But i can tell you, after spending about six days with this all new 2022 audi e tron gt in this amazing color, which is known as tactical metallic green. We have turned heads peop, other drivers have looked at us, give us the thumbs up passengers if pedestrians have walked by and just ood and awed over it and the valet guys when the valet guys are jumping out in orange county. You know you have something special and, even though i wasnt overly impressed with the original audi e tron, not the original original a3 im talking about this new generation of e tron that came out a couple of years ago. Not that impressed with that one which had about 204 miles of range this one, the audi e tron gt, has over 260 miles of range and 0 60 in 3.9 seconds. It will really uh turn your head and, if thats not enough, theres an rs version 060 in 3.1 seconds. The cargo space on the audi e tron gt is compromised, thats and thats being kind. As you can see here, we just have a few bags and thats about all you can fit in here, and we had a little problem. Uh, you know hitting the automatic close button. It doesnt always close all the way. Now it did that thats fine, but lets talk about this three quarter rear ass shot. This thing is just beautiful. Look at this, what the designers did here, plus the light treatment when you approach this vehicle and hit your key fob, especially at night it just lights up, it does a dance, i mean audi, just nailed it they, they know how to do lights and both front And rear, but especially rear, and i just love how how this curves around youve got just the right angles.

When i look at this versus the bigger brother, the porsche tycoon, i actually like the design of the audi e tron gt a little bit better. So you want to know about charging times and range and all that good stuff and thats important, and when i first got this vehicle, i uh pulled up to the charger and nothing really worked well. This is your basic charger. Theres a whole nother charging point on the other side for the level two chargers and thats the one we ended up using most of the time the public charges were, they were a nightmare, but we expect that with pretty much any vehicle, but um. I wish audi would have a little symbol here or something to say: hey theres, another theres, another door on the other side, of course, once we figured it out, it was easy, but i dont even know why they have this. Second, one also just opening and closing. This was a little bit problematic, maybe its just a pre production model. I dont know but uh it wasnt. The easiest thing id prefer a little a little button or something just to open the door because uh, you know you really have to kind of see kind of bang on it to get it to open Music. The audi e tron gt boasts 472 max torque and 522 max horsepower, uh thats impressive, its a lot of power for a relatively small vehicle. This follows the four door coupe or coupe.

If you are european model of taking av, basically the porsche panamera kind of started that all that you take a vehicle and you merge a sports car with a sedan thats. What theyve done – and i think, thats a that – was a good place for for audi to introduce the gt in the electric or e tron lineup uh and weve been impressed. I i got ta tell you. I was expecting the same performance as in the e tron crossover in this vehicle really didnt have high expectations now, im blown away, uh and its rare for me to get into a vehicle, and especially one thats, been out for a few months and be impressed to The level that i have been but thats thats, what audi has done here, but the acceleration is just blistering cant, say enough. Good things about it. There are a few things i dont like simple things. For example uh. We really couldnt get the paddles to work. The way we wanted it to yes, it does do some regen braking, but not as aggressive as wed like the front or front trunk area is sufficient for two or three grocery bags. However, you cannot access it with the key fob. Why seems like a simple fix? I would like to see that and beyond that the vehicle is definitely cramped. Its not the most spacious were really struggling right now we have three suitcases: medium suitcases, slash boxes, uh to drop off at the airport and its its really taken some creativity to to get everything to fit.

So a few minor things here and there, but as far as the driving – oh, my goodness, this vehicle just uh, this really blows you away and hard to believe that the rs is whats, almost 20 percent faster. That is mind blowing. This is plenty fast. The range has been as uh, you know, as promised, you have different drive mode, so the range adjusts, depending on what you, what mode you select. So we were at 138 in the dynamic mode and we instantly jump up to 151 go to go into comfort, which is the default modes. Every time you start up, the vehicle its going to default to comfort were at 142. Now we go into dynamic, which is the fun mode and were going to drop down to about 130, but charging time is acceptable. Uh public charges, ive said it over and over again it should be. Twenty percent of your charging should be done at public charges. Not eighty percent, and obviously this week we we dont, have a private uh level, two charger access to one uh, so weve been relying on the public chargers and it has not been fun. Weve used all three evgo electrify america and chargepoint. Those are the three big ones and its been a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they dont. Sometimes they work slower than they should so it really depends on when you show up and whats whats happening that day with those chargers we havent had to wait for one, but we pulled into the san diego airport.

