The finished ionic 6n will look something like this rn 22e concept: itll get new bumpers load, suspension, larger wheels and loads of fancy red bits under the skin. Youll get a revamped interior and more powerful motors. The rn 22e concept comes with a 218 horsepower motor at the front and a 360 horsepower motor at the back its pretty much the same as the 585 horsepower setup you get in the kia, ev6 gt. So its a safe bet that the forthcoming ioniq 6n will get an equally powerful dual motor system when it arrives in the next few years. Hyundai has also built this mad looking cyberpunk creation, its called the nvision 74., its loosely inspired by the hyundai pony coupe prototype from you guessed it 1974. that car was designed by the same man who did the original delorean. So no wonder this new concept looks like it belongs in a back to the future reboot anyway, its powered by two 320 horsepower motors that drive the rear wheels independently of one another thats.

Not the only weird thing about this car, though, because the motors get their power from a hydrogen fuel cell as well as a normal battery. This means it has more than 370 miles of range and can be refueled in five minutes. If you use hydrogen the bad news is that itll never go into production? Oh well! Now, if you want to check out the most exciting electric cars that are actually on sale, now, click on the pop out banner or follow the link in the description below to watch me drag race, the latest tvs from mercedes, audi, porsche and tesla. This is the pole, star o2 concept. It was revealed earlier this year, but polstar has just confirmed. He will actually put it into production as the pole star 6.. This fully electric sports car will have dual motors producing up to 884 horsepower and it should be able to do nothing 60 miles an hour in around 3.2 seconds. You can already put your name down to get a build slot, but there is a catch. Polestar has to sort out the new polestar 3 suv first, and then he has to start building the polestar 5 after that. So this new convertible sports car might be a while off bit like the tesla roadster, which still hasnt appeared. Dont expect to get your hands on a pulse star 6, until 2026 thatll still probably appear before that tesla roadster mclaren has built a real world version of his vision, gran turismo concept car.

He might have already driven this single seater in the gran turismo video game, but now 25 people will get to drive something similar in real life on a track anyway, on the road, its a track only vehicle its called the solus gt. It looks like a cross between a formula one car and a lemon racer with a hinge canopy from a jet plane. The sonos gt is covered in wings and splitters that help it produce 1 200 kilos of down force. Thats impressive. When you consider the whole car itself only weighs 1 000 kilograms, its powered by a naturally aspirated 5.2 litre v10 engine that revs to over 10 000 rpm. It produces more than 840 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque and drives the rear wheels through a seven speed, sequential gearbox mclaren says acceleration times, arent important for a track car, but it claims the surge gt still does not 60 in 2.5 seconds and has a Top speed of more than 200 miles an hour maserati is going back to its roots, with a brand new koopa called the gran turismo folgore and like old maseratis. This doesnt come with some honking great v8 engine. The new gt gets a triple motor electric drive system with 1200 horsepower, thats more than a tesla model s plan, but its almost double what you get in mazeratis, mc20 supercar theres been no word on pricing yet, but youll be able to get your hands on this Brand new electric maserati in 2023.

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