This is the mahindra river and this car comes of forzan to me. So thanks a ton to him to give me his old car, which is by the way electric even before tesla. Well, talk about that when youre driving you get round lights round indicator, i think, but you know what nothing is led led could have helped in boosting the range of this car lets open the bay hood whatever i can call it an engine bay, because that is The electric motor – this is the spare wheel of the car and there is sort of an insulation there. I dont know for what reason. Oh my god, this is so light. The body is actually made of plastic but thats, something which is expected to reduce the weight of this car. This car is really very chain to mean to just see the size its like a toy car anyways. The size of the wheels is actually big enough. I would say: 145. 70 13. This is the wheel cap. Of course, i was like this hen will come into my pants and im, not in my mind, hit me from behind. That was not the right thing to say: anyways indicators falling off here, theres, some graphics. Here which actually reduce the range because the weight they add around 200 grams or so the mirror is manually adjustable theres a single wiper, but you cant blame riva for it, because even toyota was offering a single viper in the etios you can see.

There is an antenna there and very into this car. In fact, it has this feature wherein, if the windows open, you can close it without having to press a button, because you can just slide it like that. Meanwhile uh you, i mean this obviously has this button. Thingy going on to lock and unlock the car, but i would say, use it with caution, because youre going to deplete the battery, of course coming to the rear, the lights again very basic. It says electric vehicle ev – and this is the i dont know – maybe the reversing lamp or something of that sort. Okay, i have to do one thing. I have to open the door and then open this to access the boot yeah that it has opened right now. Im gon na shut this, so here there is absolutely no space at all. There is no space in the boot. You can just keep the cable for charging theres no space in the rear as well. I dont know who can sit in here, absolutely no space, so its a four seater, but its not really a four seater anyways. This is the glass hatch very much like the honda brio that shuts yeah that shut oh yeah, that was smooth and soft. Its a very boxy design in terms of appearance but its not very attractive, a car kind of bland, and i think this is where the charging plug is yeah. This is where you charge it its always open or what probably? Yes, you can see its really very small.

Super duper, chin tum into car and lets just get inside, which is another task because obviously theres not much space at the front either. Now there are door pockets at the front and you can see the door is quite big as such. Getting in the rear is an absolute pain, so im not even try it. Maybe you can recline it like this and get in, but where will you keep your legs? I have no clue. Okay, the seat can be moved ahead or behind like this yeah, you can move it ahead of behind lets, move it all the way ahead. Now there is still no space when the driver is actually sitting outside the car anyways. There is sort of a flat floor there. Speakers are placed right there and it has this nice color scheme happening off red black and beige, see it seem comfortable, but they are definitely not, and the battery is actually placed so youre sitting on the battery. Well, that is kind of ricksy ricky. I said not risky okay theres, some storage space here, theres, a 12 volt charging socket. This is for the front fog, no theres no front fork. This is about the front defogger. These are the ac vents and when you turn the air conditioning, the range obviously decreases. So you can increase your degrees, ac and ac control. Audio system has been removed at the moment and handbrake is a little different to operate, which is like you pull it.

Ah, no. This is not going to work okay, so you basically pull. How am i struggling yeah? That is how the handbrake is released. Thats insane similar to that and cars lets close the door, yeah theres, some sort of a third you get seat belts, which is evolutionary feature. There is no mirror here. There is no mirror here. There is a mirror here, which seems very chin tuned into, and there is a handle to hold on to. There is a mirror here as well, along with a light and dashboard is also very small. The horn it works, but using that horn actually depleted by range by three kilometers there is this hazard light switch, which is turned on at the moment now. This is, i mean air condition, control. Of course, this is the selector for the mode reverse, neutral and forward. There should be a boost mode as well. Yeah that is, for the boost. Steering is so light. Okay indicator switches here these are the controls for the wipers lets. Do one thing lets actually turn on the vehicle which is im trying to find where the keyhole is its so badly designed this car poor ergonomics for the wind yeah. Now we are inside now it has turned on. You can see territory lights. The instrument cluster is quite basic chosen miles per hour as well as kilometers per hour, and this is actually the range and the mode selector and delta lights everywhere.

