Why was this car added? This car was added as a cheap electric um alternative to the bmw i3. However, it really sucks it only has like it has. A really prophetic range like stuff like lets, do a little walk around of the car, as you can see its, not the biggest car, its pretty small. But what i do like is the little like 3d headlights, like the mall overall, its its an okay car like just like pontiac, which i upload today uh yesterday lets say: lets start rocks sometimes, as i expected so its also really pathetic, like as you can see, Im im trying to make a turn radius and this coil is like it wasnt like that was the year when tesla became like a big company, so lets do that with the post test. So here are the lights. You can get see its nothing really special, but what it does have is these high beams, which is a really nice function? Those are these ones. The flash beams here you blink of slash hazards, pretty nice lets, do a max speed. Shall we go Applause and you can see right here if the electric conversion goes really fast like it? Doesnt have to. It has a shift amount of training to break all right, so its okay lets talk about the price point so for this av conversion? Basically, perfect law, you still have the base end of the v10 yeah like this one is six thousand dollars which i find really bad for, like this car like like lit like legit honesty, this car is aesthetic, so would i recommend it? The answer is actually no um.

I do not recommend this car like it has range like, for example, uh. The youtuber uh lover, basically uploaded it on a youtuber in greenville, um uploaded the video in which he showed this new car and in like around 35 minutes. All of the electric stuff like so, if you have an electric uh car guys or the electric fans, i would really recommend to the e tron or the tesla model. Free long range, like those got really good range like theyre much nicer, but is it worth? Six thousand dollars, no its absolutely not like you. You can at least charge like 1500 for this quite like 1500, because 6 000 is just like a pathetic and insane number for this piece of anyways um. That concludes my review of the 2012. Next knowledge: ev conversion.