I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below today were going to be talking about the most famous tesla model x. Oh and one more thing before we start, did you hear about the guy who bought an electric car and got it wrecked just after he left the dealership, he turned over a new leaf. Okay, now back to the video, the brand was named tesla because it uses whats now known as teslas induction, motor and inverter combination, which give it a unique set of qualities invented more than a century ago by the american serbian scientist, nikola tesla, the induction motor uses A three phase, alternating current in the coil to produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field or rmf induces a current on the rotor that helps make it spin in an induction motor. The speeds depend on the frequency of the alternating current supplied. So up the frequency and the speed at which the motors turn can be increased and that makes controlling the drive speed, easy. The induction motor importantly has no permanent magnet. The tesla model x is a vehicle that is, unlike any other suv on the market, its not just the exterior and interior, the propulsion system, the doors, the seats or a slew of other.

Equally ridiculous and entertaining aspects lets begin with the layout. The model x, unlike other suvs, features a low front or bonnet to reduce, drag. The skinning is spotless and the big daytime running lights really stick out. The front. Aperture is small, since theres no need for a lot of airflow through the crawl and no huge radiator according to tesla. This contributes to the x becoming the worlds first, most slick suv. The drag coefficient is only 0.25 cd. The cabins tucked in and tight fitting nature. Also plays a role, then theres a super slick, underfloor and the way the airflow around the tight fitting wheels has been managed. The tesla xs design around the back is more bmw, x6, like with a fast back rear. The taillights, on the other hand, are quite conventional and appear to have been taken from someone elses parts bin, for all intents and purposes, when you look at the xs posture, its clear that its not an off roader when the automobile is at its usual riding height, You must be cautious when passing over speed breakers. Fortunately, the air springs can elevate the automobile to a height of 211 mm, which is no small task. Considering the cars massive weight of 2.5 tons, a huge lithium ion battery pack amounts for a significant portion of the weight. The larger battery pack weighs almost 600 kgs more than twice as much as the standard engine and gasoline tank, because all of the weight is distributed evenly between the wheels the x is less top heavy than most standard suvs.

Furthermore, its roof is obviously lower. The car is less than 1.7 meters tall and weight has been reduced, since the body is mostly constructed of extruded aluminium, strengthened with boron steel, then theres, the fully motorized front doors and the unusual double hinged falcon wing rear doors which open with such drama and pump. That you feel like youre departing a spacecraft hatch. It really pulls out your inner child. The falcon doors are very useful, theyre easy to get in and out of and the way you can walk into the third row without having to squish down below the canopy is incredible. First and foremost, it has a bubble glass, cockpit, similar to that of a helicopter. The glass curves all the way back and behind your head and the x even includes magnetically attached helicopter style. Sun visors there isnt even a start button, no im, not kidding when you get in and place your foot on the brake, the car comes to life and if the drivers door is open, it closes automatically. All you have to do now is choose d for driving on the mercedes, benzs style gear selection, stock, step on the accelerator, not quite the gas pedal and pull away the cabin like practically everything else aboard the model x is one of a kind. The large portrait infotainment screen dominates the dash almost completely theres, also a great sensation of spaciousness upfront, thanks to the panoramic windscreen its not only about having a sense of space.

Theres plenty of shoulder room up front plenty of space in the rear, with only two seats. In the second row – and you can even sit comfortably in the third row, if youre medium sized with no roof to duck under ingress and egress into the back, is also considerably more pleasant. Moreover, the six seat layout, we have is a little strange individual seats in the second row, arent uniformly placed because the wide hinges and shroud for the falcon wing doors that rest over your head. The space between the left and right seats is enormous. The dash design, while athletic and well made lacks the luxury, build quality and materials richness of a bmw or a porsche fit and finish arent the same league either. Fortunately, its the massive 17 inch screen that consumes all of your attention. The touchscreen feature is ipad, like with satellite maps that display sumptuous, textures and great contrast at full brightness, you can pinch and expand as quickly as you like, and the screen is swift and constantly with you. No latency is noticeable while the fan and temperature settings are digital. The fact that they are located on a permanent bar at the bottom helps. I also appreciate the fact that you have access to a web browser. Other intriguing features on the screen include a real time picture of a car when the doors close the ability to see the seats move in real time as you adjust them from the screen.

