Hello, my friends, welcome to the channel this video is absolutely not clickbait im very seriously right at this moment. Right now, as many of you know, i ordered a byd 803 a long time ago. I think it was back in february around about anyway. Around six months ago i ordered the car. It was meant to be here last month. Then byd changed the delivery times they said it would come in about. I know a few weeks time was gon na be late. Its been a few weeks be more than a few weeks. Havent heard anything from byd, yet no one in australia has got their cars yet, even though, apparently they have actually arrived here in australia. Theres pictures of them arriving here still, though, no one has received a car yet and also a few other things we dont know well, byd addo doesnt have mapping, so it doesnt have the ability to do carplay or android auto and apparently the mapping on there doesnt Work for australia, so theres, no gps, theres, no safety, score. Theres no were going to get the cars and, like i predicted, and you guys criticized me not you guys, but a lot of people heavily criticized me said i was wrong said i was insane said. I was crazy said i was mad when i said the car would not come with a safety star rating. By the time the vehicles were meant to be delivered, which was in july it didnt all the vehicles, didnt even get delivered, but clearly it still does not have a safety score.

The warranty was originally advertised as being seven years, its now been reduced to six, and we didnt actually know how much servicing the car would cost until well. Until today, weve now found out its gon na cost three thousand one hundred dollars to service your car over the life of the warranty, which to me seems like a bit of a joke. Why is it a joke when you buy a tesla vehicle right? Do you have to pay three thousand one hundred dollars for servicing? No, you dont in fact, tell us to say you dont even need to service the car at all. Now people are saying on forums and on the facebook byd ado group that one of the reasons for the high cost in servicing the need to replace the gear reduction. Oil do evs use oil, no, they dont, but they do have oil in a sealed compartment. In the gear reduction, does this oil really need to be changed? Actually, no, it doesnt theres been many teslas that have done or specifically, model threes and modern wires that have done hundreds of thousands of kilometers tesla says you dont need to replace the oil. The reason tesla said that is because they found that, after changing the oil, it was never contaminated its in a completely sealed unit. The oil would last the lifetime of the car. So if some mechanic tries to tell you you need to replace the gear reduction oil make sure you actually look up.

Your log book contact your manufacturer. More than likely nine manufacturers out of 10 that ive looked up, so you dont ever need to replace gear reduction. Oil, so your mechanic is taking you for a ride if thats. The reason bid is charging 3 100 for servicing costs only 160 000 kilometers of driving, then, frankly, that is a scam, and i actually think this is a scam from byd, maybe not byd themselves. Its really the distributor of byd, or at least the partner of the distributor of byd, and this is really what happens when you start to use the dealership model, which is what byd youre doing now in australia, theyre using a dealership model. And now these model is trying to recoup a lot of costs of setting up. I dont know whatever it is. The case may be. You have to pay these guys. 3. 100, after driving the car, 160 000 kilometers and the final service of the 160 000 kilometer mark cost 661. It is completely baffling to me what that could possibly be for now to put this in perspective, the 72 month service or the 120 000 kilometer service, which for most people is going to come up after about, i know, maybe three or four years, thats 504. The 80 000 kilometer service is 661, the 24 month service is 504. In addition to that very irritatingly, byd say you have to service the car after three months of ownership or only 5 000 kilometers that to me they say that that service is free.

Youve got to pay for the rest of them, but frankly i dont want to have to drop my car off for the hassle of getting it serviced after 5000. Kilometers the whole point of evs. Is you dont need to service them thats? What tesla says tesla even says it on their website lets, have a look: tesla support, car maintenance, page tesla engineers continuously review maintenance recommendations to optimize the performance, reliability, durability, safety and resale value of your tesla. Unlike gasoline cars, tesla cars require no traditional oil changes. Fuel filters spark plug replacements or emission checks as electric cars even brake pad replacements are rare because regenerate brake and returns energy to the battery significantly reducing wear on brakes now tesla does recommend that you do something. They say that after every two years you should replace your cabin air filter. They suggest you do a tyre rotation balance and will alignment after 10, 000 kilometers or if thread depth, goes below 1.5 millimeters, but thats, not a suggestion. You dont have to do that. If you dont want to, they also suggest suggest that you test your brake fluid for contamination every two years. Now you change the air conditioning desiccant bag every six years, but these are all suggestions you dont have to do any of this. If you dont want to, it makes no difference to tesla what on whether or not they keep your warranty tests are frequently asked questions. Does my car require an annual maintenance service? Your tesla does not require traditional annual maintenance or regular fluid changes, but maintenance is required for eligibility in selected programs such as resale value guarantee so tesla say on their website.

