Music holy crap Music 807 horsepower 707 pound feet of torque from a 6.2 liter supercharged v8. You ready for it im ready. Do you notice the difference over the red eye? No, not at all, because this has 10 more horsepower and what the heck does jailbreak mean. Okay, so jailbreak is a trim slightly above the red eye. It is about a thousand or in canada about 1600, more than the red eye, and then jailbreak is a term that, like an iphone, you can then unlock different options that you cant get on a regular red eye, and the gimmick of this is that theyre, not Stopping you from making an ugly combination of colors and stuff for your car yeah. So, apparently, you can just kind of go all crazy and make a disgusting spec and dodge will not stop you like those people in germany from porsche will be like no. I dont care how much money you have. We are not allowing this yeah so were gon na go over. Oh, were gon na. Show you a bunch of the stuff right now on the website and were kind of gon na show you that they didnt give you that many crazy options to make that ugly of a car so were both gon na try to make our ugliest car here. Is the ugly yuri car heres the ugly jacob car? Let us know in the comments below which one is uglier and if you guys can make your own ugly spec.

Let us know how you made yours uglier than ours, but whats going on for jailbreak in 2023. They just got announced because this car got dropped almost like a full year ago yeah. So this is gon na be kind of like a news. Video news update video because weve reviewed the red eye, the hellcat, the this things been around forever. So lots of news just happened: 2023 is the last year of these chargers and challengers with supercharged v8s next year is the last year and theyre calling it last call, and can you jailbreak anything besides 807 horsepower challengers and chargers right now you cant in 2022, but In 2023, you can do the regular non red eye version and the hellcat durango is coming back, yes, which they said was a one year thing, but apparently due to demand its back for 2023. and theres more colors coming back to these cars. So you can get like a bunch of old colors that they dont use anymore, and there are seven new models coming for 2023 and theyre, even allowing you to order a convertible challenger directly from dodge, but not directly from dodge yeah. Someone else is building it. Its approved and its got like extra strut bars, so i guess the frame doesnt twist well thats the thing it better have real good reinforcements because theyre allowing you to do it on hellcats as well, yeah, very, very cool of dodge, but then theres some stuff, like This current jailbreak model on the website they show yellow on, like the page on like the rainbow thing of the card, but theres no yellow paint option like the colors are all kind of like the wheels arent color matched like a porsche.

I think its a cool idea, but like i would rather you just you, buy it from brampton and then then you, like you just take it anywhere and just make it your own, like you, dont need to go jailbreak. Unless you want that extra 10 horsepower and the jailbreak badge and name yeah – and i think these will be more special down the line, but its kind of funny like it only really uh for the most part unlocks like different seat belt, colors and well its hard To like see its like, these light seats are cool and like different caliper colors and different wheel options and colors, so its like its not the most special stuff, oh and decals, and stuff, like the decal that we have you like the stripe. No, but i can understand why, like a 60 year old person that had an original challenge or a charge would be like yeah thats, sick, yeah, yeah, or i think this is like a. I think it felt like a cuda stripe yeah exactly like, but then you get like a stripe around the weve been showing you these stripes the whole time im not like super sold on this like i would rather just buy a normal color one and then yeah Do dumb stuff myself but, like i, you know its cool that theyre allowing this stuff too yeah too bad. You cant customize the color of the bumper guards that youre gon na keep on yeah.

Well, they changed them to the pink didnt they because people think its cooler, yeah theyre like were gon na, make a pig, so people dont want them like pig pig, yeah. Well, people are probably trading like pink for yellow yeah or something um. So back to that brampton thing on dodges website, by the way, if youve never been to brampton its an interesting place. These are all made. Sorry assembled in brampton and the last year of the model of the 2023 will have a plaque that says assembled in brampton, which may sound cool to everyone else. But if youre from toronto, its not that cool but like breath is rafted like hey shout out. Theyre building these things near us so that there are things to like about brampton and the funniest stat. That dodge has on their website is that in the new charger challenger generation since 2005, they have built three million dodge vehicles representing a billion horsepower. We all brampton sounding cooler, michael sarah, in a billion horsepower, a billion horsepower thats, the coolest stat ive ever heard. Another thing they could have written on their website is the only reason vin diesel looks cool in any fast and furious movie is because of brampton yeah brampton keeps the keeps the heroes saving the world. Okay, speaking of vin diesel, speaking of dodge chargers, theres a new dodge charger daytona, so its an eevee but its now, a two door just like the challenger is yeah and then theyre, making the whole thing like its its still going to be fast.

