This is an ev that starts around 40 000 msrp and is one that may offer more than youd expect lets look at the kia nero ev Music. Before we begin our day with this ev lets check in on the current mileage, the car is charged to 100 and the car estimates 278 miles on the normal driving mode. The odometer is currently at 2 872 miles. The new uav has an epa range of 2′ miles, so at the end of the day, we will see where we are at and plug it in to test its charging capabilities ill, follow back up later in the video with the real world range kia introduced. The first generation nero in 2016. over the years kia, has then offered a plug in hybrid and a fully electric variant. Today we have the 2022 kia niro evs. This cv is currently offered in three trims: the s starting at around thirty nine thousand dollars. The extra starts at thirty nine thousand nine hundred ninety dollars and the ex premium, which starts at forty four thousand six hundred fifty 650. Interestingly, the pricing between the s and ex isnt too far apart only about a thousand dollars all trims, have an epa estimated range of 2′ miles and on a 100 kilowatt dc fast charger. You can add 100 miles in about 30 minutes. The nero is only offered in front wheel, drive and the motor can output up to 201 horsepower. It has a fuel economy rating of 112 miles per gallon equivalent, which is good for a car of its size.

Looking at the exterior design of the cuv you can see, there is a closed off grille. Since this vehicle is electric, you dont need as much airflow. Just a small vent at the bottom is used. The gru less nose also helps with this aerodynamics in this area. Youll find the charging port. You can also see kias new badging all over the vehicle, including the front grille steering wheel wheel and the tailgate. There are blue accents around the car. Some surrounding the air intake. These blue lines were exclusively designed for the neuro ev setting. It apart from the other models, nothing fancy going on with the door handles weve, been seeing a lot of flush door handles on evs for better aerodynamics. The design is pretty conservative but thats not a bad thing, its a decent looking vehicle at every angle. You can choose from six colors for your paint. This one is an aurora black pearl, its exterior measurements come in at 172.2, inches in length, width is 71.1 inches and height is 61.8 inches for a better sense of size. Its length and width are a little bigger than the chevy bolt euv, but much smaller than the tesla model y plus. Look at how tall i look compared to this car all right. So how is the storage? It has a cargo capacity of 53 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down, lets see what we can fit in the trunk. I have a few suitcases, looks like they fit just fine.

You can fit another small one here. You could probably assemble this much better than i did lets see if we can close the trunk. Let me make sure that is closed. Okay. It is closed. All right, unfortunately, theres, no extra space under the hood as theres no front trunk. This is typically the case for these shared platforms that can accommodate various powertrains, the space efficiency under the hood isnt as good as a result, if youre new here kaisev is named after my dog kaya, while she does enjoy car rides, she isnt allowed inside many other Cars than my own, of course, so i have a stepman kaya. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what it would be like for a medium sized dog to sit in the back seat or in a hatch or anywhere else in the car. As you can see, kayas stunt double has no problem sitting in the back or if they want to look outside thats more realistic in the hatch, its too small dog of this size would not be comfortable and sitting down. She does not fit if he had a smaller dog. Maybe the kia niro ev has a battery pack comprised of lithium ion polymer cells. It has a capacity of 64 kilowatt hours and can output up to 170 kilowatts. The pack has a nominal voltage of 356 volts, which is pretty normal for an ev. Its maximum dc charging rate is 100 kilowatts, which is a bit lower than i would have hoped for in a car made in 2022.

This gives the car a c rating around 1.5. A lot of newer cars are coming out with c ratings a little over a three, so there is a bit to be desired from the charging rate. Kia advertises this car as being able to charge up to 80 within an hour. The slower charging time might make it a bit more difficult to road trip with i road trip with my car and has basically the same range as this one, but the charging rate is much faster. Its definitely possible to go on longer drives with it, but youll be spending a little more time at the chargers. All of the trims come with the same 7.2 kilowatt on board charger, which should get you a full charge in about nine and a half hours. You can also charge it using the included adapter off of household outlet if youd like kia, also sells an additional cold weather package which includes a battery heater and heat pump. I wish theyd add this by default, as the heat pump is significantly more efficient than a standard resistive heater. This can result in a better range in colder weather, as older uvs with resistive heaters did see an impact to range while in use, as always well be testing out. The fast charging rate towards the end of the video, the ex and ex premium trims, are almost identical. However, the s trim does have a few different features than the others.

The most notable is the screen size, unlike the ex trims, which have a 10.3 inch screen here we have an 8 inch lcd display. We also have a nice digital display in the front. The layout incorporates several dials and physical buttons. You have climate controls here, volume, dial and additional controls on your steering wheel, a ton going on here, but overall it has straightforward controls. This car also has apple carplay and android auto you can charge your phone through this wireless charging pad here. Standard in the vehicle are there heated front, seats and 10 way power adjustable driver seat. There are three usb a ports two in the front and one under the armrest. Your center screen is a touch screen and has a lot of basic functionality. You can control your climate in here. You could also see some of your ev functions. You can look at the charging percentage set a departure time. You can adjust your charging percentage in this menu for a dc. Fast charger were currently set at ninety percent. Let me put it down to eighty percent. You can also change your ac charger here we add a hundred percent. You can lower that make it higher. This graph is pretty interesting. It shows you where the energy is being drawn to so here right now were parked and the car is on, but we dont have the ac on. You can see. The electronics right now are taking 0.

