If you are an existing subscriber thanks for all the support and if youre new to the Channel, please do subscribe and hit the like button. All right. This is going to be one of those episodes where theres no box well have to look whats outside the box. Music, foreign Music, ero EV Kia makes some hybrid versions of the Nero, but this is completely electric. This has around 201 horsepower so slightly on the lower end, when you either compare it to a pole, star or a Tesla Model 3. But this is a crossover SUV. They call it. The CUV uh looks pretty good and one of the unique things that you notice for staff. The charging port is right in front quite unique, actually most of the EVS. They have it to the side. Even the Teslas have it to the side, but this kind of makes yeah makes sense. You just pull into a charging station and you just charge it so Im gon na get the charging started right now and Ill continue with this video. So the charging port – its not automated, you have to press on it that could release this it. There is one more cap over here: hell have to release. There is a light next to it. So if youre plugging it in the dark, thats pretty convenient, then you just plug in the charger and the charging rates are also pretty fast. The other day I was able to get almost like, I want to say its upwards of 70 miles in around 30 minutes.

So its pretty good – and this has a range of 300 miles on it, which is pretty good. So let me walk around and give you a look at the Kia Nero Eevee. I, like the blue trim in front of it, makes it look really sporty. I think those are the standard 20 inch rims on it crossover SUV, so its got the hatchback look to it. Let me pop over here and open the trunk so plenty of space over here, good sizable trunk. So everything is manual. There is no button to automatically close the trunk, which is fine, its got a backup camera over here, along with the rear, windshield wiper. So these start up at around thirty nine thousand forty thousand dollars, which is very cheap for an electric vehicle and at this point, when Im making the video These are still eligible for a federal tax credit of around 7 500 dollars. So yeah. If youre planning to make a switch to electric vehicles, this is actually a good good start and, as you guys know, uh my baby x model X, plaid was in a it was in an accident, so it was yeah. It was a really unfortunate one. Im still working with my insurance folks, they are being very supportive, so lets see Ive already placed an order for a replacement, but in the meantime, Im getting to explore these electric vehicles, which I would have never otherwise driven. If I had my Tesla, but in any case this is a good experience driving other electric vehicles, I had the opportunity of testing out the pole star, which is pretty good, and this is the Kia Nero Eevee.

All right lets take a look at the Interiors. Kias are all always good value for the money, and even in this, the Interiors are pretty decent for the money that we are paying its got an 8 inch display over here and, unlike other electric vehicles, it actually has a push start button. Usually in electric vehicles. You just decide which direction you want to go either front or back, and you just step on it, but this actually has a power button which turns on the car and, as you can see right now, its charging its saying it needs another of three hours to Get to a hundred percent, because this is a slow charger, its at 3.4 kilowatt, all right so yeah. This has this power button, which actually I dont mind, because when you turn off the car, the steering wheel it stiffens up and its actually useful when youre getting in and out, especially when youre, getting out to hold the steering wheel and get out in a regular Electric car, its pretty much still on so this doesnt become stiff. So when you hold it, it just goes down. So I dont mind this at all having the power button over here all right. Let me turn this on doing the system check and its basically saying its plugged in and to start the vehicle I have to unplug it. So, as you can see right now, I still have 258 miles in range and when I make it 100, it can get me up to 300 miles, which is pretty good.

This is the 8 inch display all the configuration, sorry about all the finger print on the screen, Im, not sure if youre able to view it with the sunlight and all the fingerprints on it but similar to other electric vehicles. All the configuration is done through this center console. Let me try to get in over here sorry about that EV. If you click on that the configuration is over there. If you want to go back thats the button, quite a responsive, eight inch screen not bad at all its got the map navigation menu phone, its called both Android as well as Apple uh. It supports it, its got the phone projection, so if you just plug it in with the US USB cable, it works over there. Its got climate control, theres, also Valley mode media, and they also have something called as the UVO. They have this button over here as well. I dont know much about it. I think its similar to OnStar where and if you need any roadside assistance. I think thats part of it. Its got some basic controls over here and its also got a wireless charger and two USB ports, and maybe this is the fast charger over here and I really like what they have done here in the center console in the pole star. This was all wasted space. They did they had a fancy control over here and because of that, pretty much you couldnt uh.

