, and so the electric car revolution has given manufacturers such as hyundai and kia a chance to slightly reposition themselves in the market. Now youve probably noticed the ioniq. Five here has received widespread acclaim. It has won several corridor year awards, so were here really just have a look and see how it compares to other evs weve driven and if it justifies all the praise it has received. Um one place to start: this is the ultimate. So this is the fully loaded version starts at 48 000 pounds. You can also get premium, which i think starts at 43, 000 pounds now. One thing that hyundai and kia have done tremendously well is the lack of options list its you buy a spec level and its all in so the only option lecture to note on this car is the matte grey silver paint work, and that comes in at 685. Pounds so the starting price for this car is a lick under 49, 000 and so well start you get these led headlights across here and just really add to the striking looks of this car. If i unlock it, you can sort of see the the square lights across there and yeah. I mean its a striking looking car. I think its good looking. I like the way this car presents itself, but even if you disagree with me, this is the sort of car that youre going to notice out and about on the road um.

So not too much note on the exterior and certainly regarding options. Well, spend a bit longer on the interior because thats, where youre really getting your value for money with this car and you do get these 20 inch wheels as standard again. I really like the way they look, and i like the creases in the body work along here as well, and when we unlock the card. I like the way the handles present themselves as well. Well, have a look in the interior in a second, as i mentioned, lets have a look in the rear for space as well. You get the tinted windows um come in here, so the drivers seat is in my position. Im six foot two loads of space back here and, as you can see, these seats do recline all the way. So if you are stopping for a longer charge, you can put that back have a bit of a sleep if you desire, and so this bench moves forwards and backwards and if you have it further forward, you can also lean these seats back. So its very easy to find a comfortable position. You get ice fix, theres a couple of usb chargers as well, and the rear seats are heated as well, which is a nice touch. The front ones are ventilated too well come around to the boot. Just have a look at how much space there is in here, so it starts at 551 litres.

If you move that rear bench forward, it goes up to 584. I just got charging cables in here at the moment. Theres a bit more storage down here as well. Theyve just got the tire mobility kit and some more charging gubbins down there at the moment. Ill close this. So again you get this square lighting effect around the back. Its sort of a bit 80s meets 20. 20S. I quite like the styling of this car all round and, as you come around this side um, you get the led bar across the top here as well, which integrates with this spoiler down here. So it funnels air down there. Not it really needs the aerodynamics. It weighs two tons: it produces 217 horsepower 350 newton meters of torque built 60 in seven seconds, so its not pretending to be something that it is not um, but yeah really like styling of this crucially lets find out what its like inside. So this is really where the all inclusive package, with the hyundai ioniq 5 comes into its own yeah. Only the one optional extra of note on the exterior, but in here it is fully loaded which is good so well start with these nice comfortable leather seats. Both heated and ventilated, fully electrically adjustable, really really comfortable um yeah, its just a really nice relaxing place to be in here theres, just so much space and theres. Some nice clever, touches as well so loads of storage, including a glove drawer rather than box theres.

Plenty of storage space in there big door bins both sides – a couple of cup holders at the front here – and you get this massive storage bin down the middle here with wireless phone charging usb slots there, another usb slot down there with a 12 volt battery, and There is yet more storage in here as well, which is enough for a phone various cables, sunglasses cases wallets all that sort of thing and as we come across to the touchscreen, so you get this lovely clear screen all the way across here, um with all sorts Of information there are quite a few sub menus. I mean, for example, if you wanted to alter how you did the charging youd think youd, do it through the ev button and, as you can see its a little bit laggy, but you dont, you have to go through into settings and then into ev settings. So it is one of these cars you do need to give yourself a bit of time to adjust to, but the good thing is with use. You just get used to everything and this car just grows and grows and grows on you. Its really really good. In that respect and its got a touchscreen down here again, you need to dive into the screens here to sort out things like this here. It is quite laggy on here, so you want to sort out climate and the direction everything blows and its easier to come in through here and to sort out the seats as well from here to put the air conditioning seats on and that sort of thing.

Um. Theres, no wireless android, auto apple car place, so you have to plug that in thats, a minor annoyance it does support bluetooth, audio and on the audio front, you get bose premium audio as standard which is a nice touch, because its quite a good sound system and Works very well in here um. Another minor irritation. The gap in the steering wheel here is quite small, so its a little bit challenging to see all of the information on the dash there. So youve got to make a compromise on where you have the steering wheel position so that you can see everything but again its one of those things. You do just find a position and you do just get used to it. Um the gear selector is down on the drivers side through here, so you go down for reverse, and then that brings in things like the reversing camera and you get the sona senses around. There flick it out to put it into d, and then you press the button, stop to put it into park and your different drive modes select from here, so youve got normal sport and eco, the only real difference, eco, you get very sluggish, throttle response its worth. Bearing that in mind, if you need to pull out a junctions, probably worth cycling through to at least normal, then onto sport, but that does impact your range on here as well, as does quite dramatically the heat air conditioning.

