. According to mg. The cars appearance was designed from the outset to appeal to buyers in global markets, which may explain why the overall look here is rather unfocused and uninteresting from the front. It certainly looks like a previous generation volkswagen passat, which doesnt do the car any favors in 2022 and, as a result, it struggles to stand out from the electric car segments most boisterous offerings down. Here we have 16 inch alloy wheels. They come as standard its. The only size you can get with the mg5 ev they do a good job at smoothing out undulations and absorbing the impact of harsh abrasions electrically adjustable door mirrors come as standard and if you opt for the top spec exclusive trim level, theyre heated as well perfect For those cold winter mornings, and up here you get silver roof rails, perfect for holiday. Accoutrements, like your bike or roof rack mg says the cars. True usp is the boot space and it was designed with fleet buyers in mind, so lets open it up and see. Just how impressive it really is right! You get 578 liters with the seats upright and thats more than the nissan leaf. We can extend the boot capacity by folding down the rear bench in a 60 40 arrangement, and that gives us around 1 476 liters to play with. But, as you can see, theres a bit of an incline there and the floor isnt completely flat. Theres. Quite a large bump in the middle so its going to make it quite difficult to load awkwardly sized and shaped objects into the rear cabin, but its plenty of space for a couple of bikes and more than enough room for the tip run.

Okay, then, lets find out how the mg5ev drives on uk roads whats. The driving experience like lets put it to the test. Applause im really impressed by the mg5s ride, quality, more pricey alternatives offer much less settled ride around town, its exceptionally comfortable on country, roads and b roads. When you drive over potholes and rough abrasions, you do feel the impact of these but theres no shaking or jerkiness. Inside the cabin and the car holds its form incredibly well, when youre up to speed cruising on a motorway, its very settled to the point where, if youve got young kids in the back, theyll be dozing off and thats. Thanks to the 16 inch alloy wheels, they do a very good job at smoothing out those undulations ill briefly touch on the pedals. The firmness of the accelerator, just depending on the level of regen braking the brake, however, is a bit soft and spongy for my liking. I wish it was a bit firmer what about noise and vibration? Well, when you set off in the mg5, you hear that whine of the electric motors and once youre up to speed cruising on a motorway, its eerily quiet in the cabin visibility is okay for an estate car. The view out the front windscreen is great. You get a good view over the bonnet and you can directly aim the car down the road slim side pillars dont create too much of a blind spot at junctions and roundabouts, but i wish there was a bit of a panel glass there.

The mirrors are nice and large get a good view of whats behind you. The view out the back mirror, though isnt great its obscured by the rear headrests and my over the shoulder view is also restricted by the chunky rear pillars. But this is made up for by the standard, rear view, camera and rear parking. Sensors lets explore that in a bit more detail now, as well as the rest of the interior. Despite this being one of the more affordable electric cars on the market, interior quality is actually quite good. Theres. Some soft touch materials such as the leather effect trim on the dashboard that nicely complements the chrome trim wrapping around the air conditioning vents up here and the piano black trim used for the infotainment system and the center console its pretty basic stuff. Weve seen this in pretty much every new car but its effective, and it does the job. I quite like the lever wrapped steering wheel here. It feels nice and grippy cruise control with a speed. Limiter comes as standard with the mg5. Usually the controls for this would be on the front of the steering wheel, but in this car theyre behind it uh and theyre controlled using this lever here. But you cant actually see what youre doing. Because your view is obscured by the massive steering wheel. Not too sure why mg did that behind the steering wheel, you get a seven inch driver display. That shows you, the information you want to see really a digital speedometer.

How much charge is left in the battery and the ma range that its predicting but im sorry mg im, not a massive fan of this infotainment setup. Firstly, the screen is mounted far too low down on the dashboard on the plus side. The icons are nice and large and theres shortcut buttons along the bottom of the display to get to those essential menus. The one in the middle here is for home, although it doesnt announce that it is below the display are a couple of usb ports and a 12 volt socket and behind those are physical buttons for the climate controls. Dont get me wrong. I much prefer those to touch sensitive buttons, youll see in a lot of new cars, but in order to tell what youre doing the screen itself changes over to a climate control display, and that shows you, the air intensity and the temperature that youve adjusted it takes. You out of whatever you had on there originally. So, if you had google maps or apple maps, navigating you from a to b thats gone in place of this climate control screen, which i dont really like. Since the mg5 was designed, first and foremost as an electric car, the battery pack is located under the floor of the vehicle in order to maximize passenger space as much as possible, but rear cabin space is often pretty dire with electric cars, so lets hop out and See how comfortable your family are going to be in the back its not as spacious in the back here as in the zs suv, mind you, but it is better than the majority of electric cars on the market.

Headroom non issue. Look how much space i got to play with and thats due to how the roof line swoops down gradually, rather than dramatically towards the rear. Legroom is a bit of a different story. I cant stretch out all the way, but i do feel comfortable and my knees are slightly high up and that could create some discomfort, especially for elderly passengers, on those longer journeys. If you need to cram free passengers in the back here, what is that going to be like for the person in the middle? Well, not great, if im honest, the plastic is really digging into my back and its already pretty uncomfortable, but on the plus side, theres. No transmission tunnel to straddle here the floor is completely flat. Its just a shame about the exterior design. The safety kit could most certainly be more advanced and exhaustive, and this isnt the sportiest of electric cars on the market. It offers a more leisurely driving experience, but, having said all that this is one of the best electric cars ive reviewed so far, definitely worth taking a look at and considering all that it does right so far, im very excited to see what that revamped model has To offer do you know the drill by now guys give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful subscribe, if you havent already done so to keep up to date with our latest in depth, reviews and once youre on board click the bell somewhere down There, because youre going to get notified as soon as one of our videos goes up on the channel but thats it for today.