You see the other day. It was minding its own business in bristol airport car park and someone decided to key it and if you have any sensible suggestions as to who our kia kear may be and why they would do such a thing. Please do let us know in the comments so that i can pay them a visit and politely beat them to death with their own shoes. Speaking of shoes, this is the new nero ev and its a car with big shoes. To fill you see, this old inero is a fantastic car, its the car that, along with the kona, brought big range to the masses, its not especially cool or exciting, but it doesnt matter. People love it and actually its been the uks second best selling electric car. For about a year and a half now, but since then key has gone a bit posh, as you can probably tell from a glance at this new nero. So the question of the day is: is the nero still the ultimate value? Well rounded practical, sensible, electric family car, or has it gone a bit too swanky for its own good? This is the nero ev, and this is the fully charged show fully charged live is coming to california. This september 10th and 11th powered by electrify america get your tickets to the number one ev and home energy show now Music. Now, before we dive into the new nero, i think lets take a very quick drive in the old car just to remind ourselves what made this thing so good, because this is one of those cars.

The owners just cannot stop raving about always joke. You can easily spot the emiro owners at fully charged live because theyre, the ones holding you by the face telling you how fantastic the inero is, and it is, it really is a very good electric family car. This again was the car that democratized big range before this in the kona came along. If you wanted 250 300 miles of range, you had to buy a tesla, and then these came along and made big range, a lot more affordable and they did so while being impressively efficient. Long before efficiency was cool like it is now, thanks to the apteras and light years, its just one of those cars thats extremely easy to live with, and at the end of the day, thats, really all that most people ask of their cars right. The only gripe – and i think most peoples only gripe with it – is quite boring, which brings us back nicely to this new, nero ev and clearly kia agreed with me that the old one was slightly lacking in the design department, because this new one has all the Design all of it, in fact, i would say that the design of this car inside and out is the most dramatic change from the old e nero. So it seems a logical place to start now. Whats really clear, with all the new kia models that weve seen in the last few years is.

They are not afraid to make bold choices when it comes to design. The ev6 looks like a spaceship and actually being completely honest with you, while ive praised the way it looks a lot in the past im, not quite so sure anymore. You see them on the road very spec dependent. It needs the big wheels, for example, to look right because its such a strange looking thing this. I really like. I really like the way that this car looks its a really distinctive front end. I like these daytime running lights. I, like the way, theyve placed this kind of faux grill above them, not quite where you think its gon na be its striking great color as well. Look central mounted charge port. We love to see that this speaks to a brand that actually understands what its like living with an ev. Can we please agree car brands that this is where the charge port should just go on all electric cars? This means that wherever the charger is, however, the parking spaces arrange youre going to be able to reach with your cable, which is not the case when you have it down the side somewhere like where petrol filler caps used to be. But i digress great looking face around the side of the car. The sort of general silhouette of it is pretty similar to the old e, nero its still a nice compact little thing, its only 10 centimeters longer than the old inero same dimensions in all other regards still feels pretty compact on the road youre going to have no Issues squeezing it down a city street, these aero 19 inch wheels are standard across all the nero evs.

You dont get any choice with the wheels just to keep things simple, dont mind those think theyre pretty good. Looking worth noting that the nero is still a multi energy car as it were, which is to say you can have it as a hybrid, a p hev or an ev, so its not sitting on bespoke eevee architecture, whats that going to mean for rear seat and Boot space well find out in a second. This is quite a fun. Little touch that kira very, very proud of this is called the aero c pillar. Why arrow? Well? Because its actually got a little inlet just here and the air comes out just behind the rear brake light here in order to increase the aerodynamic properties of the car, how effective is it i dont know? Maybe it gets you a couple of extra miles of range. You can see daylight through it, its not pretend it is an actual aero feature and its kind of cool its something to talk about down the pub you know my kia is basically a lotus avaya, not quite like that, and also on the highest spec models. You can have it a different color, which i think looks quite cool around the back quite a nice bottom. I would argue that its potentially this cars least interesting angle, but i do like these new kind of boomerang style, rear lights. Theyve got quite a cool little design feature here when the car is switched on, and then we do have a nice big old boot here, 470 liters, i think thats 24 liters more than the old e mirror for all you, kia, boot space, fanatics and kia described This as a two tier boot on the spec sheet im, not quite sure what that means.

I think it just means it has a false floor, so theres loads more space down there, but this is how it comes normally, so you have a nice flat. Lip makes it easier to lift things in and out of all very nice and shiny and new on the outside. Then i think theyve done a really nice job in redesigning this car, giving its own identity in the kia range worth noting, however, that underneath the stuff you cant see is not quite so shiny and new. This car has the exact same 201 brake horsepower single motor setup powering the front wheels thats fine with me plenty of power for this type of car, but it also has the same 65 kilowatt hour. Battery pack, as the old e nero and range, is improved by a mere three miles. Most surprisingly, maximum charging speed on this new nero ev is 80 kilowatts that is really below par for modern electric cars and given how many other brilliant long range – 30 something thousand pound electric family cars there now are, this could hurt the new nero. This is potentially a sign that theyve lent too hard on the styling and design and have forgotten to improve the really important stuff. Well, come back to that in a little second, when we drive it, but first lets have a noise around this interior because its very nice Music isnt this a nice looking cabin completely different aesthetic to the old car.

