Ford Mustang MACH-E EV tested for Australian buyers | Wheels Australia

But this is a Ford, Mustang and Im getting none of that, because this car is the Ford Mustang Mark E, the very first electrified vehicle to where the iconic Wild Horse badge now Ive come all the way to Americas Automotive Heartland Detroit to find out. If this car has the potential to fit […]

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Car |@Car Kid reviews #volkswagen #id4 #electriccar

Actually so have a look at the logo actually just slide your finger, so this shade will go back slide. The other side and the sunroof will open so its completely with the steering wheel. Music s youre watching a car review, and this is called the Volkswagen id4. So the ID series is the […]

DRIVEN: smart #1. Has smart built the small electric car we’ve ALL been waiting for? / Electrifying

What smart insists we call it so thats. What were going to do also were about to have a smart hashtag Drive of it here in Portugal, which has nothing to do with the car other than its hot and pretty now. I am very much looking forward to this because I was really impressed […]

Better than an EV? Toyota Yaris Cross Urban AWD hybrid 2022 small SUV review: long-term test

Not only will you help save the planet, but youll also save a fortune in rising fuel costs. Well, thats toyotas marketing pitch anyway, which is why, along with my corgi poppy, i spent the past three months putting that theory to the test, as well as exploring every other part of this tiny toyota […]

2023 Ford Mustang Mach E Review || Is It The Best EV Crossover SUV To Buy?

Look at the 2023 ford mustang maki and compare it against other similar electric crossover, suvs in terms of its performance, technology, reliability and value for money. So to find out everything there is to know about the ford mustang maki make sure to stick around until the end. This video and if you enjoy […]

₹8 Lakh में EV सिर्फ Tata ही दे सकते है | Tata Tiago EV Official Launch Details

That almost 60 of you havent subscribed.. So if you guys subscribe, then our community will grow more. And this channel will grow further. So make sure to subscribe to be a real Carversal Pro., The smallest, No, The cheapest No. The most useless No. The most value for money Yes.. So now Altroz EV […]

The new electric car benchmark? 2023 Mercedes EQS SUV review – luxury EV test!

Undisputed Flagship model was the S Class. The limousine with the big, powerful petrol engine – well here we are in 2022 and this is the Brands new hero model, its all electric and its an SUV and its. What the brand believes its modern customers want. So weve come here to Denver Colorado to […]

NEW Citroen C5X Review: The Most COMFORTABLE Family Car?

Almost no one outside of Citron knows what this car is. If you took an SUV, a coupe and an estate and threw them in a blender, this is the juice youd end up with, but actually Im not mad at it, because in a world where everything looks identical, this is a breath of […]

Xpeng cuts price of NEW G9 EV to compete with Tesla Model Y

To give you some context to the BMW X5, the base model version comes with a Lithium Ion phosphate battery pack, 78.2 kilowatt hour usable battery size that model 43 000 US dollars. I kid you not its insane. Why does this matter? Well, it matters because the G9 is going to be x, punks, […]

XPeng G9 Test Drive & Review | A Sporty & Luxury Electric SUV?

You can see that thats enough thats different enough Music. Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel right behind me is the Opera House of the Guangzhou City, but today we are not going for the concert we have for at least the power monster very quickly. Weve been able to test drive this expand […]