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4. It is similar in size to those models with a total length of 182.9 inches and a wheelbase of 109.3 inches. There are only two rows in the cabin with enough space for five adults. The cabin is also loaded with technology. A group of digital instruments from 12 3 inch faces the driver and is joined by an infotainment screen of 12 3 inches in a color display screen. The urea also features apple carplay and android, auto smartphone integration as well as voice activation through nissans own system or amazon alexa. The urea will also come with various electronic driver assistance functions, including useful items such as automatic emergency, braking with pedestrian detection and rear cross traffic and blind spot warning. The pro pilot driver assistance system is also installed in the urea 2.0 by nissan that can be handled only on the roads, but still requires the drivers, attention for route changes or choosing when to pass slower vehicles. All these features are included in the venture grade, plus basic together with wheels of 19 inches led lights around a leather wrapped steering wheel, driving mode selector and ambient lighting. Korea rides on renault nissan mitsubishi alliances, cm feb platform for electric cars, the same platform on which the recently revealed renault, megane e tec, electric is based.