This now looks like a baby ev6, albeit one with less premium materials but thats to be expected. Its a less expensive car, the old e nero interior was fine. It was very functional, but with this new one theres a real conscious effort to make it interesting. Looking there are nice shapes everywhere. I like the design of this central piece. I, like the shape of this housing for the two screens like how it tapers off into a point here. I like this little piece in the door. You know a lot of people think that this stuff doesnt matter and think that they dont care about it, but it does make a difference. Think about it. Youd rather sit in a room that was nicely furnished with art and lamps and plants than one with bare concrete walls, its feng shui baby. It feels better to sit in than the old one, despite the fact that the material quality is roughly the same as the old coin, thats. What good design does and, most importantly, none of this snazzy new design has come at the cost of practicality. Its still a really nice cabin to live with this new look kia steering wheel with the two spokes. I love it. It looks fantastic, but all the buttons are physical and big and easy to hit. Just like you want them to be this panel here, which switches at the push of a button between serving radio and media to the climate control that has the potential to be really annoying but its not because its well executed its responsive, nice, big, clear buttons and Aesthetically, it just tidies the whole thing up so nicely.

I really really like the way. Theyve done this and by the way, if this central screen looks a little bit small to you, thats actually, because what i have here is the entry level version of this car, and forgive me if i sound weirdly excited about that. Its just that, usually all press cars are specced to the gill, so its really nice actually to sit in one. That is probably a bit more representative of what most people are actually going to buy so entry level car. What does that mean? Well, ive got cloth seats, ive got a smaller inch screen. Instead of the bigger ten inch one you get in the posture, spec versions, i dont have a wireless phone charger. I dont have keyless entry, who cares im fine without all of those things and crucially as standard you do get most of the stuff that i deem really essential. So you do get rear parking sensors. You do get android, auto and apple carplay as standard. You do. Get adaptive cruise control, which is an expensive, add on in a lot of new cars, including the porsche thaican and mypolstar too. All electric cars should have that back seats, Music, so front seats in my long boy, driving position and remember. This is not a bespoke ev and yet, and yet that is really impressive. This is a 4.4 meter. Long compact crossover suv its not an especially big car, its not a bespoke ev, and yet i would be really happy back here.

Weve got flat floor as well. How have they done that? It must be something to do with the fact that, yes, this car is offered with petrol engine versions, but theyre hybrids, theyre hybrids, theres, no pure ice version. I think that is where you really feel the losses in terms of interior space when youre in a car that is offered as a pure ice that they then turned into an ev. Those are the ones where you do feel quite cramped. Inside is my theory. I dont know i just thought about now, not sure how true it is, but look at this its just one big floor mat for both seats in the back crazy Music. So then, out on the road in the kia, nero ev, funny story for you on the weekend i took this car to the beach. Just you know, nice long drive get familiar with it, formulate some opinions for this video. When i got home from that 120 mile round trip, i realized that i had id sort of forgotten to formulate opinions about it, because the car is just so quietly brilliant that you sort of feel like its been a part of your life forever and ever as A family car, its difficult to fault it just does everything you want it to do its quiet, its comfortable, its easy to see out of its very simple, to drive its got lots of room in the front lots of room in the back.

A big boot check. What else well lets see its uh its okay to drive? It definitely errs on the side of comfort, as you would hope and expect, but 200 horsepower front wheel drive its quite punchy. Actually, i mean that sort of hot hatchback territory, that sort of performance – and i do have a sport mode, which i can access through this button on the wheel, which, more than anything else, changes the color of the dials. But it also makes the throttle mapping a little bit more responsive. So if youre on a nice twisty road like this, you can extract some fun from the new nero lots of body roll but thats, okay, realistically, not what this car is really about, though lets pop. It back into normal and talk about something more important: the efficiency because oh its efficient ive just been flicking through my stats on the center screen here and every drive that ive done in this car over the past week over lets say 25 miles, ive achieved an Efficiency of between four and five miles per kilowatt hour, without even thinking about it, that is very impressive and thats. How this car manages to have the same real world range as my polstar 2, which has 10 kilowatt hours more battery material in it really really efficient. Ev, i alluded earlier in the video to the idea that maybe kia had slightly lost their way with this car theyd gone too far in the direction of design and desirability and theyve forgotten to improve the important stuff.

The hardware 80 kilowatt charging speed, okay, thats pretty poor. I think that should have been a little bit higher. I think 150 should be the minimum for a new ev but truth be told its. Not the end of the world were talking about 5 10 minutes. More spent at chargers every now and then the battery size, the range its still more than enough for most people, 250 mile real world range, maybe 300. If youre, very gentle with your right foot, does anyone need more than that? Yes, kia could have lumped in a bit more battery and made it a real world proper, 300 miler. But, given that battery material is the key factor in dictating electric car prices, it probably would have made the new nero more expensive and value for money is one of its key usps, so that wouldnt have really made much sense to do. I think theyve got it. Just right, actually, i think theyve made a really really good electric car a little bit better and quite a lot nicer. Above all else, this car is just yet another sign that the korean car makers, hyundai and kia are in the ascension and their german counterparts, whom theyve spent most of their lives staring at the bottoms of in the pecking order should be very worried indeed, Music. So then concluding thoughts on the new nero ev, well, im sure youve, gotten the gist from this video good gooder. What theyve done is kept everything we liked about this old inero and given it a nicer face, a much nicer interior.

I made a few little tweaks that you could easily miss, but that just make it even better to live with day to day. No, they havent changed too much mechanically, but they didnt really have to because it was all there to begin with because they started doing electric cars way before anyone else could be bothered. So there we go the nero ev still the benchmark. For me, in this segment of cars, even if the competition has gotten a lot stiffer, please make sure to like and subscribe.