This is the smashing new amg eqs, 53 formatting plus yes, five years ago, if you asked me, would amgs be possible in electric, i would have thought, probably no, but its here right in front of us. This is the future of the automobile and today im going to take you around this car and tell you whats so special about this new car Music. So, conventional guys, you can actually open the hood and ill tell you normally whats this engine blah blah blah, but here in the eqs 53 you cannot actually open this part. The customer cannot open it. It can be opened only in the workshop now. There are two reasons behind this: the mercedes says that there is an electric motor. There is always a chance of electric shock if a customer inadvertently opens and touches something, and also they have a hepa filter, which there is a chance of contamination. So you cannot open this, but yes in the workshop, they have special tools. They can open it services, etc. For the first time ever in a mercedes sedan, youre gon na get a 21 inch wheel. Yes, 21 inch wheel in a sedan first time ever now, normally with electric cars, you get these low rolling resistant tires, which basically give you better. You know mileage or other say range, but here mercedes is offering a very high rolling resistant tires, which means theyre supposed to make noise, because the electric car is so silent that these tires actually make noise and let the you know, people around.

You know that the electric car is approaching, obviously because of this noise. They do heat up a lot, so they have a better cooling system installed here which actually cools down the tires. So this car comes with 4matic plasma theres, actually, a difference between 4matic informatic plus. So, in a 4matic car about 69 percent of power maximum, so maximum 69 of power can be channeled to the rear wheels, while the rest 31 is compulsively channeled to the front wheel. However, informatic plus even 100 power can be channeled to the rear wheels and that depends on the driving condition, the traction situation etc. So this is definitely a step ahead in the formatic technology, so powering this car are two electric motors one at the back and one at the front. Now, because its a formative power needs to be channeled to all the wheels thats. Why theyve kept this configuration now combined? Output of both these motors is 762 hp, thats right, 762 hp, thats, a lot of power and 1020 newton meters of torque 1020 newton meters of torque thats going to be absolutely insane. But this car is limited to 250 kilometers per hour speed and it goes from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds, only of course, thats in race start mode, but 3.4 seconds is absolutely insane. So if you talk about range, this car gives you about 562 kilometers on a single charge, and there is a fast charge option in which, in 30 minutes, you can charge this car for up to 80 percent uh this, of course, using a dc charger.

You also have an option of a ac charger, which of course, wont take more time. One very interesting statistic is that the eqs uh, of course not in the amg after the eqs 580, is the most aerodynamic production car as on date with a cd of just 0.20. Now the amg version uh, the cd – is slightly higher 0.23 and theyve done a lot of things for the aerodynamics. Now, of course, if the coefficient of drag is less, it obviously means that this car gives you a better driving range because of less drag so thats. Quite an interesting thing now, if you come here and see, look at these door handles now just look at the designer they actually made to cut out there in a very aerodynamic way. So the eqs 53 gets seamless doors which you can see. Theres no seam here and, of course, when you open it, the window actually rolls down a bit and when you shut this it would roll up again looks very, very neat. So i told you earlier that you cannot actually open the hood of this car and you will be asking me: how do you really top up the washer fluid okay? Well, the washer fluid is right here. You open this flap here and you can add the washer fluid right here, so you dont actually have to open the hood to add the washer fluid. So lets talk about the charging when you open this flap here now.

What you see over here is basically an ac charger. Now, if you pull out this one here, this is for dc charging, so you have both the options given right here, whichever charger is available like when you step inside, you know obviously its a very different feeling from a conventional car, because this looks so futuristic, i Mean just look at this screen: they call it the hyper screen its a 56 inch screen now, obviously, because its an electric car, you get a lot of usable space in the cabin now check this space over here you can keep your luggage and odds and ends Here, because there is actually no transmission panel here, so you have lots of space inside the cabin, obviously its a mercedes amg. So obviously the seats are super duper comfortable. Of course, this is all napa. Leather theyve got a carbon fiber finish here. The steering feels really good to hold. Of course, this is just a walk around so im just going to be talking about the static of this car im going to be getting to drive this car much later and im going to give you a low down on exactly how this car drives and honestly. This car honestly feels better while its driven, then its static right. So the interesting thing here is, of course, the electric car. Now this is the comfort mode. Now i go into this port now, im sure you cant hear this, but when i go into sport plus these burmester speakers here in fact all around the car they give you the sound like you are driving an internal combustion engine car like the car is revving.

It gives you that sporty feeling when you actually rev the car and you really drive out it, gives you the feel that youre literally revving it like a normal ice car. So another thing is you get this screen over here for the front passenger now this screen only gets activated once someone is sitting on the seat, so there are weight sensors here. So when you are actually sitting here, the screen gets activated. Obviously, youll be wondering that you know what, if the driver just happens, to look there so just see carefully. Can you see these two things blinking? These are two actually infrared cameras which are continuously monitoring your eye movements. Now, if you happen to peek over while driving at this front passenger screen, the car will automatically dim that screen. So you wont be able to see anything there. Actually, so its very cool, you know uh just to keep uh. You know you really safe on the road uh. These distractions are actually minimized by these two cameras. Here really awesome, so you get navigation uh, like obviously all mercedes cars get, but this gets navigation with the electric intelligence. Now, what that is, let me get back to you on that. So basically like right now we have 95 percent of charge. If i want to go to say, uh goa and i map the route, so its actually going to first judge how much charge i have whether there are charging stations in route where i can comfortably charge the car and its going to take me to a route Which actually ensures that i dont run out of charge along the way, rather than the route, which is the uh, the shortest wire time or distance? So this is something which is very cool, so you know you never really run out of charge, of course, with the amg track, pace and performance mode like.

If you go to performance, you can actually track uh all your data, the energy flow vehicle, the engine uh. You know the torque distribution, the braking distances acceleration and lets just go to track base. So obviously, if youre on a preset track, uh itll give you all the telemetry data like your speed, acceleration braking. So it you know even being an ev. You know you really dont miss uh, you know the ice engine cars. You know its. You know slowly going to get you to that level where you accept – and you know, really enjoy these cars as you would enjoy the ice cars. So obviously, this car is more fun to drive and be behind the wheel right. But of course, if youre sitting at the back seat dont be disappointed, you have a lot of stuff to do theres this mbox screen here and you can control most of the things over here right here from the rear seat. So this was the walk around of the amg eqs 53 4matic plus make sure you, like this video comment down this video and share this video and tell me in the comment section: what do you think about this smashing cup? Thank you.