Ive got one for you. This is the all new cooper born eboost coopers, first, fully electric performance car, but is it going to live up to standard Music Applause? Music? The e boost is a step up from the standard cooper born, giving it that bit more of performance. So this model has 231 brake horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque 6.6 seconds not to 60, but a top speed of just 99 miles an hour but weigh in just over 1.8 tons. Is it really going to hold the performance of a hot hatch? The cooper born has undergone some tweaks to ensure it can offer an eevee twist on the hot hatch experience, but more on that later, this may look like a filler cap, but dont. Let it fuel it fuel you so dont. Let this filler cap fool. You is not where were going to be putting petrol diesel in, in fact, where were going to be charging it now, this 58 kilowatt battery takes six hours to charge on an 11 kilowatt charger. However, if you up that to 135 youre gon na only take 35 minutes from 5 to 80, which is just enough with the 58 kilowatt battery, we can get a range of 260 miles need a little bit more then opt for the 77 kilowatt battery and youll Get over 300, but things arent always tested in these factory conditions, so whats it like in real life. The bonds charging times were pretty much as stated, and over the 350 miles we did.

The variety of driving styles and modes did have an effect on the range on the country b rose in safer mode. The battery lasted really well, but crew promote did egg on a really heavy right foot in the towns. The born felt at home and not dropping range as quickly as its fossil fuel alternative. But motorways did seem to drop the range the most, especially at 70 miles. An hour so make sure to make the most of your saver mode. As expected from a hot hatch, there is plenty of room with a 385 litre boot before the back seats are even down, and in the back we have plenty of room. You can comfortably fit. Five adults for a nice little road trip. Now you are sat at a little bit of an angle because of the battery being just beneath you. But to be honest, i could take a nap. The inside is a super nice place to be. Youve got all the little copper pieces of trim, which is just coopers statement standing out from the id3 youve got a really nice multi function, steering wheel with all your little buttons like your drive, select and, of course, cooper mode. Youve got a 12 inch screen that connects your apple carplay and has everything that you need on it, but being the v2 edition it means we have some additional extras: grey diameter bucket seats, tinted windows, multi function, steering wheel, heads up, display 19 inch, typhoon alloys and In cooper style, youll find lots of copper and cupra statements so once youve all parked up, we pop it into park, which also puts the handbrake on, but you may notice theres, no stop start button.

So what do you do? Well? This is my favorite feature out of this entire car. Once you get out, it recognizes your bums no longer in the seat and switches everything off. I makes that little noise too. Now some people may be skeptical about electric cars and the innovation that theyre, bringing one of which is my mum. Im mom never been in an electric vehicle before never driven one going to need a lot of convincing to change from a petrol diesel car to one of these so time for my mother to hop into the drivers seat and see what she thinks of her. First ev and the cooper born one pack waving evie is we dont need a microphone for both of us in the car, so you excited nervous off you go. You got ta work it all out yourself, so youre not gon na give me any directions. No. First bit is all down to you right get suitable, so its automatic. So i would say you put your foot on the brake. Oh my god ready! Do it one more time, why puts it into regenerative breaking mode? And that means we save some miles. Oh dont kill us please its got auto hold by the way. Oh, my god, i dont like oh theres, no noise. It sounds like something out of a sci fi movie when we were kids, i dont know. If i like them, not having any noise. I can pretend well so far its just like driving an automatic any noise, so whats your thoughts so far on the eevee experience its the quietness, its peaceful.

It is i dont, i dont know i think id need to have music or something on because its just too quiet. I like this. I like this. I, like the look of the front, look at the sides, hmm out on the back of it but yeah. This is nice there we go mom reviews and there is a skeptics review of the cooper born eboos. So we best swap over and get into the nitty gritty details. The bun may look a little bit familiar already and thats, because its based off the same model as the volkswagen id3 cooper have taken that model and made it into a much sportier version. What theyve done is theyve taken the id3 taken whats kind of a little bit plain on it and made it a lot sportier. So theyve had some chassis tweaks suspension tweaks, just to add that extra performance to make it that performance car. Now it has a sportier suspension and also a lowered ride height mixed with that battery placed really low down like in all evs. It means that the handling of this thing is surprisingly good to add to the whole sporty feel this has a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels. So it means all that power is going to the rear wheel. Basically, rear wheel drive again helps push you around those corners and anyone that loves a performance. Car loves, rear wheel, drive its just the most fun so with this exact model, so the cooper bought an e boost.

V2 58 kilowatt battery is just shy of 35 000 pounds brand spanking new. However, this particular model has upgraded paint and also a tech pack, which makes it just over 36 000 pounds now remember this is a brand new cupra sports car and when, when you put that into terms that it is brand spanking new out of the factory thats, Pretty reasonable the suspension itself is super comfortable, get on a nice road surface on the motorway and youre just gliding over. It, however, find a country lane or pothole its quite noticeable and a little bit choppy, but that is just the suspension tweaks that youre gon na take the compromise with which is more aimed as a sports car. So its fully expected the next thing about performance cars is the steering. This one is super accurately weighted, so you know exactly where you put in this car. You do feel the weight a little bit when youre braking, but in terms of steering it feels great. You can really chuck it around those bends, which is something i never thought id say with an ev. So when you are going on a little spirited drive, it is really tidy and precise doesnt really put a foot wrong like any ev. We all know they are pumped full of technology, and this one is no exception. The biggest thing is obviously weve got the heads up display, unfortunately, because im a little bit shorter, but the way i sit, i can only see half of it, which is interesting, but the screen in front of you has got everything you need to know and in Terms of safety features, this has everything you need.

It does have adaptive cruise control, so it will slow down if a car is coming in front of you, and my favorite thing is a little orange line appears underneath it so its just showing you how close it is, as the line gets. Bigger also has lane assist, which means, when you start to drift over, it will happily push you back. The quality of the interior feels a lot better than past coopers and pasayas theyve really upped their game with this, and you can tell they are serious when theyre coming to the ev market, the steering wheel is so luxurious. My only criticism is the buttons took a little bit of getting used to, but thats me being stupid because, instead of pressing them, you swipe them. One nice thing with evs, and especially this. The talk is surprisingly impressive. That does put a smile on your face. After experiencing the bone for a few days, it has really really changed my mind with evs and if i was to have one this would be the one i would go for at this moment in time. It can still have a really fun spirited drive back, but you can relax and enjoy the drive as well. If you need to be charging has been a little bit difficult again, its more my fault, because i played with settings that i shouldnt have played with moral of the story: dont press buttons – if you dont, know what they do.

Ive learned my lesson. I know how to charge it now and if you are that little bit extra prepared its something you can easily get used to, but the whole point of this video was: are we going to lose out on that fun performance car when evs take over, and if This is the way theyre going. I dont think we will. We may miss that loud exhaust noise, and i know i definitely will, but how often do we drive on a longer journey and have our music as loud as we can here? So i feel like as a daily driver that i still want that ounce of fun with this would tick that box. To conclude, my review of the cooper born e boost 58 kilowatt battery v2. I have been super impressed by this car. You can see the pedigree of cooper shine through, and it really does put a sporty twist onto an ev now in terms of the whole road to 2030 and whether performance cards will die out.