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Why I Think The New Chevy Equinox EV Will Be A Major HomeRun for GM

So welcome back to all cargill. I am john and this video is not going to be about the new equinox ev, my opinions, a walk around or the different trim levels, theres plenty other videos about that, and this vehicle isnt coming out for another year. So i think its a little premature to […]

An overview of the all-new MG4 EV

So this is the first car on our brand new modular scalable platform. This platform is going to support a range of new mg products over the course of the next two years. Mg is performing fantastically in the UK market. Today, weve already surpassed our total sales from last year. Our market share is […]

Tata Tiago EV వచ్చేస్తోంది, త్వరలో Toyota Glanza CNG , Volvo XC40 I Car & Bike News in Telugu AAE12

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Millions of USED Electric Car Batteries Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb

More than 6 million electric vehicle battery packs will end up in the scrap yard between now and 2030, and the recycling and reuse Industries are working hard to find a solution. Some researchers project that recycling alone will be over a 12 billion dollar industry by 2025.. Every manufacturer building electric cars is using […]

Delhi to Mussoorie in an MG ZS EV – All Charged Up! | Special Feature | Autocar India

Now a couple of months ago i took a zsev on a road trip from mumbai to goa and since then the car has been updated with a larger battery pack and more range in my books. Thats reason enough to make another road trip and thats what im doing today today were heading from […]

Top 10 Electric Cars Releasing in 2023

After the popular electric manufacturer, Tesla Motors set the pace, Tesla produced the all electric Roadster as their first all electric car back in the year 2009, which they later followed with the model S in 2012 and the model X in 2015., their domination in the electric cars Industry sparked interest of other automobile […]

First Look Review: Volkswagen ID3 EV | Next Electric Car

I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I covered the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs in engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments Below in todays video Im […]

REVIEW: 2022 MG VS HEV with 0-100km/h acceleration test (MG's first hybrid model in Thailand)

So, after doing a walk around of the new mg vshev several weeks ago and now its the time to test drive it today, Im at the Batum, tiny Speedway circuit, where well be doing a little bit of uh handling course, and a zero to 100 acceleration test. For the vshev, but before we […]


At this price point and this cars battery is incredible, the vehicle offers unparalleled value for the money in terms of its driving range stay tuned, because today well be talking about all the unique kinetic and nimble aspects of this incredible work of art, which is exclusively available On tech, electric, the all new […]