They you couldnt, have any storage over here, but at least over here they have a cubby over here. If you slide this back, you have the cup holders. Theres, more storage over here and theres also a USB charge port even over here. So in total, like three USB charge, ports and also a 12 volt car charger over here standard steering wheel with some audio controls – and here is the cruise control setup. Its got the lane assist adaptive cruise control, yeah, very good value for the money for forty thousand dollars, including I mean, plus the federal tax tax credit of 7 500, your getting an electric car which is pretty good, its its loaded, yeah thats. Why? I love Kias theyre, always great value for the money all right once this charges well take it for a spin and there are a couple of Drive modes. There is an eco mode which gets you 300 miles for 100 charge. There is also a normal mode which, on a full charge, uh its anywhere between uh yeah. You get a yeah, eight 285 to 290 miles, and there is also a sport mode uh, which yeah you get to experience the performance of the car. You get all the 201 horses, but it drops the efficiency almost like 20 25 miles down so on a full charge. You might get around 260 or 275 anywhere in that range all right. So let me pause over here and once the car is charged.

Well, take it for a spin all right. If you have a Kia, Nero EV and if your charge, if youre done charging, and if you want to unplug it and if it doesnt come out, you might be thinking. How do I get that out? Because there is nothing inside that unplugs it or unlocks it? And youll be thinking: oh Ive unlocked the car Im, still not able to open it. Heres the trick make sure even the rare doors pretty much everything is unlocked, so just click this unlock button two times and that actually unlocks even the charging port. So now you should be able to take it out right so thats the trick. I I spent some time looking how to unplug it, and I just got lucky. I press that unlock button and it comes out so theres a tip how to unplug a charger on the Kia, Niro EV. So right now the engine is off or it is the power button is off, and that makes this steering wheel it locks. It makes it stiff so getting out. You can just hold this and get out its pretty. I dont know if they meant to design it that way, but really helps to get in and out when the car is turned off and then, when you turn it on that activates the steering wheel, foreign Music, the electric motor in the Kia neroid EB. It has a nice almost like a spa like humming, sound, very soothing, not sure if you can hear it very soothing right.

So let me put it in the park. Put it in the park by pressing this button, the motor stops and then you turn it off, and that makes the steering wheel it locks. It makes it firm and its easy to get off all righty in the audio setup. It has this nice feature where you can select sounds of nature as Ive selected, a lively Forest right now just makes the Driving Experience that much more peaceful to reverse, put it to the left and to put it right its to the right, and that is the Sound, it makes its a very calming sound when its in Drive, or at least when its standing still, I dont know when if it makes the same sound when its in drive, but when you put it into reverse, it makes this alerting chime, which is Extremely Loud. Music, I couldnt find a setting to reduce the volume of that, but literally it wakes up the entire neighborhood and thats the backup camera pretty good Music. All right lets take this for a spin. This is a fun car to drive Kia Nero Evie. So when you are at a decent speed, the steering wheel, it becomes much more firm, so the handling is pretty good and if you are at a slower Pace, trying to do a three point, turn it its real. It loosens up its very easy within a single just using one hand, you should be able to drive it so right now, Im in the ECO mode, so that gives the maximum region and the battery gets uh charged.

So you can hear you can actually hear the region breaking. In fact, even has these paddle shifters. I know it its not for the gears theres an EV, but that basically decides how much region braking occurs. So if I put this uh, if I tap this a couple of times, the paddle shifter on the right Im, not sure if youre able to see it on the console over there, it actually reduces the regenerative braking. And if I use this paddle shifter on the left, it actually increases the regen braking. So I was like when I saw this pattern shifter. I was like what are there gears in this EV, but no its basically to control the regenerative braking so yeah its not as powerful as the Tesla or the pole star, but for City driving. This is pretty good, its Nifty, its its its good enjoying it. Its got the standard stocks for the indicator, Kia Nero EV, so yeah. If you are planning to get your first electric vehicle, I done the review of the pole Star as well. I would actually slightly rate this higher um, its super convenient nice to drive not as powerful as the pole star. But if were really looking for power, maybe you could go for a Tesla, but if you just want to get started with an Eevee with all the necessary safety features and the convenience and the price point, of course nothing can beat Ikea. Kia is always good for its great value for the money.