So here we shut it, and now i am just going to i dont know what am i doing? Let me pull the handbrake first. Okay, lets use the indicators, make some sound as well. Okay, let me shut the windows. Windows are kind of small when they open not as much but yeah car is kind of claustrophobic. In fact, you can see there is no head room for someone as tall as me. Lets turn on the light its surely going to deplete the battery, but hey. We shall try that as well. Let me get out and show you the lights. First and foremost, the car is so low. Now its like, i am, i dont know how am i stepping out? It feels kind of weird and awkward that is the brake. Light indicator is working there, so this happens to be the reverse light. Probably – and it says eva right there, what a chintu, okay lights seem bright right now, but the more i use the lights. The light is going to deplete. Of course there you can see the indicators working ground clearance is also very low, but youre not going to take it anywhere before you reach off road itll be out of battery, so lets go driving, so we all said to go, which means turning on the car. It actually turned on, i think, patani of the cup on a cup off here. So here we go oh yeah now it is on.

I think now we get into forward air conditioning is off. I believe the air conditioning is off and all i need to do is get into the throttle and it goes ahead handbrake with only checkered knife yeah. Now the handbrake is down, and, oh, my goodness, theyve done this whole car so badly. Now that accelerated the v latch is there so sometimes im pressing the front tire right tire, i think anyways performance is really very lackluster, but its very chained into a car. You know what 2.6 meters is the length slightly more than 2.6 meters. Width is 1.3 meters. In fact, its taller more than it is uh yeah more than it is wider, so giving it a very obnoxious look, and i have to really understand how to throttle this car, its very silent, motor and the river was actually launched in 2001. The company was established in 1994 way before tesla and riva actually stands for revolutionary electric vehicle alternative that doesnt even make sense im driving at 20 kilometers per hour. I feel like im driving 150 kilometers per hour because it feels that way. Meanwhile, brakes are fine. It has got regenerative braking for the first 30 percent of the brake pedal and the range is actually around 80 kilometers. Forget everything get on the throttle, the wind from the motor, so this car actually weighs around 650 kg. I feel so scared, while breaking 650 gauges is the weight of the car, which is not much, but the batteries weigh a lot.

The weight of the battery is around 270 kgs. This guy is not moving at a guardian because i dont know if the car is going to stop it, that guys like stopping there and then you know nah. This is euro. Nk 500 anyway. Steering wheel is super duper light. I dont think it has power, steering or maybe it does it doesnt need it any which ways, because car is so chin to window and light now you dont need any of that. So, like i was telling you, the riva was launched in 2001 and uh. It was on sale, 2007, then 2008. They came up with this model. The riva i, which had slightly slight improvements like it, got a front disc. Finally, from this brakes and better performance, more power slide improvement in that front and there we get hardwood gas, 17.4 horsepower and 52 newton meters of torque and everything comes from zero rpm. So the initial punch is really very nice. Its quite punchy lower down the rev range as well, because, obviously, its electric motor, and now we are going to get into boost mode, which gives you 40 percent more torque and increases the top speed to 80 kilometers per hour left foot on the brake right on The actually driving the motor and off we go yeah its made of abs plastic and makes all the rattles in the world cornering is decent body. Roll is well contained. 650, kgs is the weight of this vehicle, but uh 270 kgs is for the batteries alone, and then it can take a payload of 270 kgs that is, passengers and luggage as well.

But it right quality is not good at all, because the car is so small. Now it just doesnt feel like a car thats the reason in europe. It came in the heavy quarter cycle category wherein they were like it has too less power and its too small. So we cant put in a car anyways. It cannot be a car because we will not pass any crash test and it didnt have to pass any crashes. But later riva took the help of lotus engineering to make sure it complies with indian norms of crash testing at 40 kilometers per hour. And then, in 2009 they came up with the riva leon, leon, lion or lion but leon. Basically, it got lithium ion battery, resulting in better performance, lower weight and higher range ranges, 80 kilometers, and it takes around eight hours to charge from a 15 ampere socket as well. You wont believe till now. The top speed ive hit is around 35 kilometers per hour. Top speed happens to be around 60 to 70 kilometers per hour can stretch to 80 kilometers per hour down a cliff, of course, taking a. U turn is very easy. This is a very nimble, easy to drive car check this out. Okay, visibility could be better, but its very peppy. As such, you get another throttle. The response is instant, but if i drive it on boost mode its going to really drink all the batteries, so we just want to come to a halt at the moment and the bricks are very bad left foot on the brake right actually driving the motor.

