Its been like this for the last three or four weeks above 30 degrees 80 to 90 percent humidity, but makes it uh pretty hard work anyway, were not here to talk about. The weather were here to talk about, whats been happening with the uv club man over the last uh 1 500 kilometers, which weve now covered so uh yeah lets get on with it. So i want to stop the video there for a moment and let you know that any um donations or ad revenue generated by this channel is actually being given towards cancer. Counselling charities that are helping families that have received a cancer diagnosis, get through difficult times. So any help from your side, donations or just watch the video to the end is highly appreciated and you know from my side. Thank you so much for the support so far so lets talk about some of the usage. I mean 1 500 kilometers in this platform. I think gives me enough position to have an opinion and certainly gave me a good opportunity to make some changes after the initial build now one when we did build the car wait for the truck to pass when we did build the car. Originally, we put coil over springs front and rear on this car, with a 250 pound compression spring uh. However, although the rear has been performing well with the battery way on the front that spring compression rate seemed like it was overkill and in fact, in some situations, when the car was on a cambered corner, you could actually feel one of the wheels skipping so weve.

Actually lowered the compression rate on the front. Its now got a 220 pound compression spring on the front and the 250 on the rear, and it seems to have balanced the car out quite nicely now. As far as the rest of the changes that weve made weve not actually made that many changes, obviously at the moment, the dial cluster is not working correctly because were waiting for the guys at electricmini.nel to make the necessary changes. So we can keep the original dials and not use the digital dial. One of the other tests that we have been doing is making ourselves comfortable with range. I mean we all hear about range anxiety when it comes to evs, and this kit originally is supposed to deliver around about 250 kilometers of range. Now, on and off for the last month, weve been using this almost as a daily driver, doing 30 kilometers every day. No issues been charging absolutely fine. Weve took it on a couple of long runs: 120 150 kilometer ranges just to make sure that were getting correct, readings and thats all been working. Fine now it has to be said, obviously its the netherlands. So the should we say the rise and fall rate of altitude is somewhere between 5 meters below sea level to plus 60 or 70 meters above sea level, which is not a fantastic range as such, but nonetheless it confirmed that the car was absolutely capable of 220 240 kilometers in range so were really happy with that.

Now, as i mentioned at the beginning of the video weve, had quite a hot period, and it led to some surprises so ill just quickly, flip to this other video to explain a little bit better of what was going on. So weve been having a bit of a problem trying to charge the electric car over the last few days, its been above 30 degrees for a couple of days now, but every time i come to try and plug in the car to charge it its tripping down To the six amp setting and im getting a fault light now, im assuming this is something to do with the heat, but uh yeah its a bit. Concerning that you cant charge the car if the temperature is above 30 degrees. So, as you saw from that video, we were having problems when the temperature was, in the 32 to 35 degree range and having high humidity 80 90. The car would only accept a one hour charge which wouldnt exactly give you the full battery capacity now ive been in contact with the guys at and theyve been fantastic, trying to diagnose what the issue is at. This point were not sure whether its related to the charging box that i have on the wall, the mobile charger for domestic power or whether its something to do with the inverter and its noticeable that the inverter has a very small fan. So maybe, in these types of conditions, its not quite cooling the car, quick enough to accept its full charge.

Nonetheless, outside of that happy with the range happy, the way that the car is handling and driving and its certainly become a very useful daily driver because with the cost of fuel at the moment, its only costing me two years 75 to charge the car fully and That lasts me around about two weeks of general running about 20 to 30 kilometers per day of daily use, which is outstanding anyway. Weve still got some more updates to come on the car, as were using it more and more and certainly therell, be another update when weve got the the retro dials in place and weve got rid of the digital screen, but for the moment uh yeah. This is just a quick update, keeping you informed of how this kit is performing over time. 1 500 kilometers done and youll certainly get an up next update when weve added some more kilometers to that. So for the moment, thank you guys for watching.