So just recently had it delivered uh from kiel themselves, um a bit like the huv video that i did a bit earlier on just wanted to show you a few things, so you can see the heartbeat lights that are built into the car here now there are Your daytime running lights, but also they act as your indicators as well, which has this lovely, heartbeat signature and as we move around one of the big differences, youll notice between this and hev is the charging point at the front. So, as i open this up, you can see there that youve got your top two charging port, but also your combined charging socket, which would use a main service stations and also you can see your battery level indicator on there as well. So when its on charge, you can see whether its 20 50 or above 70 charging then whilst youre outside the vehicle. Now, one thing to note is that uh the car, if its locked the charging ports uh, will be locked too, but also, if you have a cable plugged in charging, they will be locked in unless you um turn them off and unlock the car itself. Now, as we go around the car, this way, youll also notice the 17 inch alloys designed very differently for atvs. These are again to add to the aerodynamics of the car, but also to give pretty good style into the car as well, and as we go around this one is the two spec, but even on the two spec youre actually gon na get keyless entry uh into The car so again no having to actually put the and then, as ive, talked about with the hev, its even more important with the ev itself.

Is you have the aerodynamic c pillar? So what that does? It has vents built in here and also on the back? Now, not only is it going to help with your soundproofing, give it a more premium feel to the back of car, but actually as its an ev. It really does help with the range. So we estimate around about 15 miles. Extra per battery is what youll gain by the aerodynamic pillar being built into the car and then, as we come around the back into the boot itself, youll actually notice that ive got the type 2 charging lead here, uh, which you would use if youre plugging in A place at work or at your home uh into anything, but the fast charging, uh cable. So if youre using a ccs socket, that would also would have what they call a tethered connection. So you wont need your cable for that, because it has its own built in one and also more eco friendly part of the shelf. So the idea is this will go into the car and it will fit in here now that will give you your parcel shelf in the car. So not only does it help with the noise reduction when you are driving along, but also if you are fitting things in the boot, which would normally stick up a bit more, it will actually push the mesh up rather than having to just remove the partial shelf And if you are filling the boot up, no longer will you need to take the pasta shelf out put in your house or your garage or your shed and forget about it for ages.

You can simply just fold it up pop it into the very handy bag. With here supply, and then that can go in the car itself, so not only are you going to get luggage in there, but your parcel shelf still remains in there as well. Now with the uv as well. You also do get the multi level loader as well. So i can actually pop that in and have the boot a bit taller. So if i am putting anything precious in the car, ive got space to do that in the boot, and the one thing you will notice is that, with the uv we have done away with the partial painted floor of the boot, weve actually fabricated. So if you are putting things in there like laptops anything like that, theyre not going to get scratched either and it gives it a bit more of a premium car feel again and then, while this is the two spec, you will notice, you have got the rear Camera built in and also the rear, sensors as well, and then just to mention you also have got these boomerang, shaped, rear tail lights which are taken from the sportage just to add it into the range with obviously uh our new slogans. Now, as i move around to the drivers side, the one thing i would like to show you is different to the hev, which will have a normal gear stick. This has got the shift by wire, and so you get the little dial in the middle Music.

This has got the smaller screens, which still support android, auto and apple carplay, but you also notice youve got the ev6 inspired steering wheel and give you a better feel and also slightly better control on the road as well and youll notice. The way the door cars have this really nice sloping effect with your window buttons, your central, lock in, and also your mirror, adjustments on there as well, so i hope youve enjoyed it. Any questions, please do, let me know and well take it out in a minute and do a road test. Thank you very much. Well, thank you for joining me for the drive. This is actually the first time im actually driving the new nero ev and actually, i have to say, im rather impressed theyve made a few small tweaks to the vehicle uh, not just cosmetically, but also uh to the driving itself. So the previous nero was ‘7 newton meters of torque, which is how fast the car pulls and theyve reduced, that down to two five five. However, the car still maintains the same sort of performance as youd get from the previous nero, but without the wheel spin. So if you are a previous, nero or soul, ev customer youll be aware that when you do try and take off a bit too quick, youll get loads of will spin and not really move with this. It tends to be the reverse. You dont get any wheel. Spin, but you move so actually its quite a nice tweak um to the way that it drives helps it to feel more smooth, more luxurious to drive, but also by having the ev6 inspired steering wheel actually makes it effortless to drive uh that uh could so coinciding With the fact that you dont have any sort of engine noise at all, i havent got the radio on um, so theres, a tiny bit of road noise.

But again, thanks to the aerodynamic c pillars that is uh produced by quite a lot and if anything, it wasnt for me talking itd, be quite quite a quiet, drive um. Having said that again from the ev6, we have changed the way that the dials look. So you now have this screen, which is right in front of you, which will display not only your revolution per minute and your speedo, but also your battery range, which is quite clearly down there on the side, its nice purple color, but also because ive got the Great regeneration ive got the dial for that down there on the right again, just in purple on the needle, so i can see where it actually is, and then, as this is a two spec, i do have the smaller screen uh for the radio, which does have Android, auto and apple carplay, so not having that built in isnt a big thing, because i can just put my phone in and do it that way. If you go for the three and the four spec, you will get the bigger display, which will take up more of the plastics that are here, but, as you can see, from ev6 sportage and now in nero, we now have the new multimode display, which will control Your radio and all your heating controls all in one panel. Now you can with that panel, if you would prefer to have it on the infotainment system or the climate, you can hold the button down for five seconds and then select it.

What that will do is every 30 seconds it will default back to the screen that you had set so that, while youre driving along, you can be confident its either selecting your radio stations or selecting the heating, and then youve got this nice piano black uh cluster. In front of you, which has got your shift by wire gear, stick, my power button is nicely placed and again, if you go for the higher specs, the black buttons here would have your heated seats, heated steering options if thats something you prefer and then youve got The electronic handbrake down here so, if you arent keen on letting the car automatically take the handbrake on and off, you can manually, do it there and youll also notice uh. The cup holders have been slightly changed and that the way they sit into the center console has changed to give it more room. When you pull back the cup holders, ive now got more room and when you lift the armrest up again, youve got enough space there to place a bag. If you wanted to, if youre on your own, so its not just on the floor and then with the newly designed wing mirrors, you can actually see quite a lot more of whats behind you and a lot clearer as well, which is always an added bonus. But then youve got the angled shape so that theyre not just square at the end, so that you know its not blocking your visibility so much past the mirrors.

But again, as i mentioned earlier, the door cards, i really like the way that the door cards slope down because now im trying to find window buttons or the central lock in because they gradually go all i can actually find the ones. I want quite easy. So, overall, the drive of the nearer hev was very impressive anyway, but the ev just adds that extra feel and also, of course, im not using any fuel which is great um, so im not producing any carbon emissions onto the road. And when you look at fuel prices, the electric is very cheap when you compare it towards a petrol diesel, especially if you are doing longer distance journeys, so i would quite happy to go out and buy one of these. Thank you for watching the video with me. If you do have any questions, please dont hesitate to get in contact with tms kia.