Its all wheel, drive and then theyre like it still makes a bunch of noise and theyre like revving, but its just like this dumbass speaker sound, which is like cool. I guess like thats, like the dodge, like vibe, but like i like that theyre doing something different than everybody else, so i really do like that. However, we have gotten access to the first prototype ever in history of the challenger ev and heres. What that sounds like so yeah, it does kind of sound like a leaf blower ish uh theyre, like youre still gon na, be able to make notes like uh i dont know i mean its cool. I, like that theyre doing that, and you can apparently manually shift it as well like they should have a mode where, like it should be mechanical, so that, like we included louder motors, so that you could, like you know so, you could still be authentic. Yes, i just dont, like the speakers, but pumping, but its apparently a power pending frat sonic exhaust chamber, so its an exhaust system of some sort. I dont know im conflicted yeah like good, for you dodge im, glad youre doing different cool marketing for sure. Yes, now uh, i think thats, all the crazy stuff for 2023. im gon na go through cliche corner a little bit. Supercharger is the best we got some nice wide wheels on here. This is sick. Oh my god. I love this car im.

Never gon na get bored of this okay and before you drive, i do want to say i have a bad back. I got sciatica. I love that you can get this much horsepower in this comfy of a seat, because this was the shelby gt500 wouldnt, be as cool theyd, be so much more uncomfortable. I didnt even drive that cayman yeah, because im not saying this is comparable to the cayman, but fast car bro, dodge wheres. The carbon bucket seat option its its interesting that it that its so comfortable, yes – and i do have to mention before i drive when you ripped it. Our ac has basically shut off its like really hot in here, and i noticed that with these hellcats is that the ac gets really warm when you floor it too much. But after driving this a bunch im gon na say you were right earlier on the craziest and coolest hellcat challenger to get would have been a narrow body manual, yeah and i think like. If i was to get a hellcat, i would get a red, narrow body. Hellcat challenger, that is the most thats, the most psychopath version. However, theres no manuals right now there isnt and it would be the coolest. However, i just love how these wide bodies look thats. The thing i think i like the the wildness of yeah manual, narrow body like early commercial, more than i like, because this looks better for sure yeah and i totally get that and the funniest thing is.

I didnt realize that you can also get the red eye with 797 horsepower in the narrow body, thats thats a crazy level as well yeah. Do you think announcing that the ev charger daytonas coming out is going to hurt sales of like the? This is the end of the normal va chargers, or is it going to like itll? Do the opposite, itll, i think theyre going to sell as many as they can build. I think somebody would have ordered one if there was no like. If they didnt know there was an ev daytona coming out. They would order one theyre like ill. Just wait for the eevee daytona theyll buy both because these are expensive. Cars and rich people have lots of money to spend. I dont know i think theyre gon na find a new audience for those new charger. Ev daytona things all right. Your turn to launch this. Okay, Music launch control, 2000 rpm Music, a little bit of sideways on that launch. I love this car. These cars are sweet, yeah, zero to 60 and probably around. I dont know three and a half seconds or something like that, but uh youd be hard, pressed to probably repeat that many times, but now imagine this with some grippy continental extreme contact force yeah. That would probably help thats the recommended tire for sure or if youre driving on the streets and youre, somehow able to take it easy in this car. The extreme contact sport would be great and then for the rest of our sponsor plugs hit up tsp. To look for chargers and challenges because theres so many out there, you can maybe find some ugly jailbroken ones from somebody else who didnt like to stick with it and if you want some free, sirius, xm satellite radio hit the xm link in the description below guys. Thank you so much for supporting our sponsors theyre. Actually, the only reason were able to continue this, and we also have a editor that we hire as a full time employee. So thank you to the sponsors yeah. The sponsors are the best okay, the best now downshift downshift downshift. Here we go into cliche corner and this just takes off like a rocket like it handles pretty well considering yeah uh doing my best not to swear here, but it does handle pretty well. It still feels like a boat, but, like i love the feeling of this, its so controllable, it feels like a boat when, like you start like pulling it out of your parking spot, but like once youre in the zone, it doesnt feel like it feels like it Feels like, like heavy jet ski Music. No, this feels like a boat man. Ive driven jet skis ive owned a jet ski. This feels nothing like a jet ski. This is the opposite of jet ski. If anything 807 horsepower, which is conveniently one horsepower less than the demon on pump gas – and we still have the same old zf, 8 speed, auto no reason to change it.

