So i already recorded this one time and i ran out of battery data whatever im at ulta whats a balto sponsorship just kidding um, okay, ah dont hit us. Thank you for not hitting us today, woman, okay, basically so today, im doing a review on the toyota rav4 im glad i redid this video because now i remember the name of the video or the name of the car, its a car tour, its a car tour. Okay, so basically youre all good to go im, not gon na hit. You im not gon na, find your next vacation trip anyway, sorry for being so close, um anyways. So we got a lot going on in the town we live in, which never happens, but basically its a toyota rav4 squirrel focus ally, um, its really cool im, not gon na lie. Im not gon na lie. Im not gon na lie its pretty cool and you guys know i wouldnt say something was cool if it is not cool, why is it cool ally? You know um sustainable development. What is sustainable development ally? You know substantially developing the area. You know, like you, know, recycling, and you know making sure you put your your your your your cardboard and the cardboard trash. Cannot. The other trash can yo because save the planet yo im just kidding not really, though um anyways, no offense, leonardo dicaprio, im just kidding. Okay, so basically the toyota rav4 its sexy, hey, okay, this one is really bad, so im already gon na.

Do it about that. So its all about aerodynamics, um, really neat, looks like youre in a spaceship which it should but were not talking about. The interior were talking about the exterior, which would be the motor whats inside of it. What is the toyota wraps for soul? What is the soul ally? What is it? Can we trust you do you know what youre talking about all right? Are you just some crazy conspiracy theorists since 2015 2015 ive been sitting there wondering sustainable development im, not looking forward to agenda 21.? I dont want 2021 to happen. I dont want it to happen. I dont want to happen. I dont want it to happen its happening. Okay, so its a car tour, its a car tour were confusing. The algorithm were confusing the algorithm anyways basically case in point okay, so i was thinking. Do i want a gas car? Do i want an electric car? Do i want a tesla? Do i want an old seat, a cadillac blah blah blah? What do i want now? What do i want? I want it, i got it, i want it. I got it. Okay, basically so im right now, im in the toilet, the rav4 were doing car reviews and i used to tell my friends my colleagues my closest associates that okay, you guys do not want a car thats after 2008.. Okay, what is that ally? Well, listen to you, which you know a good friend.

Did he got a 2007 cadillac. I promote him on that. My dad got a 2000. Whatever crown vic, i promote him on that and you know um, because why? Why why? Why give it 2007.? Do you want the tech like dont, you want you dont. You want your tire pressure to alert you when the tire pressure is low because you cant do it yourself, like duff, get a 2011 youre, fine, nah man, but now you are why? Because toilet rav4? Okay, so basically um uh, why? I would say you wanted 2007 and below, because, if theres an electromagnetic pulse, either from the sun or from russia or china, that would never happen. Ally, okay, okay, but basically be able to turn your car on im. Gon na get case in point im just trying to waste as much time as you know, physics and quantum physics and nuclear physics has wasted my time from 2015 until current, but im going to speed it up, for you guys were here. Okay, basically, 2007 cars in below push no push to start can start if theres, an electromagnetic pulse rav4 is an ev or hybrid or gas or engine electric it converts on itself. Basically, what does that mean? Okay, if you need gas because theres an electromagnetic pulse, you get gas. If you want it run on ev, and you got your battery charged based on your braking system, the only mother car you can choose to be only electric vehicle, thats amazing, more amazing than a tesla to me: hey alexa, hey alexa! How many can you fit in the tesla? Okay, but anyways? Like i love tesla, i love you elon youre awesome, but you can choose either you want to run on uh battery or not battery.

You want to run oil or you run on electric, which one is it and its cool, because it regenerates its charge itself within the tires. I dont really know about all that. I studied it, but thats. Okay, let me get to what is sustainable development. What is it, what is it? This is the biggest conspiracy theory that ive been writing about since 2015 till 2022 um. What is sustainable development? What is the eco score ally, whats, the eco score? Why is my car scoring me? What does that mean ally? What does it mean, even though i think youre crazy? We want you to tell us what it is. It all mean anyways, basically, the rate of acceleration at the point of the rate of it deceleration, which is an action which thus going backwards, which the rated acceleration is an action at the point of acceleration must be equal to the action of the rate of deacceleration. Thus equaling carbon neutral, thus equaling sustainable development over and out goodbye.