Well, there are a few electric cars out there that are breaking the rules and two of them come from genesis. No, not that one that one still looks a little awkward im talking about this one. My name is omar, and this is the genesis, g80 electrified or electrified g80. Why didnt? They just call this the g80 electric i dont know. I guess that would have been too simple: Music Music, so the genesis g80 electric thats, what im calling it? This is one of the three electric cars that hyundais luxury brand is launching this year. Ive already tested the not so normal, looking gv60 and you can check out that review if you want, but besides that one we have the gv70 electric and this alright ill say it electrified g80. Now i havent driven the electric gv70, so this is technically my second electric genesis experience and i got ta say this is already a better experience. Not only does this have more range than that hatchback crossover looking ev, this actually feels pretty normal. In my experience, the biggest barrier to getting an electric car is that they feel so out of the norm. Charging and range anxiety already make it difficult, but when you make an ev, look totally different and put an interior thats somewhat confusing. That turns a lot of people away and thats what i like most about the electrified g80. This is an awesome, luxurious g80, sedan first and then it does.

The electric thing now genesis, like most other luxury brands out there, plans to go fully electric by 2030., and i like the fact that they are doing it by making their already popular and normal luxury vehicles electric. So is the electrified g80, something that you should consider over a base, tesla model s or the upcoming mercedes eqe lets find out. Let me give you a quick tour of the electrified g80. Well talk about the electrified part of it. Well, take a look at the normal, looking exterior and the normal feeling interior and then ill. Give you my opinion on whether or not if you should consider buying the g80 electric, if youre in the market, for an ev make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe. All right lets. Do this all right lets, kick things off with electric part and lets talk about the power, the range and how long it will take you to charge. The electrified g80 lets talk about power. First, the electric g80 here has a dual motor setup, so you do get all wheel drive as standard. You get a total of 365 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque. In comparison, the gv60 performance, the fastest one makes 429 horsepower, but it makes 446 pound feet of torque. But if you push the boost button on the gv60 youll get a total of 516 pound feet of torque like the g80 electric here, this doesnt have a boost button, so this is always making 516.

as for zero to 60. The electrified g80 here will do it in four seconds flat, which is the same as the gv60 performance, and this is the quickest g80 that you can buy. Even the g80 sport cant keep up with this. That will do zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds, but dont forget the fastest ktm electric car title will belong to the kia ev6 gt, which will do 60 in 3.5 seconds, either way on a full charge. This will do a total of 282 miles now. That makes this the highest range electric genesis that you can buy right now. The gv60 can do a max of 248 miles on a full charge. Of course, you can also go for the rear wheel, drive ionic 5, which will hit 303 miles or the rear wheel, drive ev6, which will hit 310 miles, but yeah that range of 282 miles is pretty impressive for an all wheel. Drive ev sedan lets talk charging times and yes, just like its other electric cousins. The g80 electric also supports up to 800 volt multi rapid charging, which works on dc chargers with speeds ranging from 50 kilowatts to 350 kilowatts. By the way, i absolutely love the location of this charging port, but well talk about that in a few minutes. So if you find a dc fast charger, giving you the fastest charge, this thing is capable of. You can go from 10 to 80 percent in just 22 minutes, which is really impressive.

Now, if you have a level 2 home setup, the g80 electric kill will go from 10 to 100 percent in seven hours and 22 minutes. And if you dont drive much and decided hey ill, just charge this through a regular outlet. That will take you a long 80 hours or a total of 3.3 days to go from 10 to 100. I actually wonder if there are people like that out there now pricing wise were still waiting for genesis to announce official numbers, but expect this to start around 75 to 80 000, which will make this the most expensive g80 that you can buy. However, at that price tag the electrified g80 isnt playing around, because everything is essentially standard, lets start off inside and just like the regular g80. This interior is exceptional and very, very luxurious. However, that said there is a little bit of a downside with going for the electric g80. Now, once i got in here, i instantly felt that i was sitting a little higher than usual and definitely felt the difference between the regular g80 and this one and thats, because genesis had to raise the floor to make room for the battery. Due to that. The headroom in the front has shrunk by 0.8 inches and 1.5 inches in the back and at this point, youre, probably thinking why isnt there, a glass roof here like in most other evs, well thats, because in other parts of the world that electrified g80 has a Solar panoramic roof that we wont be getting here in the united states, so yeah you dont, have any outside lighting coming into the g80 electric in the united states.