Its perfect. The downshifts are a little bit slower than i remember, but the up shifts are great. Like no problem with this, i love this transmission yeah. It suits the car very perfectly yeah, im, not mad, that theres no manual, but it would be a lot cooler, its cool, that a manual existed for this at one point, and if you really want one, you can track them down right. Just uh dont blow up the scene like ed bullion, did for his like manual gallardos and then once you realize theyre, no emanuel uh murcielago yeah ill. Never i forget what yeah yeah no theres. Like the rarest. You know, yeah yeah, you got them all like im. Ed and i bought them all shout out, vinwicki uh eventually well tell one story. If we can put one together on that channel, i dont think were that interesting, ed invited us on. We just have to think of a story and then fly down there, but in terms of suspension, this is still a challenger still really comfortable to drive. This is a race couch with five seats, but no four doors like a charger, which i think i still would pick the charger wide body, because it looks so much more ridiculous because its a four door im just a fan of the two doors i get it. But uh yeah, these couches, these seats are really comfortable. The only thing is, i feel like for some reason.

The lumbar is just pushing me out. I dont know why i dont feel like max lumbar for max broken backs yeah. I just i cant get that comfortable for some reason. This time where i had no previous issue, but i doubt they even changed the seat. So maybe my backs change lets. Do some dumb tests, laser testing bro? These are the best tests, three two one extension yeah and the cup holders fit small medium cups, just great yeah, and then we have carbon fiber down here to save weight, uh definitely needed in here then we have carbon fiber surrounding the infotainment. Your steering wheel is normal, but you can get a uh logo that lights up through the jailbreak options. Oh interesting, because we have had that before in non jailbreak. You know what they should jailbreak in. This is a better friggin, reverse camera holy crap. They definitely should uh next hackathon, if you guys could do that dodge really bought too many of these, like broken cameras in like 2011 and got ta keep using them. I think you said it in a previous video or you just told me uh on a phone call, but you said that it looks like somebodys holding a lighter, they burnt it and theyre like i just send it out anyways. What is the most accurate description of this backup camera um in terms of drive modes? We have track sport, custom and auto ive kind of left it in auto this time, because it just makes sense like it works in auto, and then we also have android auto apple carplay.

Everything works really well. We do have heat and cooled seats its through the infotainment, which is my only nitpick but last year. So dodge is just going to tell me to go f myself, theyre, not changing anything anyway. This is very dodgy. Then we got a volume knob tuning knob. All that stuff works really well a bunch of hard buttons for climate. This is a solid touch screen, infotainment yeah, analog digital gauges. The gauges show every single digit, while youre speeding, so thats great. I assume youre speeding why you dont, buy this car youre. Obviously, breaking the law yeah speaking of breaking the law, jailbreak badge in front of you on the passenger side, yeah with the little uh red eyeball and uh thats, an interesting name, yeah its interesting name yeah, i dont know i get the iphone reference yeah if thats, What they were going for, plus or like bridget or breaking out of jail, is like badass, exactly like all the coolest bad guys break out of jail. They must have gone for that right, like everyones like like, if theres like a documentary on people who like broke out of jail youre, like obviously im gon na, do it theres a whole tv show yeah yeah whats, it called uh it doesnt break. Yes, i never watched it, but i heard it was cool yeah i didnt either anyways paddle shifters are half paddle shifters, as they were in every one that weve driven, which is kind of funny.

And then you have your steering wheel, controls behind it for your volume and your tuning yeah its great oh, and some of you older subscribers. Well, some of you subscribers that have been with us for a while may remember that we have made a rule that rear wheel drive cars with over 700 horsepower. We must sweep cliche corner. I forgot my broom. We have kids im, really sorry, but i sent it through there. Anyways and im alive well, have our editor photoshop a broom into your hand? Okay, there. You go sorry like with kids, its just tricky, the future videos and stuff. I did remember that i was supposed to bring a broom and then i left and im like damn it. I forgot my broom so with all the jailbreak stuff out of the way lets get to the price jailbreak. This one is a hundred and twenty six thousand three hundred and seventy dollars, so we did some of the options add more to that dude thats about as much as the durango srtl cap that we drove look man. Hellcats are cool people like them and they spend money on them dude. If you bought a durango, srt hellcat, and this you have a 300 000 garage of two dodges with like over 1500 horsepower. I think yes, if i can do math correctly, around 1500 yeah thats a lot of horsepower. I love this car fantastic. You should buy them all. If you have the money, if you dont go to tsp., buy a used one because they still have just about as much horsepower, maybe 717 in the old ones. You dont need to get a jailbreak. You can buy a used one off and modify yourself and itll, be just as cool like you. Dont need a jailbreak if you can get a red eye. If you have a normal hellcat thats still enough yeah, you dont need that much more, but just dont get a 3.92. Do not get a ‘2 for the love of god, even if its manual but theyre still really cool. I did like them. They are really cool, but not when you know that this exists yeah. So let us know what you guys think of the jailbreak. Is it enough customization over the red eye yeah, or are you going to just spec out your own gt3 rs, which just got launched? Yeah well, actually, this is almost as much money as a gt4.