In my opinion, the tesla you dont have to have a service with tesla at all. This got me to thinking what other electric cars are coming soon well theres another electric car brand called cherry who plan on selling their evs in europe, australia and a number of other countries around the world within the next 12 months. They have an electric car coming out very soon, which has very very similar specifications to the electric car that i ordered its also exceptionally affordable. The kind of car that the average man the average person could afford to buy and probably should consider it here are the details. Heres the size heres, the specs is everything i know about the cherry automotive 5 when its coming and my opinion on whether or not you should actually consider buying one hello. My friends welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers welcome back everyone else, and thank you. Thank you very much for subscribing its great to have you thanks as well to our new patreon supporters. Whove jumped on the channel. Everyone on patreon want to say another big shout out. Thank you so much for what you do really means a lot to me and its. What keeps this channel going now, if you want to support us on patreon as well ill put a link in the description below any amount is awesome. In july the cherry, omota 5 crossover suv was launched and it starts at 13 800 us dollars.

Unfortunately, that is the gas powered version that wont be the price of the all electric version. In fact, the all electric version has not yet launched in its home market of china. Now who exactly are cherry first before we get to the details of this car? Well, cherry is a state owned vehicle manufacturer in china theyre the ninth largest vehicle manufacturer in china. They sold about one million vehicles last year in 2021, but theyve got big plans for going global. They plan on australia in 2023, europe in 2023 and then other countries. The following year, now, the cherry one motor five electric suv – will be actually remarkably similar to the byd ato 3. That ive ordered the size is very similar its around about just under 4 and a half meters long, and it actually is a bit smaller than what it looks like in these pictures battery pack size very similar as well. It comes with a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack. What kind of battery is it its not a blade battery from byd its, not a lithium ion phosphate battery its a lithium battery range is assumed to be 450 kilometers on the wltp cycle, which is similar to the byd 803 as well, and apparently cherry are aiming To price the car in the vicinity of the mg zsev and the byd at 03., so around about just over 30 000 us dollars in australia around 45 to 46 000 australian dollars.

So the price is going to be very competitive in many markets around the world. Personally, ive got to say, i think it looks pretty good im im a fan of the looks it doesnt. Look amazing, certainly, doesnt look bad though, and the interior is pretty impressive as well. Now this car actually wont come just as an electric version. Therell be a petrol plug in hybrid version as well. That will come with obviously a battery pack and a motor in there, as well plus the electric version, so they have a choice: youll be able to buy the plug in hybrid or the electric variant. Now, what are the power trains going to be? Well, the plug in hybrid variant apparently is going to come with the petrol engine and two electric motors for a combined 240 kilowatt thats, quite a lot of power in a car this size. However, its also going to come with an all wheel drive super performance version with 340 kilowatt thats more than 500 horsepower in a car this size that will make it an absolute rocket. It could actually be kind of scary, but a lot of fun. Apparently, this system will offer nine unique driving modes, including single motor electric, only mode to save energy, make it cheaper to drive dual motor pure electric performance and petrol. Only direct drive mode and thats will be for the plug in hybrid only as as, but that mode, of course, is for the plug in hybrid, only exact size of this car, well, its exactly 4400 millimeters long, so its quite a bit smaller than say a tesla Model wide, which is around about 4.

7 meters long, its 1830 millimeters wide and 1585 millimeters tall wheelbase is 2 630 millimeters now specifications in malaysia of this electric car, which is already available, showed that in electric only version it comes with a 150 kilowatt motor with 400 Newton meters of torque, its a front mounted electric motor and that variant has the 450 kilometers of range on the wltp cycle will charge from zero to 80 in 40 minutes and has a five hour slow charge on a home war box charger. The automotive 5 has some pretty impressive interior technology as well, including a really nice minimalist design. I really like the interior. I think its very good for the price has a twin 12.3 inch screen setup, one for the instrument panel and one for the infotainment. Its got really small air vents that are nicely integrated into the dashboard. The steering wheel looks sporty its got a flat bottom. The infotainment system is equipped with voice interaction, apple, carplay, android, auto huawei, high car and baidu car life in terms of safety. The moto 5 comes with a driver attention, detection system. Other features include a sony audio system, 64 color atmosphere, lights, air purification system and wireless charging of mobile phones. The other cool thing to note is that this wont be the only electric car that cherry plan on selling around the world. They plan on a range of different models with executives confirming to australian media. All the companys future models will be developed in right hand drive, including all electric models.

They said there will be a range of new products for right hand, drive markets, particularly our suvs, but also all of our electric cars in the future. So therell be a range of global and australian electric models available. When a cherry coming well, cherry are technically going to launch their cars. They say in november of this year not exactly sure whether this model will come out then, but it certainly wont be long. Until we see cherry electric cars on the road, you have yet another option and yet another choice to add to the growing list of electric vehicles available in many countries all around the world. I dont know about you, but i would love that 338 kilowatt 550 horsepower. All wheel drive variant. I think that would be absolutely insane, but a heck of a lot of fun and honestly cant wait to see another electric vehicle model available in different markets around the world. Obviously, in my home market in australia, its going to be exciting to see as well, but just to see them out there on roads and be giving people another choice, another option when it comes to an affordable electric mid sized car. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Would you consider buying one of these? This? Would this be on your radar? Is this the kind of car youre looking for price? You know 30 around about 31. 000. Us dollars is that the kind of price youd be looking at for a car this size, i think its pretty good value.