So you can see weve got 157 mile of range up here. If i turn the ac off that jumps to 176. So i knew that air conditioning used a lot of power, but i didnt realize it used quite that much power, but it is um very warm day to day so definitely a case of leaving that on um the range too. Just what were talking about that? What it displays on here is actually really reliable, and that has been a problem with some other evs is it can just just munch, through the mileage on there quite quickly, its actually quite reliable on this so youre looking at about 260 miles from a charge, and You will actually get 260 miles from a charge unless, of course, you go out on the motorway and youre, hammering along at 100 miles an hour. Anything silly like that and but ill use it for commuting, and i achieved four miles per kilowatt hour on commute, which is great, if you think youve got give or take 70 kilowatt hours to work with then thats getting on for 280 miles of range in in And around traffic conditions, so yeah pretty reliable in that mode and do lots of screens just got other stuff. We reviewed the kia stinger last year and you know well play like rainy days and like open fire and open air cafe and all that sort of thing and so the yeah thats. Obviously, you can see the sort of shared underpinnings between hyundai and kia in that respect, but all in all, i must ive found its a hugely relaxing environment to be in just completely distressed, larger space loads of headroom.

And you know all the clever features like you can move this out of the way. So you can move that back and you can spread your legs, which is useful for keeping yourself cool in the warmer weather, but anyway enough about that. Lets see what its like to drive so whats, the hyundai ioniq 5 like to drive well, as mentioned very serene, very relaxing, and we are on a b road at the moment. So if i uh, i do want to be a bit of a hooligan put into sport, you do get an instant hit of torque that you get with all evs um and its quick enough from id say not to 40. um. So, if you are, you know in and out of traffic, if you have got it in sport, you will make those little gaps. You need theres more than enough there i mean it does run out of puff once you get sort of beyond that speed. But again i think youd expect that and its also surprisingly, enjoyable down a decent b road um. It does weigh just over two tonnes as mentioned, but you really have to think about what youre doing, but it can flow quite nicely with the roadmans steerings very light and comfortable. But i do suspect that hyundais in division, which are obviously on form with the i20n and the i30n, i would suspect that they will get hold of it at some stage and probably wont do any harm.

I wouldnt be surprised that they come up with something quite decent but thats for another day, and this does also come in the dual motor version that doesnt look 60 in five seconds. So if you do want something a bit quicker, you can get that. I think its an extra four thousand pounds on top of this, but thats not really the res on detector of this car, like i said its just nice and quiet nice and relaxing so its a nice place to be im not at one stage in the 250 Miles ive driven this car have, i felt, stressed its just even commuting its just a really nice place to be um one point tonight: you might have heard it beeping, then you do need to turn the lane keep assist on so theres a button down the steering Wheel, you have to hold it down for three seconds and that turns that off. It does always think youre on the verge of an accident. This car car in front breaks youre going to crash car in front of you changes lane youre going to crash approaching stop traffic youre going to crash so thats a minor irritation on it, and but you can turn that lane keep assist off pretty easily the rest Of the collision stuff, you have to dive into the sub menus to turn that off um. Another thing that i turned off straight away as well, which is a first for me, was a head up display um its called this augmented reality thing now.

I normally love a head up display. I find it very useful, particularly when youre on a motorway, because a lot of these modern cars youve got absolutely no idea how you, how fast your gangs, having a reminder straight in front of you, is very useful. It just made me feel sick, um and within about two minutes of getting in the car, i was pulled over the bus stop and it took a while to dive through the sub menus to work out how to turn it off. But it was easy enough to do and just not a feature that im going to use there, so you see his emergency brake there, because there was a guy in a bike. Turning out of the lane, we were nowhere near him. It thought we were going to kill him, we werent so yeah. It can be a little bit fussy in that environment um, but i must say, the real usp with this card, the longer you spend with it the more you like for it its an impossible card to dislike. It really is the longer you spend it. The more you fall for its charms and, as i mentioned, you know the eevee revolutions, giving manufacturers like kia a chance to reposition themselves and on the evidence of this, it feels like an opportunity that they are grasping with both hands, and this is a really good. Ev and its you know you can get decent efficiency out of it uh the time i have had it.

Um ive averaged exactly 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour, and i have had a couple of sort of blasts in it just to sort of push the performance and see what its like dynamically and all that sort of thing. Yeah, not really what this car is about. But you know supposed to be a motoring journalist, so youve got to try these things out, havent you, but you know, to average 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour, given all the scenarios ive been driving in thats, pretty pretty impressive and get good range, uh yeah charges. I think hes got 10.5 kilowatt hour, onboard charger, so yeah if youve got the overnight plug thats very easy to do. Um yeah on the whole uh. You know youre buying this car for its serenity, the pleasantness of the driving experience and it delivers in spades on that yeah and, like i said, i do want something a bit more poke. The dual motor version is available, but um yeah as a first foray into the ev market. Um you, you know, uh high and ive got the kona as well. Uh keira got the ev6 got the ioniq five here and yeah. You know theres going to be some strong korean competition to the established german and european manufacturers. I think with this. Yes, um people really like this car as well got the good looks, got the modern touches comes fully loaded and yeah. Like i say it, desperately is not without its foibles but its an impossible card to dislike.

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