So this is going to be available on you know your kias, your your fords, your every pretty much anything thats, not a tesla youre gon na have this available to you. So this adapter comes in a nice little box here, its not super big uh, honestly setup is a breeze. All you have to do is literally open the box theres an instruction packet that comes in here. You dont, really necessarily have to read it theres. Also, some, you know a little bit of instructions on the box as well. That kind of just gives you some some guidelines right. So it tells you the compatibility, so it tells you that you can use it at tesla destination chargers. You can use it at home for a level one or level two charges and convert those over to j plugs. So if your friend comes over to your house – and maybe they have a car with a j plug – and you only have teslas at your house – they can literally you know, charge at your house using your level one or level two charger or they can go to A tesla destination charger if they are in a jam and they need to charge their vehicle, so thats pretty dope that you kind of have that level of autonomy that you can that you can do that, be mindful right! Im not trying to see any of yall pulling up at the supercharger because it wont work right.

These dont work at superchargers and if youre at a supercharger, your credit card information or your card information, is attached to your actual car, so thats why these dont work at the tesla supercharger so dont. Let me catch up pulling up to the tesla supercharger talking about you about the charger j plug car up anyway, so just going back to setup right. So, as you can see, this is super compact. You can literally store this anywhere. You can fit it in your pocket. If you wanted to, you, can put it in a center console, you can put it in your glove compartment. You can put it in the side of your door theres, so many different, you can put it in the trunk theres. So many different places that you can store this and and kind of have it readily available for you, thats kind of out of sight out of mind until you actually need it. So i think design wise that was pretty dope and its really easy to use. So again, just to reiterate this is the j plug piece. This is the inbound adapter from the tesla, so that thats way that way, you can see it plug in right there. So thats going to be formed directly to the tesla charge, port and whats going to happen is, after you take this out the box and youre getting ready to use it. All you need to do is take your tesla charger and insert it into this adapter and its going to click once you insert it so this.

So this part here is going to click and thats. How you know its going to be secure once youre done doing that piece? All you have to do is just make sure that your tesla charger is plugged in to the wall if its a level one charger and make sure or if its a level, two charger. It doesnt matter just make sure its plugged in and then youre ready to go. All you have to do now is plug this into your vehicle, with the j plug and youre literally off to the races youre charging now, and you should have peace of mind. So you shouldnt have any range anxiety or anything like that, because now you have this available to you to charge your vehicle. So i think this is, you know pretty pretty dope. It comes in two colors, so there is a black version and there is also a white version of this as well on the website. Now the price point on this at the time of this video is 149 on the electron website. I believe its marked down right now and i think it usually retails at 179.99. Now there are a couple ways that you can actually get this, so you can actually go to electrons website or you can order on amazon if you feel so compelled to so theres. Multiple ways that you can actually get one of these if youre, interested and ive also included a link below in the description.

So that way, you can check this out for yourself if this is something that you may potentially be interested in, but i think this is definitely one of those accessories that you should have in your arsenal. If youre going to be one of those people that are, you know doing road trips and constantly going different places, it kind of just puts you at ease, so to speak, that you can have the ability to charge your car um wherever you go right or a Lot of cars actually come with the chargers already so in those cases youre fine, but in any case that you may be in a jam, you may only be around you know: tesla chargers, destination, chargers or home chargers. I think this is a pretty good option. So if youre in the market for an adapter, i encourage you to put this on your radar and check it out now. I will say that one of the things with this is, i think, since this is new youre gon na, have to when you press this button to release it its. You know its gon na give it a little its gon na be a little stiff, so youre gon na have to give it a little jiggle at first just to kind of get it back out, but dont be alarmed dont fight with it or anything like that. But just kind of hold this down and hold this button down this release button and just kind of give it a steady pull um.

So that way, you know youre kind of easing it and, as you use this more its going to start to loosen up and youll be able to kind of just get it in and out of that j plug charge port so again check it out.