This is the aura good cat, its leading up to be the most affordable, full electric vehicle on sale in malaysia. Very soon i dont know whether its the funky name or the quirky looks, but this car is creating quite a buzz among malaysian, so lets see if this should be your next eevee Music. First things. First, the good cat has not been officially launched here in malaysia. Just yet that is only going to come in q4 of 2022. For now we have an early preview of this courtesy of flux. The local car subscription company right now theyre running a program which i find really interesting, where you can get to bring home a bunch of evs for seven days up to a month, even for you to try out whether it would fit your lifestyle or your everyday Use or not, i think, if youre really interested into ev ownership. This is something that you should really consider. Theyve got a whole bunch of evs available from the good cat to the nissan leaf. The hyundai kona electric ioniq 5 as well. So yeah take your pick anyway. Lets get back to the car like i said this is likely to be the most affordable ev you can buy here in malaysia right now. That title goes to the hyundai kona electric, with prices, starting from just over 150 000, bring it. This good card over here is estimated to go slightly lower around 140 000 ringgit.

Now i know 140 150 isnt exactly cheap or affordable by malaysian standards, but at least i think the trend is going down so hopefully very soon well find an ev for under 100 000 ringgit in our market anyway. What do you guys think is a fair price to pay for an eevee in malaysia. 100. 130. 1440. Let me know in the comment section below now lets move on to the car itself: the aura good cat. The brand is a relatively new one aura and its a sub brand of the great wall, moto, family or gwm. You may be more familiar with haval here in laser, which is also a sub brand of gwm. For some reason, aura brand has a fascination with the cat name. So while this is a good cat back in its home market in china, theyve also got the funky cat, which is a bit of a retro call back to the volkswagen beetle theres. Also, the lightning cat which sort of looks like a budget, porsche panamera and speaking of porsche. This may look a little bit familiar and thats because it was designed by a former porsche designer. I think if anyone is to recreate the classic porsche 356 for the modern days, i think it would look something like this. I dont know what do you think? Does it look cool or a bit? You know a bit too much of a copycat again. Let me know in the comments below now lets move on to the bread and butter of evs, the most important part before you even consider buying one the range this good cat comes with an option of two different batteries, the smaller one being a 48 kilowatt hour Battery that gives a range of 401 kilometers.

This here has the bigger battery pack, a 63 kilowatt hour battery, giving you 501 kilometers over a single charge, but before you get too excited, i do have to mention. These numbers are based off the outdated nedc test cycles. Pretty much all other evs out there use claim ranges using the newer, far more realistic wltp cycle. There is no exact signs to convert nedc to wltp numbers, but most of the time by moving between the two, you lose about 20 of the figure. So, instead of 501 kilometers youre, most likely looking at a wltp range of about 400 kilometers for this one, the smaller battery will be closer to 300 instead of 400. Now lets move on to charging the aura good cat has an on board ac charger of just 6.6 kilowatts thats a little bit slower compared to most other evs, which support up to 11.. So charging with a dedicated ac wall box will take between four to five hours for a smaller battery or maybe six to seven hours for the bigger battery. As for dc charging, this can take up to 60 kilowatts again a fair bit lower than more advanced evs, but at full speed it should still be able to get at full charge within an hour or so thats, not too bad. Whichever battery pack you choose, the electric motor is exactly the same. This is rated 143 ps and 210 newton meters of torque. This isnt one of those crazy, fast teslas.

This is designed as a city car. It should be more than fast enough for your everyday use. As for size, its quite difficult to guess how big this car really is, i think its all to do with the funky shapes and the unconventional styling, but in overall length this is actually quite close to a toyota yaris or a honda city hatchback. But at the same time, this is a fair bit taller than those two hatchbacks, because its got chunky big tires. These wheels are actually 18 inches big and, as you can see, the ground clearance is quite significant, as well overall shape and dimensions. The closest reference i can give you is a mazda cx 3 is basically a small crossover overall, but as unique as this car looks from the front. I think it is the back here where i think it is the most outstanding because just look at it, theres literally no tail lamps in the back here, the lights are actually embedded within the rear screen and when you unlock the car it does this little dance That looks absolutely brilliant. I think weve come to a time where pretty much all the cars out there look the same from each other to really stand out. Youd want something like this. Moving on inside this car has a very oddball, but adorable interior feel that i really really like it has a rather unique mix of being modern and retro at the same time.