You do not need to service your car with them or anyone else. In order to maintain your warranty, why they say this because their cars dont need it. Your byd shouldnt need 3 100 worth of servicing. Yes, you should check your tires. Yes, you should replace them when they need to be replaced. Thats, logical. Everyone knows that. Yes, do a retire balance and rotation, its going to save you money and wear and tear sure get your brakes checked every now and again, although thats not really necessary, you should be using regen braking as much as possible. You shouldnt really need to replace the brake pads within five years of car ownership of an electric car. If i choose not to service my tesla, will this void my warranty or resale value guarantee? Tesla says your new vehicle, limited warranty or used vehicle limited warranty? Will not be affected if recommended service is not performed servicing. Your tesla is required only for the duration of your resale value guaranteed contract. So if you want a guaranteed resale value from tesla, then yeah you need to service it, but most people dont even have anything to do with that guarantee for yourself value contract thats an entirely different thing that you can sign up for now, unlike tesla byd, say Or at least if you direct say that, after your initial check of your current five thousand kilometers or three months, meaning yeah the hassle of driving your car in to a service center having a check and then picking it up again.

Simply for them to have a look at a car when its really not necessary, they say servicing should be done. Every 20, 000 kilometers every 20 000 kilometers in an electric car to me is just massive overkill and completely unnecessary. In fact, the whole point what i talk about on this channel is very much to tell people right. Electric cars are the future. You save a lot of money driving one here, though whats happening is the distributor is trying to make it basically taking away some of the advantages of having an av by charging these incredibly high rates when having to pay 504 dollars for your 40 000 kilometer service Interval for them to do what exactly i dont know what theyre gon na do it doesnt add up when i went and saw paul from byd drive pick up his byd car late last year here in australia. I spoke to my car and i said to my car: what will you guys do when you service the car? You know what he said: its the windscreen wiper fluid and have a look at the car to make sure it looks okay, thats what he said. I dont understand why on earth you would be paying 504 for that at the 40 000 kilometer service interval. What on earth are you getting in reward for this now? The reason this makes me consider cancelling my order is because this is deceptive, its deceptive and its clearly downright obviously deceptive.

These prices are higher than many internal combustion engine servicing prices here in australia, theyre higher, but with an internal combustion engine theres stuff, you actually have to do. You have to replace the oil you have to change the oil filters, the stuff that needs to be replaced at forty thousand kilometers in an ev theres, literally, nothing, you need to change. So why are they doing this? Why theyre, making it look like your byd vehicle? Does need major parts replaced at a very, very low kilometers? I cant understand it im frankly, absolutely baffled ive done about two hours of research now and i cant find a single justifiable reason for these prices. I mean then again and 80 000 kilometers youve got to pay 661 dollars at 120 504 when this all adds up to three thousand dollars coming out of your pocket. That shouldnt, be it shouldnt, be so ive looked on the forum ive seen a lot of people are considering cancelling their order as a result, its not necessarily the money, three thousand dollars its, not the end of the world, its not really that much. The point, in my view, is its the principle of transparency and honesty. Right now, many people believe that byd distributed here in australia is not being transparent. It is not being honest, im not going to go that far and say that, but it does feel that way. Emotionally, it feels that way now. The other thing that im disappointed about is that byd has reduced the warranty in china.

Byd has a lifetime warranty on their cars here in australia. For some reason, the warranty was initially announced that it would be seven years for the car and eight years for the battery. Byd has just recently changed that from seven years down to six years, and this has happened after people have entered into a contract with the company. I dont think this should be legal. I dont think it should be legal for companies to change the rules of the contract after the contract has essentially been signed, which is basically what has been done once youve paid a deposit for a car. I think its unfair of companies to then change the rules or the determination of that contract. So my key question here to byd in australia is: why do your cars need? 3, 100 worth of servicing and teslas dont need any thats. My question: why is byd in china so confident their cars will last for a lifetime, but youre only confident enough that the cars will last for six years or at least youre only willing to back the cars now for six years? Thats. My question now, i know a lot of you probably thinking. Ah, the servicing costs are not that bad in comparison to an internal combustion engine vehicle. You know theyre on par or a little bit more expensive, thats true, but thats, not the comparison. Thats, not a fair comparison were not comparing this to a tractor, its not a tractor thats.

My point weve got to compare apples with apples. Comparing evs with evs is the right way to look at this, not comparing this with a porsche, its, not a porsche. It doesnt have an internal combustion engine that needs massive amounts of money spent on it to maintain it over. The life of ownership were talking about three thousand one hundred dollars over only 160 000 kilometers of driving. Frankly, in my opinion, thats crazy – and i understand why so many people are considering canceling their orders im considering as well, simply because i dont like the way the distributor in australia is operating, it just doesnt seem to be transparent. I know im gon na. I really wan na know what you guys think im gon na read the comments im gon na im gon na look at what you say: im considering cancelling my order, im sort of 50 50 here, not sure what to do. Let me know what you think. I should do in the comments below and then ill make up my mind and post a video on what i decide to do now in other news about byd cars. The bet at 03 now can come with a towing and roof rack. Byd says we are proud to announce that our towing and roof rack products will will be produced here in australia. The ato 3 is rated to tow 750 kilo brake and 700 kilo unbreak and offers 50 kilo rating for roof racks, so in other words, the roof racks wont carry a lot of weight.

50 kilos is a pretty small amount of weight, but the towing is not too bad. I guess 700 kilos for towing if you want to tow just letting you guys know in case thats something you want to do. Let me know what you think i should do in the comment section below or send me a message. Send me an email jump on the facebook group and give me your opinion.