That only did a big saloon and an even bigger suv, both of which had gas guzzling 2.5 liter engines, but it was a different time back then a halcyon time abba was touring cool, kids or flared jeans and had mullets yep all the way back in 2021. Indeed, hard to believe that, only a year ago, genesis came to the uk with just these two cars, both lovely yeah, but they hardly captured the zeitgeist. But the latest thing from genesis the gv60 here really does, because not only is it a premium, family crossover and thats a very popular segment right now, its also all electric. So from this to this, in just one year, yep genesis moves quickly, speaking of which, if i looked vaguely terrified there, its because its a bit wet and as im about to see later, this does have some traction issues, especially when the grounds a bit damp. It is ridiculously fast, especially when you hit this button. Yes, this is a remarkable thing, its not remarkable, because its really fast, not all gv60s, are really fast and its, not even remarkable because its a brilliant car, because its not perfect as youre about to find out. In fact, when you consider that underneath the gv60 skin its basically the same car as these things i.e the two best pound for pound electric cars on the planet, right now, in my opinion, its arguably a little underwhelming in that context, arguably, but it is still remarkable Because, like those two cars, its just really really interesting, this thing has features many many features it can drive itself and when you switch it on this, illuminated crystal orb spins around to reveal the gear selector the door handles pop out to let you in when you Approach the car with the key and if you dont, have the key its got facial recognition in the b pillar.

Well, it can turns out my car doesnt. It has fingerprint recognition too. Well, it can again my car doesnt. It doesnt have a glove box either. It has a glove draw which is massive and it stops your stuff getting all jumbled up when you close it. It has twin 12 inch display screens as standard and they house some of the best most intuitive infotainment software ive ever used. It has a floating center console thats, not only cool and aids, a feeling of spaciousness in the cabin it also has pass through storage, underneath it that the rear seat passengers can use too. It even has a three pin socket that you can plug your laptop into its generally just a really interesting piece of design as well, both for the eyes and the ears thats, because it has sound modeling. So you can make it sound. Like i dont know what thats supposed to be, but it is awful, and actually the sound augmentation feature specifically, is a great example of how cool and interesting this car is to play with and to discover, but also how sometimes it just doesnt work quite as intended. So, with the sound thing, youve got a few options. One of them is a fake engine, sound and one thats called futuristic and you can adjust the volume and the sensitivity of it relative to the throttle all kinds of stuff but youll use. It once probably be impressed by it briefly and then youll switch it off and never use it again same sort of thing, with the seats so theyre active, which means that when you go above a certain speed or you put it in sport mode or you hit The boost button here theyll clamp you in right its a nice idea, so you get that sporty experience you get held in place a bit more, but to be honest after the first time, youve felt it its just really irritating, and even though you can switch it Off as soon as you get out the car and put it back on again it resets, so it goes back on so you have to keep switching it off manually now it might be that you can link it to a driving profile and keep it permanently switched Off but i havent been able to do that ill figure that out, but basically imagine somebody giving you the gift of being able to run as quickly as you say in bold for 10 seconds, but then telling you that also youll have to have two ball.

Bearings pressed into your temples whenever you do it, probably not going to bother right. The boost function itself is a bit like that, so its amazing and clever and dead, novel and youll use it once or twice and think wow thats, brilliant. But then, after youve done, that youll realize its just a bit of a novelty, a novelty that will definitely wear off once you realize that, while youre using it youre draining more energy than times square at night thing is, though, you might have the opposite view on That stuff, you might love it, but either way this is just a really intriguing car. I hope ive got that point across by now. So intriguing in fact, that sometimes the sheer volume and scope of its features can overshadow its basic function as just a family crossover. Thankfully, it is very good at just being that, just being a premium electric family crossover, this is one of the most advanced electric car platforms on the planet and its augmented by some really clever technology, thats designed specifically to make it drive brilliantly in every which scenario. So the chassis again, the same one, that the ev6 and the ionic fiber on can be rear, wheel, drive and single motor or four wheel drive with twin motors. So what youre looking at here are the three options you can have with a gv60 and each has its own spec thats. It very simple, pick your power and then the spec comes with it and then pick some options.