But overall it just really really works at the top. Weve got a dual screen: white. Cockpit layout very mercedes benz in the middle here youve got this old school organ switch type. It looks like it came straight off a mini and then youve got this jaguar style, rotary gear selector and the wraparound dashboard is very audi as well, but overall i think it really works, because this looks and feels every bit like a premium car inside the material Work is really fantastic at the top of the dashboard is entirely covered by this i dont know bare leather nubuck material. It looks and feels like a premium. Car youve got the same materials across the seats as well, although in this light, color im not sure how long that will last, but at least when its new it will look bloody, fantastic youve got some nice stitching on the seats. Youve got a knurled effect on the gear, selector quilted leather pattern on the door cart. This car feels every bit like a 200 or even 300, 000 ringgit car. On the inside mind you, this is the top of the range or a good cat, so youre, looking at likely around 170 000 rather than 140 000 ringgit, but even then for 170, you get this interior its a bit of a bargain. I think, and besides just purely look and feel this offers a lot of car for your money, youve got a full panoramic sunroof over here.

Youve got a qi. Wireless charger in the middle youve got climate control. Youve got apple, carplay youve got a full suite of others, including adaptive cruise control lane keep assist, youve got 360 degree cameras, auto parking everything you come to expect from a modern car. It is all in here. One unique touch: is that just like a tesla, you dont need to start this car at all. All you have to do is have the key on you jump in, and just press on the brakes, and this car is ready to go same, goes when youre parked just pull up the handbrake get out of the car. Lock it and the car will just turn itself off. You dont have to worry about pressing a pesky little button to turn it on and off, but i do have to mention this. That screen ive only had it for a while, but that is super annoying. It doesnt look very good, its kind of small for the bezel size and the buttons are absolutely tiny. This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Just changing the fan of the aircon is just so difficult. You have to press this tiny button and then press this. You dont even get a plus or minus button. You have to choose exactly what fan speed. You need and say i want the minimum fan speed. I got ta press yeah its gone away. Now i need to restart the whole process again fan button and click on this tiny bottom line of the fan, speed yeah when youre driving that can get dangerous and then, of course, when youre driving, obviously youll be having your apple carplay screen on like so so.

When im driving, how do you think im going to change my aircon controls right now? As you can see on the right all the shortcut buttons have gone away so to change the icon. I have to scroll right, press aura and then look for the tiny fan button and then change the fan yeah. That is infuriating now in the back here you get plenty, i mean plenty of legroom. I am 167 centimeters tall, but even if you have far longer legs than i do, you are not going to hit the front seats at all. This is super spacious headroom. You might have a bit of an issue with because sitting up straight, my hair is just about touching the ceiling over here, so yeah for taller people. You might have to slouch down a little bit. As for the seating itself, the floor is relatively high compared to the seat, so you sort of feel like you are squatting on the floor. A little bit as you can see. My tires are hanging off the seat a little bit, but you can just slide your feet forward and lean back. I think this is fairly comfortable even for longer journeys. It helps that the seats are just very nicely shaped for a nice long drive other than that. Unfortunately, you dont get any rear air convents, but you do get a single usb charging port and while the front of this car just screams pure class and quality in the back here, yeah everything starts to get a little bit scratchy.

But overall i think the cabin is just about nice. Moving on to the boot space and its a bit of a disappointment, because the official claim the volume is just 228 liters. I cant quite remember the last time ive seen a boot, this small. I think that was a paradox viva or one of those and its really really. Is that tiny? I think you would struggle to fit anything more than two cabin bags in here. Anything more youll have to fold the rear seats down so strictly in terms of practicality. I wouldnt say that this is any more practical than a pro myvi, but as an eevee cytica, i think it does its job. Now i have driven this car a little bit, but nowhere near enough to give you a full, proper review just yet but cliff notes. I think into the performance. This is more than good enough, especially from a stop from a standstill. This gives you enough of a punch to go up to 70 80 kilometers per hour and in terms of normal cars. I think this is similar to 1.5 liter turbocharged engine and a pretty powerful one at that in terms of range, ive only been driving it for a little while, but i think you can expect no more than 400 kilometers on a single charge. Handling is pretty decent and the same goes with the ride quality as well its a little bit busy a little bit bumpy at low speeds, but it does settle as the speeds rise padded together with the very premium feeling interior.

You know quirky economics aside. I think it makes a pretty compelling package choosing between this and the hyundai kona electric is going to be a tough one, so there you go our quick look at the aura good cat here in malaysia. Well, give you a much more thorough video review once its officially out, but for now, what do you think of this most affordable ev for the malaysian market? Let me know in the comment section below thank you for watching and stay safe.