18 kilowatts 0.22 kilowatts. But if we turn the ac on well see this number change and right here, you can see that climate is using 1.78 kilowatts. Okay, let me turn the ac off, and this bar at the bottom here shows where most of the energy is being used and, of course the drivetrain is the one that uses the most. The back seats are comfy theres, a lot of cushion in them theres, not much to say about the back seats other than that your passengers have an ac vent here in the front the car will detect. The key fob and all you need to do is press on the brake and hold on on that and were ready to drive. There are four driving modes: eco, normal sport and eco plus. Additionally, you have these regen paddles that are on either side of the steering wheel. If you want to come to a complete stop using only region, you would hold down on the left. Paddle favorably theres also an auto hold button here at the bottom, and every time you drive you just push it down and itll engage the hold. So when you come to a stop, this will have your car at a stop as well. Without you actually having to hold down on the brake, when you hold down on the paddle to come to complete, stop its not as quick as id like it to be so, for example, let me speed up a little bit and pull on that left paddle.

So here were going 14 miles per hour, im going to pull it down, were slowing down, slowing down and not a complete stop yet, and now we are so it brings you down quickly, but not fast enough, like in other evs that have one pedal driving, usually When you let off it instantly, just start slowing down super quick. This one takes a little bit more time to slow down and again were at a stop, but region overall is pretty strong and i like it inside the cabin its a little bit noisy and that sound that i hear coming through is the exterior speakers that are Used to alert pedestrians and thats fine, its its loud enough for the person outside to hear, but its pretty loud in here too and im confusing it a little bit. Is this the motor? Is this the pedestrian speakers, but im pretty sure thats that speaker that volume is really loud? This car is set to do 0 16 around 6.2 seconds, so lets try accelerating it. So i didnt have a good grip in the beginning. I felt like it was kind of skidding before getting any quicker um. It accelerates, okay, its still very energetic, but um yeah. I guess its not for accelerating that way. I like these seating adjustments for the first time i am not at the highest setting, believe it or not, and i have a very clear view of the front. I think i can actually go a little bit lower and i still have a good view.

So, if youre a shorter person like me, i approve this car lets not forget about the driving assistant features. The yes trim comes standard with things like blind spot warning and lane keeping assist. However, the s trim does not come with navigation based smart cruise control. Overall, its a cool and stable drive and it drives wall over bumps too so its kind of funny how loud the backup sound is on the kia niro ev, now im not laughing at the purpose of the backup speaker im just laughing at the volume. That is really high on it. So im going to see how far i need to walk until i cant hear it anymore. So here it is up close now were going to start walking away its still kind of loud still hear it. Okay. At this point, you can hear beeping in the background, but its going to be a little tough to tell what that actually is well. At least youll know when a key nero ev is backing up, even if its this far away before we start charging lets check. In on our miles, we are at 10 and the car estimates we have 27 miles left. The odometer is at 3097 miles. So by my estimate, we should be getting around 247 miles if we round it all the way down to zero, so thats actually eight miles further than the epa estimate. It might even be better if we were driving on eco or eco plus mode well lets plug in and see how the car charges Music Music.

So, as expected, quick charging, the car was a bit slow im using a brand new evgo charging station that opened up, and i did have issues with the first charger plugged into after hopping on a second charger. Things worked normally for the rest of the charge. It looked like the car had software defined limits in place as our charging curve isnt really a curve just flat lines. We started off at about 70 kilowatts and that held for quite a while, before going down to 57 kilowatts and then reducing rate two more times. I believe if kia had utilized more sensor data rather than using pre programmed charging speeds, we could have seen better charging rates for this car, though their new ev lineups, like the kia v6, have a very impressive charging rating curve. However, this car is built on a totally different platform, so the battery pack in this car is different from the ev6. So, of course, we dont expect identical results in total to go from 10 to 80. It took 50 minutes so were on track with kias expected zero to eighty percent time of one hour. The kia niro ev is practical and a great choice for commuting its charging rate isnt the fastest, but still quick enough to get you where you need to go. Looking for the redesigned 2023 kia, niro ev has been unveiled recently with a new exterior design. It will have a targeted range of 253 miles and will be available to purchase in all 50 states.

Since the newer generation euro will be coming out soon, it may be worth it to wait for a purchase on that one. If youre considering getting this version of the nero ev, i would recommend adding the cold weather package for better range and colder climates thanks for spending time with me today have any via can review. Email me at info make sure to subscribe for more of the content and follow me on social media at kaisev and kaya tesla kai. Is my dog and check out my website for more of your resources at kaiz.