Not only that second row legroom takes a hit as well. The g80 electric will give you 36 inches of legroom in the second row, whereas the gasoline powered one will give you 38 inches, so you lose 2 inches now im about 6 feet tall. That is my seating position, as you can see its still pretty comfortable. Its still pretty spacious, so you can sit back here for a long drive. The only thing i will say is that the floor still feels pretty high and thats. Not the only place that g80 electric loses some space pop open, the trunk and youre working with 10.8 cubic feet of space. The regular g80 gets 13.1 cubic feet, so yeah youll lose some space to make room for that battery. Now that said, the rest of the interior game is pretty strong. Like i said at this price tag, everything is standard and it feels very luxurious in here its definitely more luxurious than the gv60. Everything in here is covered in leather or leatherette or other soft touch materials. You have these extremely extremely comfortable seats that are wrapped in nappa leather. The drivers seat is 16 power, weight adjustable and the passenger seat is 12 way power adjustable, not to mention the g80 electric comes standard with heated and cooled seats, as well as the genesis ergo motion seats, which is their version of massaging seats. Now you dont get heated rear seats which not sure why? But you do have this rear, shade control to block all the heat coming in from the back, and you also have side window peasant blockers.

The g80 electric also comes with a heated steering wheel as standard by the way the electric g80 decides to keep the old looking steering wheel instead of going for the new one that you see on the g80 sport. Nonetheless, this is a power tilt and telescopic steering wheel, so thats good, hvac, wise youre working with the three zone, climate control in here so front, passengers and rear passengers can enjoy their own zone by the way. I just have to stop and say that im really digging this navy, blue and white two tone color in here it looks super luxurious and really really nice. The only thing that im not crazy about is this trim its got this weird marble design that looks a bit busy, but yeah everything is very elegant in here the door panels. The dash are wrapped in leather or leatherette, and everything else just feels really really well put together and i think im one of the few people out there that likes these controls in the center console for the gear selector. You have a rotary dial and you also have a dial to go through your infotainment system but yeah, even though the seating position is a little high, its still a nice and comfortable place to sit all right lets talk about the tech in the g80 electric, because This has everything that genesis has to offer as standard you get a 14.5 inch, touchscreen display its absolutely huge and its very sharp and crisp.

Now, if youre familiar with the genesis infotainment system, this is very similar to those youve got a home screen and once you swipe left, you can go through and dive in different sections and, like other genesis models, you do get wireless apple, carplay and wireless android, auto. As standard you also get a native navigation system as well, but who even uses those i just use google maps in apple carplay all the time now, since this is electric, you do have an ev screen where you can go in and learn more about your range And your setup, you can also go in and set up your vehicle to load functions where you can go in and set up your charging or power for bigger electronics, and you can also charge another ev and, while were here, lets talk about the driver, assist tech, Starting with the camera game, you obviously have a rear view. Camera no surprise there, but you also get a 360 view camera, as well as a 3d camera which looks really sharp and you can just sit there and circle around your electric g80. You also get adaptive cruise control lane keep assist with lane centering you get blind spot monitoring and a bunch of other collision and assist tech. The g80 electric also gets a smart parking assist system where this thing will actually automatically park itself and, of course, as a part of that smart poc system, you can move the g80 electric back and forth with your keys, while standing outside oh – and i totally forgot The g80 electric also gets a heads up display, so, yes, safety, wise youre, pretty well stacked.

Moving on the g80 electric also comes standard with a 12.3 inch digital instrument display its got a lot of information here you can circle through. It has some really cool drive mode, animations its not as advanced as say as mercedes benzs system, but it is still pretty informative. I really like those cool animations by the way another driver assist tech that i forgot to mention earlier. Were these blind spot cameras that you have right here? These are my favorite and, like other genesis models, you can actually have this gauge cluster b3d, which is a pretty cool, gimmick and looks really cool sound system, wise youre working with a 21 speaker lexicon, sound system. That sounds absolutely amazing. By the way, i didnt know that lexicon is a part of harmon and if you didnt know now, you do lets take a look at the exterior design of the g80 electrified and yeah its no different than the regular g80. The only major major difference is the front end where you have a closed off version of the genesis. Signature grille since there isnt an engine that needs any cooling, and i got ta say i feel like this closed off. Version of the grille looks much better than the open one. They did a great job with this and again, the best part is that the charging port is hidden within the grille and when its closed off, you dont even notice that its there thats a really cool placement other than that its pretty much g80 and thats.

