This is a completely new chapter for mg. In my mind, now, im not going to go too deep into this, because this is just our first look at the uk launch the one thing weve seen from psych over the last well, i think its five years weve been doing mgs i mean weve cut our Teeth on the gs, and then it was the mg3 and then the zss and in such a short time, theyve come up with this. The new face of mg on a completely new platform. So this is built specifically for evs, so the thing is, it wont, eat up any extra space in the cabin after driving it just a short distance, around bista heritage, wow, so believe it or not. This will cost you get this thats, the first saving on say a similar model to this with an electric powertrain. You can go for an se, you can go for a trophy and you can get standard range battery and you can get a long range battery and they will charge up to 135 kilowatt, which is a fair chunk quicker than the last ones. This isnt, the only one, either theres a rather special one coming next year, but i dont want to give too much away just look at the design language. I mean you can see some of the inspiration from say the new mg5 big prominent mg badge. I can see a 360 camera and, as youd expect, you get mg pilot, you get led lights depending on which trim you go for and you get a vehicle.

Thatll stand out and more to the point, youll get a vehicle that is well. I still cant believe the price dont you just love vista heritage with vehicles like that, just driving around the mg4 is rear. Wheel, drive and youve got four levels of regen. You access it through the infotainment screen. Now you can also remap your steering wheel so that you can access your driving modes and the regen on will with the driving modes. Youve got custom standard, snow sport, sleep, modern, styling, some rather smart alloys and if youve noticed theyre designed in a way for efficiency. I can see, as i climb in that ive got blind spot detection and quarter lights. One of my favorites im not gon na go too far into this. To be honest, you can have a quick taster look now and then watch out for our full review, but everything just look at it. I mean you will find hard plastics, but you find lots of soft too its just a whole new level. Lets take a quick look in the back Music yeah. Do have one coming in september october and were gon na. Do well, youve guessed it. What heck of a road trip it could be the length and breadth of britain. It could be depths of scotland thing is its going to have to be pretty damn special because, as you know, most of our road trips are going to places like goodwood, so thats, the one thing you can rely on its going to be mind blowing good afternoon And welcome to bista heritage were behind the wheel of the brand new mg4, so you can get se and you can get trophy and you can get standard range and you get long range and you get lots of fun.

Things like mg pilot thats, a decent, tiny circle that so essentially this is our first look. Look at this place. Weve been wanting to come here for a while havent we we have and to experience it and the rather silent and refined mg4 all right something different. Isnt it indeed ng4 mg4, i was gon na say we may see a few mg4s, so the range i think its about 217 with a standard range and then closer to 280 with a long range. My word responsive power. I mean you do expect that from an electric motor anyway, but there we go. Oh its certainly got that to hasnt it. Oh this will pull foreign decent regen wow, an mg3 annabelle how the vehicles have changed. I mean i suppose that was the beginning wasnt it. It certainly was for us, or is this well its a new era isnt it. It is certainly the next level for mg, especially in europe in this country, but the steering its nice and weighty lightens up when youre doing maneuvers. But if you look at the cluster and the infotainment screen its all very close to your hand – and this is like the perfect cluster size – just gives you the information you need it doesnt like overwhelm you, so you can see your speedo. I can see. Ive got road sign, recognition and youve got mg pilot in here, so adaptive cruise aeb bicycle detection, pedestrian detection and the list goes on.

What i wanted to do was just familiarize myself and see how good the mg4 actually is, and so far wow i mean even the design language. Everything just looks far more sleek, modern, minimalist and theyve done such a good job, its like a mid segment car. Well, just the short time ive been in it as a passenger, its comfortable im held well ive got great visibility, yeah its ticking all the boxes. Suspension feels good irons out bumps with absolutely no problem. I think thats it. We cant really say much more because otherwise. Well be encroaching onto what were doing on the full review exactly and do expect something pretty spectacular from first appearances, its comfortable, its very good value and its a completely new direction for mg. Itll be interesting to see how well this does.