A sketch pad app for your kids and, of course, plenty more stuff to keep the kids occupied things like a panel that display your cars location on mars. The automobile on screen may be transformed into a submersive lotus e spirit from a james bond film, and it can even show a star wars, style jump to light speed effect, dreams of electricity performance, the tesla or three phase, electric motors nestled between each axle power. All model xs with electric four wheel drive the power output of the 100d is 415 kw. However, a more powerful x is now available with the new ludicrous mode now dubbed played mode delivering 760 kw and a super bike matched 0 100 kph speed of 2.5 seconds. I have my doubts that tesla intended to construct planes from the start. The first burst of acceleration from putting your foot down hard, might push you back in your seat. The x ought to accelerate, like it weighs nothing, because the two motors provide so much torque and more critically, so much traction shooting at a standstill is much more impressive, theres, no drama or wheel spin. It just feels and seems like youre being shot forward from a bow with the twin tesla motors emitting a muffled wine. In the background. Whats especially remarkable is how nicely the traction control functions. It allows power to flow freely while preventing unnecessary wheel, spin electric traction, control systems can be cycled, thats turned on and off significantly more quickly than mechanical traditional traction control systems on the model x.

There are a few standard features. For starters. It has the same suspension as the model s with double wishbone in the front and multi links in the back. It has off the shelf air springs and it has twin boots, as do many electric cars. The performance isnt only impressive at rest. Put your foot down at virtually any pace and it will just reel in the horizon, even when youre just driving around town according to test drivers. The model x is a pleasure to drive its torquey, smooth and refined. Obviously, and the power is really easy to measure when compared to other electrics and more crucially, it doesnt always seem chomped at the bit. The all electric edge wont endure forever by 150 kph. Some of the model xs rivals, begin to claw back the edge and the rate of acceleration begins to drop down marginally teslas calling card, though, is that sledgehammer like initial torque in a velvet glove? Can you imagine what the played version with 1020 horsepower would be like? There are several advantages to using electricity to power a car, but one of them is that the battery and motor combination weighs twice as much as a conventional engine and transmission, its a little more difficult to manage the ride and handling trade off. As a result of this, despite having air suspension, the model xs ride is stiff and youre thrown about a bit while driving over uneven terrain. Is there a better way to accomplish this sure, look at the mercedes, all electric benzs eqc, which rides like a mercedes? Well, isnt that obvious, while the models x handling is rather passive, it has excellent body roll control and, despite its size, feels light on its feet, because the model xs weight is distributed low in the chassis.

It rolls less and more constantly than most other suvs when it comes to changing directions. This makes a tremendous impact to teslas credit. You dont get a sense of the model xs heft when driving still this isnt a vehicle that encourages you to take corners, harder and quicker. In fact, increasing the speed in turns make it seem a little uneasy. It surely isnt a porsche knee coupe battery life battery pack, its similar to the one in the model s and its available in 75, kwh 90 kwh and 100 kw edge capacities in most areas, tesla employs cylindrical cells, which are similar to pencil cells. In that positive and negative electrodes are layered and then rolled together. The various layers are kept separate by separators and casings. The inverter transforms the dc power from the battery pack to ac power for use by the induction motor. The motor speed is also controlled by the inverter. If the current amplitude is increased, the induction motor may create greater power, giving it a distinctive advantage. The long range model x can go 360 miles on a full charge, while the plate trim can go 340 miles. According to tesla, a 120 or 240 volt power outlet may be used to charge the model x at home. Another option is to purchase the tesla wall connector or another charging station from a third party. You may use one of teslas supercharger stations while on the road. A standard converter allows you to utilize j1772 public charging stations and a chatimo adapter is also available.

Tesla superchargers can recharge vehicles up to 175 miles in 15 minutes. It would take roughly an hour and a half to fully charge. Itll take roughly 18 hours to fully charge using a 240 volt home power outlet. A batterys life is influenced by a variety of factors, making it difficult to predict how long it will survive a tesla battery, on the other hand, is expected to last between three hundred thousand and five hundred thousand miles when youre not driving your tesla. Keep it hooked into a charger and get the most out of the battery. The battery is covered by teslas guarantee for 8 years or 150 000 miles price and model range. The model x long range has a starting price of 89 990. The porsche k, a e hybrid, has a base price that is far and away the highest in the luxury, hybrid and electric suv segment. The performance model of the plate begins at 119 990. Although tesla vehicles are no longer eligible for federal tax credits, state incentives may still be available. What makes the model x unique and genuinely refreshing is that its so different? The falcon wing doors play a big role. The unique seating position is clever and then the big touchscreen has so much tech packed in it. It should make for a great user experience. This wraps up the review of the tesla model x. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video.

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