The best thing about it, automakers are trying to make evs look super futuristic and a lot of people really dont want that they just want a regular looking car thats, also electric and the g80 electric does a great job at that by the way the g80 electric Does get a different set of wheels? You have inch wheels that look pretty luxurious, nothing too crazy or too easy. Looking now before, i give you my opinion on how the g80 electric drives. Let me put a few important daily ownership. Highlights that id love to show all of you, youve got four cup holders, two in the front right there and then youve got two in the back in that center. Armrest. Here are what the keys look like to the g80 electric same old genesis. Key, you wont need this, because you do have the digital key, where you can use your smartphone or the card that comes along with it. But you will need this if you want to use smart pock like this, where you can use your key to pull in and out of tight parking spots door opening closed sound from the outside by the way the g80 electric is one of the few evs that Has soft closed doors because thats important and from the inside very solid charging gamewise in the front, you get two usb a ports and a wireless charger. No usb c ports in here those sitting in the back also get two usb a ports in the center armrest lets do an indicator and horn sound test indicator.

First same old genesis, hyundai kia indicator. Now for the horn sound. Let me open the window a little bit all right now for the horn sound, very solid. I like it now. I totally forgot to mention this in my intro, but as of right now you can only order the electrified g80. If you live in california, connecticut, new york or new jersey production delays have delayed the availability of this thing, but genesis does plan on offering this nationwide. So how does this drive its pretty normal honestly driving this around for a week? I almost forgot sometimes that i was driving an electric car again. This feels like a g80 first and then it does the electric thing and thats not a bad thing at all, because the g80 itself is already an insanely, comfortable and smooth sedan. The way this moves rides and handles is all g80 honestly. The only difference you really feel is the higher seating position. It does feel a bit awkward at first, but you eventually get used to it. Yes, the trunk space in the rear legroom get cut down a little, but if you can live with that, this is an amazing addition to the evs that you can buy right now. Again, genesis quotes the range at 282 miles. Now i charged this from 35 to 100 and at the end the range read 326 miles now after driving around for a bit. It eventually adjusted itself to 314 miles, but it stayed there so under great conditions, and if life works out perfectly, you should be able to top 300 miles on a full charge.

Now, while this does weigh around 500 pounds more than the regular g80, it moves a lot quicker again. This is the quickest g80 that you can get doing zero to 60 in four seconds flat, which makes it even faster than the g80 sport youve got three drive modes, including comfort, sport and eco, and lets just do a quick acceleration test from 50 to 70 miles. An hour im in comfort right now, oh and 70., not bad now lets pop it into sport mode go back down to 50 miles an hour. Go oh thats! Much quicker! Already at 70. now lets do eco go back down to 50, really quick and yeah. It just feels, like you lost 100 horsepower from that 365.. But honestly, i dont think anybody buying a g80 electric will dance around in different modes. Theyll just enjoy the extremely smooth and comfortable ride quality. Honestly, when i say this thing is smooth, i really mean it. This thing just glides over bumps and imperfections on the road with a lot of ease, i feel like the g80 deserves more street cred, but i think people will eventually catch on and see what theyre missing now do. I recommend this over the tesla model, s or the mercedes eqe. Well, that depends if you want an electric sedan that comes as loaded as this for around seventy five thousand to eighty thousand dollars. Then, yes, the electrified g80 is an outstanding and competitive option.

However, the tesla model s is still the leader in terms of an overall ev package, the mercedes eqe. Well, i havent driven it. So i cant say much about it, but word on the street is that it should start around 80 000. So that will be an interesting option as well. Im honestly really excited to see where genesis goes from here: im looking forward to testing the gv70 electric or electrified gv70, i just cant get over the way they did. The whole naming thing here would have been so hard to just call this g80, electric gv70 electric and eventually g90 electric. That would have been much more simple either way, thanks for watching make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe, make sure you follow me on instagram and on tick tock my handle is at omar drives ill catch. You guys at the next one take care peace. I feel like heres how the meeting went when they were naming this thing, so they were like what should we call this, and somebody said the g80 electric another person said no, that might get too confusing. Another person said no, it wouldnt its an electric g80 and that person said no its an electrified g80 yeah. That sounds good lets go with electrified g80.