At that point, in march the hyundai dealer told us that we could probably expect delivery at the end of this year, even a little bit sooner than that since then, it hasnt been going in that direction at all, though, while theres no really clear communication from hyundai, It looks like we would have to wait for a couple years, if not longer, especially because we actually chose the top of the line ultimate trim. We thought we could splurge a little bit get the car of our dreams, so to speak, something that weve never done before. With our gas car getting older. Having come off warranty and losing value, we decided that it was time to act faster after having scanned through car sales websites on a daily basis for a while, we landed on something that we ended up buying. This is a 2019 nissan leaf, plus plus meaning that it comes with a bigger 62 kilowatt battery pack and, of course, longer range with it. Music theres no flat screen tv in the middle here, but an eight inch touchscreen that gives apple carplay and android auto a standard as well as another screen area in the drivers view in the dashboard theres. Only one usb port here, which is typically used for the phone that you connect to the screen, theres heated seats in the front, as well as in the rear, as well as a heated steering wheel. The leaf has this kind of stick or knob here that i think is designed to mimic what you would do with the gear shifter in a manual um gear, uh, standard gear or auto gear, even that you have to do this kind of movement.

Now i find that for me this takes a little bit of getting used to. I do like this form. I like the kind of the idea here to put it in rear, reverse gear. I have to push this thing forward and to move forward. I push it down backwards to me. Thats counterintuitive theres also enough room back here for two adults now im about 5 11., and i find this comfortable and theres enough leg room even just about enough width here. So i can see four adults traveling quite comfortably in the leaf, even on a longer road trip for a third person to travel back here. There isnt even a middle seat headrest here, although the leaf is officially a five person car. Of course, i find it a really tight squeeze for three adults back here, or even an adult and two kids really theres no fold down armrest, and so there are no cupholders in this area either the leaf still comes with a hump in the middle here. Unlike many other newer, evs the floor, isnt flat and thats, of course, going to affect the person who would sit in the middle now, this car came with nothing but a flat cover here, but i found a nissan official nissan part that gives rear cup holders. For the middle and plus this little sort of tray area here, that is a great solution, ill upload, another video that i have that shows you how to get this part and how to install it its really easy.

Actually, the charging ports are at the front theres. One for level one level, two ac charging, as well as a chademo port for uh, fast charging at up 200 kilowatts. This is a downside of the nissan leaf that it uses the older chademo standard as opposed to ccs for fast charging, but im not too worried about it. There are shadow most orders available in ontario for sure i find driving the leaf is fun, smooth and easy. Both in the city, as well as in the highway, the cars quiet, there are no creeks or rattles its not built to be a street racer. But i find it quite snappy, even when driven in the eco mode and i like the e pedal mode, which allows the driver to start accelerate decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal Music. The trunk is quite spacious for a car in its class at about 850 liters, with the rear seats up its bigger than the trunk and frunk combined in the tesla model 3, as well as bigger than the trunk in either the chevy bolt or the kia niro. Ev the rear seats dont fold flat in the leaf, though, which can be a problem when sliding in longer items after about a month of driving. This car me and my family feel overall happy about how things turned out. We couldnt get our dream eevee now, but we save some money and the leaf isnt a bad choice.

We will be making road trips and i plan to install a receiver hitch and a roof rack at some point to add room for bikes and camping gear.