If you like, you, dont really need options, though, because this is a very well equipped car from the base, but also it can get very expensive very quickly. This thing and as im about to explain – and i dont think you need your gv60 to be as mind – bendingly quick as this particular one is sport plus, so you can see as standard. It gets loads of comfort and convenience features and loads of safety stuff, including blind spot cameras in the instrument panel. When you put the indicators on still one of the best things in a car plus loads of things, that you probably assume are options like head up display and wireless phone charging, because they usually are options in other cars and on the platform itself, the gv60 is Capable of charging at insane rates up to 350 kilowatts now, if that number means nothing to you without any context, heres the context, a charging wall box that you would have installed in your house will generally be about seven kilowatts. So the upshot is that this thing can get its battery charged from 10 to 80 in less than 20 minutes, assuming you can find a charging station with that sort of capability. Of course, now the gv60 is not always the most efficient thing. Ive found this week. Ive been getting about two to three miles per kilowatt hour in it, depending on how ive been driving, which in theory means that the battery range from a single charge could dip below 200 miles.

If youre, not careful, you probably will be right and anyway, this is not a car that youll pick, because you want maximum efficiency or youre worried about range youll get this because youre already sold on the whole electric car thing and you just want a premium driving Experience – and that is exactly what this does and its partly because its got some really clever technology to help do that so as standard every gv60 gets something called active noise control and its a really clever system that works in the same way that noise, cancelling headphones. Do so in the cabin six microphones, theyre listening to the ambient noise inside the cabin and then theyre cancelling it out with inverted frequencies by piping that through the speakers now, you cant tell that its working its not like you know when you put noise cancelling headphones On and all of a sudden, you feel it in a vacuum, its not like that. But all i know is that its probably working – because this is a very, very quiet car, its even got foam filled – tires as standard to reduce tyre noise. Road noise and the wing mirrors are designed to be as non whistly as possible and its got insulated glass. All the way around and, of course, its got, no internal combustion noise happening. So you add all of that together and you obviously get a car its just really serene assuming you havent chosen to pipe the fake sound through the speakers heres the engine one if youre interested okay.

This is what an engine sounds like apparently and that my friends is where the gv60 really shines beyond all the headline features, not the weird sounds. I couldnt take that ill. Leave that, and you probably will too, but the general comfort and pleasantness of it. All i mean yes in essence, this is a very lovely spacious, easy to use pleasant electric vehicle to be in ergonomically. It is outstanding, so you sit really high in this. You do feel perched into it, but it gives you this brilliant view across the road in front of you, because the bonnet slopes down quite low and much like the ionic 5, and especially if you have it with a lighter colored interior. It just has this lovely airy, feel it just is very relaxing and pleasant. It just has that innately high end feel in the way that it does everything the infotainment. It feels like theyve spent months figuring out the software and getting it right and making it intuitive and actually quite good fun to use its one of those systems that you play around with and you discover features through it, but also on a more basic level. There are shortcut buttons and the aircon panel is separate, so its just intuitive its a very easy cabin to get the grips with very good user experience and when the seats arent clamping you in because its going to sport mode, theyre, dead, soft and comfy and shaped Really well and of course, because its electric you get that responsiveness, so it feels nimble.

It feels easy to control this car, and actually it does feel quite small. This thing i mean these things are all relative yeah, but it kind of has the opposite feel to the ionic five. So youre, probably looking at this thing on screen and thinking it looks all big and chunky and unwieldy, but in fact, and it might be a bit of a trigger the driving position as much as anything else, it does feel quite compact. This, the ionic 5, is the opposite. You look at that and it looks like a hatchback and then you see one in real life and it is massive practicality, then so its a little tight for headspace, because its quite low because of the styling but im quite tall and most people will be okay And leg room is really good. Rear visibility is quite poor, though, because its got this big bar that runs through the rear screen its a bit difficult to judge the back end. If you reverse parking it also because the seat pillars are dead thick, i know i say that all the time. In fact, some of my friends take the mic out of me for always talking about rear seat, pillar visibility, but i think its important its more important than door pockets right, youre not going to reverse into a bollard, because your door, pockets are too small. Oh yeah. Also, another neat feature its got: rear seats that recline quite far back in three stages, and you can move the parcel shelf to accommodate that.