If you turn on the ac, the range will decrease. If you are on a slope, the range will decrease. If you get into boost mode, the range will decrease. If you plug in your charger uh, then also the range will decrease, because there is a charging port. I remember when i was driving this car back in the day on 2012 or something no earlier. I think 2010, because 11 minute was discontinued. It was replaced by the e2 when i plugged in my charger. It actually drew power from my phone to increase the range of the car, which did really increase as such, so 0 to 65, not reached in todays video but 0 to 60. It takes around 22 seconds in boost mode, and the regular riva was taking 28 seconds to reach the yeah that speed, thats, very, very slow. In fact, uh the performance is absolutely nil. Only doesnt move at all its very lethargic as such, in fact uh. Okay. Let me get on to the throttle im full on the throttle. Its not pulling, and such the only thing is its nimble and easy because of the low center of gravity im sitting on the battery. So that really helps its cause and steering is no feel or feedback light quality is atrocious. I cant go over that bump. The wheels might come out. You can see the amount of body roll its very top heavy, but its easy and light to drive.

Thankfully, and coming around the corner, yeah, they just said show footage. Only thing is zubair is scrubbing. My shoulder right now. Dude come on social distancing for the win, but the width of this car is so freaking small, its a rear, wheel, drive. You know that now this is channeling all that power and torque to the rear wheels, but it will not drift because it doesnt have any power or torque and we stopped again and off we go so it actually uses a tubular space frame chassis just to reduce The weight of this car and in 2009, the price of this vehicle was only 8 2009. The price of this vehicle was around five lakh rupees. I dont know how much subsidy used to get but still very expensive, of what it has to offer and later obviously mahindra. I was going to say overtake not a overtake took over riva, which is actually not an indian company as such, because its a jv between an indian and a u.s company. So they took it over and then they came up with the e verito later and then obviously became mahindra electric. So basically mahindras electric vehicles are actually spawned from the river, which was a revolutionary back in the day for an electric car, because it came before tesla mind you, tesla came later. This came before wipers, they work or not. I dont know yeah. They work. Look at that single viper look at the dog, not even caring, that a car is coming because the dog is like.

If the car hits me the car will break, nothing will happen to the dog. Probably you know we have already seen that experiment. Jeremy clarkson did with a table and if youve seen my video on instagram, hopefully its live, you would know that it was so much fun drag racing this car with a freaking table and off we go every time. I use the honda. The range decreases by the way, the funny thing is that the owner had to change the battery twice, because the batteries go after a few years, so replacing the same kind of battery in this car. This is actually using a lead acid battery. The cost was 1.5 lakh, then later he opted for the lithium ion battery. For the second replacement, the cost was two lakh rupees. So whoever thinks that electric is the future. Well, if you have big pockets, definitely it can be the future, because after some time you have to replace the battery and then, when you do that, now trust me on this. The range completely depletes its a big pain in the rear, actually uh its just like mobile phones. You know, after some time the battery doesnt last as much same electric cars. You have to keep replacing the batteries after a few years, and the cost of the battery is really a lot so think about that as well before everyone says: save the environment lets go. Electric lets buy electric vehicles; no, no, no! No, no, no feel no feedback.

No fun: no sound, no noise, oh my god! Soulless cars thanks for ruining our future. Why is this car rolling back? Okay, its in forward by the way the turning radius is, like 3.5 meters, its so easy to take a? U turn here! You can see. I still have to maybe probably take a reverse but yeah. It almost makes it but gives you the opportunity to actually get into reverse here. We are into reverse now you see there. It has no power steering and its rolling ahead, which means brake and accelerator, and you dont have to worry that accidentally youll press the accident this car will fly because for electric car the performance is very lackluster as such and, oh god, lets get into forward. I cant drive in boost mode because the battery juice is already out and somehow its not even showing me how much juice is left in the battery thats. Another issue, man that took some effort.