The toyota bz 4xs styling is bold and brash. The tesla model y looks like a bee stung egg and the ford mustang maki squeezes a horse load of mustang heritage into a compact crossover. But what, if youre looking for something that isnt? Quite so bold theres an advantage to running a bit under the radar while still looking, fashionable and futuristic. If thats your cup of tea, then you might want to consider looking at the 2022 volkswagen id4. The id4 is a compact crossover available in either rear or all wheel drive. The model were testing this week is the pro version with all wheel drive, which is the entry level trim as we found. Despite its bare bones price, it does come with most of the features youd want. It has volkswagens iq drive, driver assistance technology, including blind spot monitoring. Lane centering and travel assist that last one keeps you centered in the lane, while adaptive cruise control keeps you pacing the vehicle in front of you, theres volkswagens discover pro infotainment system. Here too, it has a 10 inch display which is big enough to read clearly, and it supports wireless apple, carplay and android, auto theres, even a wireless phone charger built into the console, upgraded models, get a larger infotainment screen. Adaptive headlights 12 way power, seats and fake leather. The only thing that we really miss on the base model from the upgraded trims we previously tested is the power opening and closing rear liftgate.

The pro model is manual. The id4 pro all wheel drive has an epa estimated range of 251 miles, which equates to approximately 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour. Driving a driving loop at rural highway and city speeds. We averaged about 2.7 miles per kilowatt hour. We anticipate the 82 kilowatt hour battery pack to have a range of approximately 221 miles in normal springtime driving the all wheel. Drive model is better for winter driving, but volkswagen doesnt include a heat pump for more efficient heating of the cabin, but what volkswagen does give you on the all wheel. Drive model is a heated windshield to quickly defrost or de ice it on a cold morning, plus the pro all wheel, drive has heated seats and a heated steering wheel, making it easier to warm up without having to exclusively use the cabin heater. While we would still like to see the inclusion of a heat pump, its nice to have these other items standard charging, the id4 is simple. With a level 2 home charger, vw states, you can add approximately 23 to 34 miles of range per hour of charging. On a dc fast charger that grows to miles in just 10 minutes, vw states a maximum charging rate of 130 kilowatts, and when we tested charging on a model last year we were happy with the continuous charge rate and charging curve. We wish the number was higher, but that wont happen until vw adopts 800 volt charging on its meb models.

The id4 is a family focused tv with tons of space up front for passengers and ample rear seat leg room for most adults. Additionally, you should be able to fit a bulky rear facing child seat without issues plus the isofix anchors are easy to get to and the cover is attached, so you dont lose them. The rear cargo area is nice and big thanks to a traditional crossover shape and large boot. Opening the id4 has 30.3 cubic feet of space. With the rear seats in place driving the id4 is an uneventful experience. The dual motor setup has 295 horsepower and 3′ pound feet of torque that helps get this battery equipped. People mover up to highway speeds smoothly and briskly its not as quick as some of its competitors, but those coming from something like a tiguan will be surprised at how swift it is. The id4 is more highway cruiser than canyon carver. The suspension is soft, and the car rolls noticeably during turns. The low center of gravity from the battery pack does help some of the cornering, but its no sports, car, bumps, potholes and other road imperfections are quickly dispatched. Its also quiet at highway speeds, with only a little bit of wind noise coming from the tires and the front mirrors. It feels quite serene compared to the cabin noise of a tesla model 3 at similar speeds. Our biggest complaint about the vehicle is all the darn touch sensitive buttons.

The steering wheel mounted controls are both physical buttons and also touch sensitive its hard to tell if the function youre trying to perform requires a full press or slide of the finger. The climate controls arent backlit and are also touch sensitive. While you can see them with your eyes in the daylight to operate at night time, they become invisible, theres. Also, no volume knob, but rather another non backlit slider that you cant see when its dark, also and perhaps most baffling, is that there are only two power window buttons. If you want to roll the rear windows down, you must press the touch, sensitive button, marked rear and then one of the window buttons. It makes no sense. The infotainment screen itself is pretty to look at, but the menus are still a bit slow to operate. Its improved from earlier versions we experienced, but its still near the bottom of the pack in ease of operation youre, going to want to use your phone most of the time. The id4 is still a good family hauler and compared to the competition it fares. Well. In several key areas for cargo capacity, the mustang maki has 29.7 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats. The tesla model y with two rows of seats, has 30.2 cubic feet of storage, volkswagens, offering wins just with 30.3 cubes when it comes to range. The id4 doesnt do quite as good, however, equipped with all wheel drive, the maki has a maximum epa rated range of 277 miles.

The model y only comes in all wheel drive and has a maximum range of 330 miles. If you were taking notes earlier, you know the id4 takes last place in this round with 251 miles of range. Of course, thanks to the global chip shortage, finding any of these cars can be a challenge. Here are some of the things we liked and didnt about. The 2022 volkswagen id4 pro with all wheel, drive we like the quietness and roominess of the cabin. We also like that all wheel drive isnt a costly upgrade. The ride. Quality on the highway is also excellent, unfortunately, were not fans of the infotainment system or the touch sensitive buttons. We get what volkswagen was going for, but they dont work as well as they look overall. If youre looking for an ev, that doesnt call attention to itself, but has the latest safety tech and tons of space youre going to want to give the vw id4 a test drive for more electrified coverage, make sure you subscribe to our channel. We have tons of new content in the works, so ring that notification bell too, and you wont miss a single upload, get even more buying advice and take some of the latest and greatest in evs at