That means that your children or less important, adult friends can be just as comfortable and relaxed as you are in the front and your main friend, however, on the boot, while the luggage cover might be neat. A neat solution. Not so neat is the fact that there isnt a single bag hook in there sounds trivial, but its not and im about to explain why. So you know the classic scenario: youre on your way, home from work and youve got to pick up your teeth from the middle, so you get your teeth. You come back to the car, with your bag for life and with a hook your bag is secure, but without a hook you will almost certainly return home to find that your chicken nuggets, potato waffles and beans are strewn all over the boot floor. I do know that for a fact, because it happened its not a huge deal really, but its just an unnecessary annoyance and in the context of a car, thats, otherwise so clever. It just feels a little bit off, anyways away from that little fireball and back to the good stuff, because, however, your potato waffles land in the boot, they are at least going to be comfortable. So the car im driving today is a sport plus top of the range, and that means it comes with something called preview suspension its one of those camera based systems that were starting to see a lot of stuff.

Now, where itll read the road ahead, and it will basically tell the suspension how to set up to deal with whatevers coming for maximum comfort in theory now its a great system. But despite that, i think that the gv60 here is just missing that little tiny end degree of luxuriousness. In the way, it rides over the road, its a little bit on the firm side and its almost as though genesis just couldnt resist trying to make it a bit sporty, and when you drive it, you do find yourself occasionally asking why now dont get me wrong. We are doing minutia here. This is far from an uncomfortable car and it is far from a sporty feeling one most people will get into this and they will find it smooth and executive like and its perfectly stable when youre cornering it actually does have quite sophisticated body control in this it Doesnt roll around a lot when you take a corner aggressively, if you ever want to do that, and its got a turning circle too, but by nature, its not the most engaging thing to drive its just, not its not a lot of fun to corner. In a little bit understeery at times, and especially when its wet, it just feels like the tires arent that happy it feels like the tires. Dont want to be dealing with this much power. This much responsiveness, you kind of slap, your foot down in boost mode, its a bit like that, and then you find out that the sport plus model has a limited slip differential and a drift mode like an audi rs3 again, you find yourself asking why look the Bottom line is dont, be fooled into thinking that this is some sort of sporty crossover, no matter what genesis might tell you its much better appreciated as a supremely quiet, very decadent feeling runabout its nicely specked.

It looks great and its a rare and unusually styled family crossover, suv type thing and i think thats why i would just prefer it to ride a little bit better, tiny bit better, just feel a bit more spongy. Let me make the steering rack a little bit. Lighter not that its heavy, but i feel like i want this to have that range rover thing where it just feels like its disconnected almost ive struggled a bit with this review. To be honest with you, you might be able to tell and its because this is one of those cars that is deeply impressive, really feature rich theres loads to talk about and its trying to get that point across that 99 of people who drive this car will Just think its amazing, but if you start looking at it under a microscope a little bit, there are just a few things that you feel like could have been better and then in the context of the ionic 5 and the ev6, which sort of exceed where you Think they should be you get into those things and are just really surprised by how brilliant they are. I think the expectation of this is higher and therefore you expect a bit more from it and it doesnt quite reach it in some ways. It doesnt quite feel as luxurious. It doesnt quite blow you away in the basic stuff, as you feel like it should. If that makes sense still i love it.

Its got character if you get into an audi q4e tron or a mercedes, eqc or even an eye pace to a lesser extent. They just dont have the character that this thing does, and nor will they have men taking surreptitious photographs of them in the street, which has been happening all the time in this thing, and also a lot of people asking whether its a bentley five times that happened. This week, five separate people have said: is that a bentley? No me its hyundai, oh okay, how much 75 grand what and thats that brilliant this thing, but is it the best of these things, thats the main question yeah, if youre still here well, i would have won over an audi q4 e tron or a mercedes eqc. Thats, just my preference and i would probably have one over an eye pace, although i really like the eye piece and i think the ips is better to drive than this more fun over tesla. Yes, the only thing that irks me a little bit about this car as much as i like it is that it should feel like its head and shoulders above the other two cars that it shares a platform with the ev6 and the i95. And it is a little bit better, but it just doesnt feel that much better really doesnt its funny that because this is a premium brand of course, and they arent thats the way i feel now im driving the other two for a while, so maybe ill.

Do a triple test with them and well find out properly yeah.