This is long range, simply exterior, Mechanicals and interior. The key fob keyless type in a diamond shape for the long range version. As you unlocked the car, the side lights turned on foreign standard gray, leather seats with blue stitching part of the Eevee theme, two spot level up, multifocal steering wheel with perforations on the side, along with white panels on the spokes for transmission. The Aya EV comes with a single speed automatic gearbox, its a rotary style knob twist it to into reverse neutral and drive its an rmp. This has a long, reversing camera. This has, I think we are talking sensors front two. Electric windows, which are automatically in both directions up and down electronic parking brake with the auto hold feature Music. This button is for the driveway selection Music for the wheels. This has 12 inch tail rims, along with both and plastic covers. They are working. Remarks EK Following TV special 13570 are both tires: foreign Music micro car, the air EV. It is sold for now only in China and Indonesia, but willing has plans to select worldwide. This is the fifth model to be based on hdmw global small electric vehicle platform underpins the Willing Hong Kong mini EV and the Virgin EV micro, cars, E100, E200 and E300. The Willing air EV has recently been launched in Indonesia with two variants. Standard range and long range, the official pricing starts at 258 million Indonesian rupiers. The long length version has the 16 million rupiah option of a charging kit pile the AEV in the comes as a four seater version.

Unlike China, which has the option of a two seater version with shorter real base for the design, the ruling air EV is cute, and this black and white color reminds me of Chinas treasure, most unsight mirrors and foot N. I dont know the purpose of the cameras for the front. An EV means no Grill. There is the Willing logo on charging port which illuminates, while stationary and driving on long range version. There is a blue Highlight piece to indicate EV and a vertical LED, DRL Soul. Street extends into side mirrors. The side has chrome door handles and Hue side windows for increased visibility. The weight is clean, it features willing lettering on glass black frame. Another design detail I like here is the third weight light inside the rear window and a flatware window. Although it locks a rear, wiper tahoon and list micro, car Adler, mobile and to Consumers, it is foreign for powertrains. The air EV comes with two options: the standard range and long range, the electric motors are located within the cars chassis and flowing foreign Music version is a single electric motor located at the rear. This electric motor produces 41 horsepower and 110 newton meters of torque. The cars battery is lithium iron ferrofosphate with an IP67 waterproof rating. This has a capacity of 26.7 kilowatt per hour, with a voltage of 115 volts and charging time on a 6.6 kilowatt. Ac type is 4 hours, the air evs pure electric means it has zeroid CO2 emissions.

The long range has an estimated range of 300 kilometers or 186 miles. The air EV is a rear, wheel, drive car front doors, have four plastic materials top and bottom in the middle. There is based by big materials along with white panels. Down below is a medium sized door pocket the right of the steering wheel, column next to the instrument cluster is a cup holder. Storage which can be called down below is to switch to just the height of the headlights, along with the mirror control. This doesnt have power. Portable side, Dome is down below automatic transmission or pedals theres. Also, the body release which you release twice. I dont know what the button on the right or the headrest on both the front and rear seats are fixed, theyre, not adjustable for cost cutting measures. The drivers seat has full manual adjustments for flying the buffer, siding, unfortunately, theres no seat pipe adjustment. The steering wheel has manual tilt only adjustment adjust it. You can leave it down here on the steering wheel on the less spoke is the controls for the instrument cluster on the white spot. It all the controls, volume seat, track, Im, not sure what this button does. This one is to cycle through your infotainment menus. This is the voice control rolling Indonesian command system. I cant demonstrate it because of loud background noise in the Lily Park. Mall, the white stone is the light and indicated controls. The left door is the wiper controls.

This has a 10 and a quarter inch full digital instrument, cluster control over these buttons. On the last thing inside the steering wheel, I dont know if the rest is customizable or not. This has manual aircon controls, temperature on the left, with the AC button fan speed in the Middle with the recirculation button and your different zones on the right with the front defrost for infotainment. This has a 10 and a quarter inch touchscreen. This contains various media options. Online Sat Nav along with online facilities for media and communication and sound five. Four speakers lets go and test audio sound quality, Music, foreign Music quality sounds adequate enough. This is the USB audio menu song information playing play, pause backwards or four songs show for a few options cycle for the USB menu music. Bluetooth jukes, I think thats. The Jukebox option on the right side is the main menu navigation, AC media, along with the radio. This is the main menu home screen, widgets fmam, AC audio, as well as the navigation, the AC Ute telephone music, like I showed you before Music Radio FM and AM options navigation. The graphics are such vivid lots of colors zoom in and out reviews Ive been got. The exact location settings menu Bluetooth. This has onboard Wi Fi display sound settings system. First, information legal menu Music. This can play video on here. P chat, vehicle menu, vehicle charging, menu Music. I think thats it for the no thats not set.

If you swipe down, you can adjust the volume broadness. Please turn on the Bluetooth settings menu turn off the display Music. I think thats it for the touchscreen head unit. The touchscreen is created in software icons and quite intuitive to cycle through on the negative. There are no physical shortcut buttons; no volume button down below are two USB inputs, one for media and other for charging. There are two blocks here: Music, put them back the power outlet there 12 volt power outlet behind the electronic parking back in here. A bit of storage and cup holders theres no, almost on this one manually adjustable mode that is not dimming, theres, also a USB port behind it. I think you can charge your dash cam LED front. Reading lamp has a light, switch pounder only for the front passenger side driver side supervisor with a card holder, along with a light, less vanity mirror his interior. The interior is search. Space aged the visibility is excellent, with a huge windscreen and for quarter windows. There are two screens the main touchscreen can be distracting to use, especially if you want to control the volume. These seats feel comfortable enough. There is a mixture of hard plastic fabric aluminum, as well as white paddle materials. On the dashboard now lets check out the rear seats to access the rear seats. Just pull this lever here, and I think you just have to slide it forward like that theres no grab handle here lets hop into the rear seats for rear seat space Im.

A short person Ive got a decent amount of legroom and the diesel mile Headroom. I believe poor people, six Footers, would be fine back here for shorter periods. These rear seats are suitable for young children or smaller individuals, foot seat back pockets on each side a flat floor, fit great handles on each side. Now lets take a look at the boot to open the Bonnet. Pour this lever twice. Foreign is such tiny. You can probably wear passengers or boot space, not both the charging table here, along with the first aid kit, were rolling triangle all down the rest seats like that with those handles foreign passenger seat, has exactly the same adjustments as the drivers side. This has two airbags as standard a cup holder storage which can be cold, an exposed bit of storage area, a small net storage, the fire extinguisher down below the front passenger speed foreign ever upload.