Currently i am here at vegas showroom, which is located at gachabali hyderabad. In this video. I am going to do a test ride for big d15 pro electric scooter. So before going to diamond, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications whenever we upload the videos this brand new biggos d15 pro electric scooter comes with metal body and 16 inch alloy wheels equipped with drum brakes. It has an extraordinary ground clearance of 175 mm and a wheelbase of 1206 mm talking about the suspension. Company has used telescopic suspension at front and three steps adjustable dual coil spring suspension at rail. That means you can adjust the rear suspension according to your comfort thats. So cool right, the battery used in this vehicle is lithium and battery, which is having a capacity of 3.2 kilowatt hours, and it consists of 21 700 lithium ion cells. Now i will show you the battery pack Music. So this is our battery pack here. The battery pack, they have usually is a portable one, and it is also removable which is ip67 rated. Also talking about the motor, the motor used in this vehicle is pms hub motor. That means permanent magnetic synchronous, motor, which is having a capacity of 3100 watts and generates 110 nm of torque, which results in a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour. The battery used in this vehicle is placed inside the boot space. That means you will never get any additional boot space to keep your stuff, be it in echo mode or sport mode.

This vehicle can attend zero to 40 kilometer per hour speed in just seven seconds. Moving on to the charging part, this vehicle takes four hours from zero to eighty percent and fire thirty minutes to charge this vehicle from zero to hundred percent and im very excited to tell you that this biggest d15 pro electric scooter comes with rollover sensor rollover sensor Is in an inbuilt system where it can stop accelerating the vehicle when the vehicle is in rollover condition? That means this rollover sensor isolates the powertrain trigger and it will resume the acceleration only when the vehicle comes to normal position. That sounds interesting right in terms of looks, in my point of view, these biggest d15 pro is not so stylish when compared with other electric vehicles that are available in the market, thats completely my opinion whats your thought on this, please let us know in the comment Section with 115 plus kilometers of range, we can say goodbye to the range anxiety and design these ara certified range. Now i am going to start the test ride and i will tell you further details in the test drive. This vehicle is not having any keyless henry. It is having only one key that is physical one, so we need to put this here and we need to turn it on, and the display will looks like this after switching on this vehicle. On my left hand, it is uh having a battery indicator which is in the form of a bars only – and this is a kilometers indicator, and now uh we are in a neutral gate.

That is what showing here this is odometer, that is strip meter, and this is range indicator. This cycle is having two modes. First, one is echo mode and second, one is port mode. These are the two modes and this is light switch. This is ignition switch, and this is a high beam and low beam switch. It is indicator switch. This is the horn switch, so now im going to start the test right now, im in neutral gear for extra area safety. This vehicle is having side sensor. That means, if you dont pick up the stand, this vehicle wont run, so you have to pick it up, then only it will switch to echo mode. Now we are in echo mode. Now i am going to start this vehicle Music. These are rear view mirrors. Now they are in portrait now i will switch it to a landscape mode. So this how it looks this vehicle is having linear acceleration now im in 26, 27 kilometer per hour speed. Now i just want to make a left turn so im switching on uh blinkers left indicators as it is having no sound, so that can be considered as a minus thing. Some people used to forget that they have switched on the indicator so for that people its a very important to have some sound when they have switched around the blinkers. Now we are on plane road. That means we dont have any obstacles, so it is having a top speed of 48 kilometer per hour in echo mode.

Now i am switching to sport mode. Now we are in sport mode in traffic condition. Brakes plays a crucial role. Now i am going to test the brakes. Yes, brakes are working, fine working good. As i already told you, this vehicle is having a capacity to attain zero to 40 kilometer per hour speed in seven seconds. So now i will stop this vehicle and i will test that whether it is attaining 0 to 40 kmph speed in 7 seconds or not 40 kmph speed now im going to make a? U turn Music now im in echo mode and ive already achieved 62 kilometers per hour speed. Our company is saying that its having a top speed of 60 kmph, but it is going beyond that. Also. We have already reached 62 kilometers per hour. I have asked the pillion also about the comfort of this vehicle and hes, saying yeah. Its fine vehicle is having ample amount of seating capacity. That means its enough for two people, its almost 770 mm Music for this. Luckily, here uh we are having some space here. So that we can place our wallets, mobiles and other stuff here, Music payload for this vehicle, this vehicle is having a payload of 150 kgs and a water weighting capacity of 250 mm. That means, when you are traveling flood, also uh the battery or the motor will not be affected, so that is the best part well coming to the most important segment.

That is features this vehicle is having features like anti theft. Alarm: reverse mode comic, braking system, geo, sensing riding statistics it can connect with the phone via a mobile app and also it is having gps real time diagnostics and many more Music. This vehicle is having ample amount of food space, but i dont think we can keep water bubbles and cylinders in this food space guys now we have tested this vehicle in forward mode. This vehicle is also having reverse mode now, im going to test that, so in order to enter into reverse mode, we have to press the brake and we have to press the ignition button. Now we have entered into reverse gear, so i will test the speed of this vehicle in reverse mode. Now, yes, it is having a four kilometer per hour, speed in reverse mode thats. More than enough, when you are parking, it will be helpful to you. While you are going back, it will give you a signal that the vehicle is moving back side. So, in order to switch from reverse mode to forward mode, we need to press the brake and just we need to uh tap this button once thats all now we have entered into forward mode and if youre our subscriber youll get some discount on this vehicle and Thats, all for now guys thats all about because d15 pro test ride review and if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video with your friends and family members for more such videos.