There was a bank of about 20 in uh terminal, 2 and all, but one were taken. Luckily, we got that one and were able to top off so we got creative, we topped off here and there and thats what it takes when you are playing that public charger game, but back to this vehicle, i think for a hundred thousand dollars. Then you factor in the tax credits and the state rebates, depending on where you live, uh head turning styling, just amazingly comfortable but sporty and dynamic, and lets go on and on and on you dont. I cant even imagine the rs, but we will, in a few months well test drive that one, but my god this is uh, mind blowing. I was able to bring some new people. People have never even been in ed from the east coast and let them experience this vehicle and their perception completely changed about electric vehicles. So if your perception is chevy bolt or first generation nissan leaf, just just forget it. This quite honestly, outperforms my porsche 911 with a seven speed manual, transmission and thats, only its only four years old and uh. The interior is as expected. This is this is a typical audi, uh interior, with a virtual cockpit, which theyve had for about four or five years. The carbon fiber interior just a lot of nice uh amenities, but its its the driving experience, and you know the electrification of audi its working and ive driven.

You know audis for years, ive owned a couple and ive always loved the way they drive, but this this may be the best one uh aside from the r8, v10 plus, or maybe the a4 um yeah. Yes, sir, aside from the audi r8 v10 plus aside from the audi uh r8 v10 plus, this might be one of the best driving vehicles and i cant believe im saying that about an electric car im still years away from owning one myself, but its an easy Recommendation to make, though reality has just nailed it, and i even think, with the pricing with the packaging theyve done a good job. They it could be a little bit bigger, it could be a little roomier could have some more storage space, theres, certainly areas of improvement, but thats thats. What other models are going to be, for so were going to put it into dynamic mode, and it is just Music freaking blast audi. Definitely uh definitely nailed it design performance packaging, all the above uh its its really hard. I i i pointed out a few things. I didnt, like the the charging doors, seemed to stick a lot having the dual charging doors. I dont know if thats necessary the um accessibility to the front or front trunk area that could be. That should be on a key fob and and a little a little roomier would be uh be nicer, but the performance wow um its really its really sad in in a way for the internal combustion enthusiast.

You know i i cant imagine right now trying to keep up with this in my manual porsche 911. I it would take a monumental feat and the difference is in this vehicle. You can just repeat it over and over again, whereas in a in a manual 911 you cant, so thats thats, where we were at its almost like, where, when manual transmissions were replaced with twin clutch transmissions, now you could see where internal combustion engines just cannot keep Up with electric motors, especially when theyre tuned the way, this one is, as i said, its a lightning fast. I think the engineers at audi did an amazing job of power delivery and the designers did a spectacular job of just designing a a vehicle that really appeals to men, women, young old and just universal appeal. Everyone is stopped me complimenting me on this vehicle, even though its not mine, but uh, extremely impressed with what audis done here. I wouldnt mind if this vehicle was about to say 10 or 20 percent larger its pretty cramped the um the front helps, but we need more. We need more space, its its its basically a four door: sports car and and thats fine thats. What audi went for, but certainly not, in my opinion, suitable for a family, its amazing, how quickly you get to 90 miles an hour. We had this up to as high as 110 120, its just lightning fast, instant torque. What can you say, and yes, that is the nature of all electric vehicles, but obviously some have higher capacity and larger motors all wheel drive, as in the case of this e tron quattro neutron, gt quattro, i should say its uh e tron is just going to Become a whole family, for how do you expect to see other models soon? This is just a second of many to come.

One of the benefits of electric cars is that the front space known as the front trunk or frunk as my son likes to call it uh its a its a cavity. So you can put a few uh grocery bags if you want to heres the problem that i have with this e tron. In order to access that front, the button is hidden on the side of the drivers door so lets get over here and look at the space that we have to work with its pretty good space. But again i should be able to access that with my key fob. I shouldnt have to go and open the drivers door, but, as you can see here, pretty good space, you could put a roller board. You could put maybe three grocery bags in here. If you need to this is one of the benefits of electric cars. Is you have this additional space because the electric motors they take up much less space than a traditional internal combustion engine, and on top of that, the battery pack its down below, gives you a better center of gravity. Weve talked about this over and over again in previous videos, but we really love what audis done here. They finally got it right and we cant drive lets pick it up from there.