What weve got to do is go from here today in new milton and drive across to bristol, and what i think well do is take the cross country route so across all the dorset countryside, lots of country roads and a roads and stuff like that in some. Rather wet damp conditions here and then well come back and we might come back along the motorway journey so well get a couple of gauges of just how efficient this car really is, and what is real world range is going to be under true real life conditions Were not going to be driving for efficiency, just real world life with this car uh again part of our normal daily activities were just going to deliver our car over to bristol so well. Just use this as a second vehicle and lets see what we get in the meantime lets get into cars were going to cover some few a few miles of this probably a couple hundred miles today. I think the first part is about 80 miles across the country. Getting our first impressions of what this is like to drive again after spending a day in the kite and to be able to then pick out properly a few of the things that you really like and a few of things that you may not like. Quite so much and thats annoying, you know there it could go there but get rid of all the buttons on the steering wheel.

So yours are all wonky and then we can always follow up in more detail as a second review and comparison with the id3 in the next video. So stay subscribed Music yeah its two oclock in the afternoon. So, just a quick update, uh im, a passenger by the way dont worry look into driving um. So this morning, with all the country roads, we did uh this wasnt being bad for efficiency at all 4.3 miles per kilowatt and in fact, when we passed the 50 state of charge of the battery its a bit lower now at 47. Now. But when we passed, 50 percent wed actually covered about 120 miles just under 120 miles. So then in theory were on course for 240 mile of range uh, but were on the motorway. Now were going to take a long route back. So all motorway journey and lets have a look. So weve got uh 105 miles to get back how much range we got 107 miles of range, so um you could probably make this go back in one go, but i think were just gon na lose efficiency. Now, at the constant 70, just because of the wind resistance and drag – and i wouldnt mind doing a little charging session on this anyway – just to see what charging speeds we get. So we might, if we have time to stop off on the way back for a charge and just see how we, how quick it charges uh or we might just head back if weve got plenty well see how it goes.

As i say, i think well do a full review as a second video theres. One thing: thats really annoying both of us isnt it against three two one, two buttons on the steering wheel, god theyre a nightmare: they are an absolute nightmare. Let me show you all right, so if you say anything like against, make a conscious effort not to put his palms yeah, i have to now drive like that. Okay, now put your thumb where they say you just im already pressing exactly its just. So annoying put your thumbs in here, so yeah look look see its not that hard to just adjust the cruise control 35. Yes, an 1875 and the volume has gone off. Yeah now try and turn the volume up. You think, like you, think you just push it. No, no, no, no, you have to stroke it dont you now down again and then it makes weird noise as well, when you do that. For some reason it makes a noise over the thing, whilst youre changing it. There may be a setting for that, but other than that i quite like the keeper, its all good, but this haptic steering wheel is really bugging both of us again so youve knocked it to 75 again yeah. I dont know why just just put buttons on it. It was fine before its really annoying as well anyway. Well cover the full review in another video, so stay subscribed. Okay, we just made a quick stop off here.

Some uh show recharge here. Weve nearly got enough range to get back, but we need to stop anyway and use the toilet and stuff. So i was going to plug in a to the shell. Get it charging well only stop for a little bit, but i kind of wanted to charge anyway to see what kind of charging speed we can pull so uh plug it in bring up my uh apple pay, quick contactless payment there, its done so see how long It takes to do the handshake and communicate with the car accepted some clicking noises, so the cooper can charge up to 130 kilowatts, which is pretty good, but weve still got 24 battery at the moment. So were not right in the low state of charge, which is often what you need to get the best, but itd be interesting. What we get this is a 175 kilowatt charger, so you see were here. We still got 12 24 of the battery lets see what we get at this state of charge, thats pretty good and ill talk to you in a minute about efficiency and real world range. Oh nearly went above 100, kilowatts stopped, 100 kilowatts, okay, well, thats, pretty quick right lets get in the car and we can talk to you about efficiency and range because theres, a couple of versions here, one is uh the efficiency, oh hot water, the efficiency when we Before we got on the motorway, so that was town and country roads and that was running about 4.

2 4.3 miles per kilowatt hour, which is pretty good but since been on the motorway it has dropped down. The aero is pulling this one back. So when youre cruising at a constant 70 like we have its just limited a little bit by the aero, so let me show you this so since we started charging, we covered 170 miles and we had 24 of the battery left so thats. I think its pretty good thats, not too bad, and we have this 4.1, because i reset this one when we got on the motorway and we were averaging about 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour for the last 63 miles. So i did some calculations on this and it would work out if we just take where were at now and the amount of battery views the mars recovered. So a real mixture of everything it would give a real world range of 224 miles, so i dont think thats too bad at all. Is it i dont think thats too bad at all and then, if its charging at 100, even up to 130 kilowatts, then a quick top up is sufficient. So were just gon na be here for sort of 10 15 minutes. Whilst we go to the toilet and grab a drink and that kind of thing and then well just do the last bit of the journey, but a real world range 224 miles yeah, i think thats all right, actually not too bad at all.

You cant remember, look its quarter to three in the afternoon: weve been driving this car basically all day, weve gone in and out and stopped a few times done. Some other bits, but you know yeah its quarter to three in the afternoon and we do want to stop and go to the toilet, so its hardly any inconvenience at all. Uh right so well see how long wed stop and charge up for how much we put in and then well move on. Okay weve, been here for 10 minutes, has taken us back up to 49 state of charge. Thatll do well move on uh still charging 73 kilowatts just yeah. 73. 72. 73. 72. With that dude lets move on, i know, since our hyundai also has a copper accents. Much like the cooper anyway lets give you some roundup of the figures numbers for the cooper born then for that day, so the last section of the journey traveling back from the charging there. We actually averaged 4.3 miles per kilowatt hour, again uh, but that was because of slow traffic. We actually averaged 50 miles per hour because its contra flow most time then coming back through the forest. So what i would say is it does seem to be quite easy to get over four miles per kilowatt hour with the cooper in those conditions, but on the motorway kind of 70 miles per hour. It does seem to be about 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour.

Um, based on the numbers we had earlier in the day, based on the percentage of battery used versus the mars, we covered that pro rotted out to about 224 miles of range. But if you then back calculate that a little bit that seems to be allowing a usable battery capacity about 52 kilowatt hours, um now say that say sorry, vw group cooper say uh. This actually has 58 kilowatt hours of usable, so slightly over 60 kilo hour gross pack uh, so difference between the 58 and 52 perhaps is kind of like reserve uh battery capacity. But nonetheless, what it has proven is that over 200 miles on one charge, this is actually quite a comfortable easy thing to do in a longer run, no problem at all, and even if you then extrapolate lets take worst case scenario. Youve got say 3.8 miles per kilowatt hour times by the 52 kilo hours. Perhaps usable theres still 198 miles of range there theres, no doubt and ive noticed, because my wife is the id3. Remember you do lots of little short journeys, especially in winter youre, going to be seeing lower efficiency figures, of course, because youre heating, the cabin and such like, but nonetheless im gon na put the cooper born as a usual range, especially longer trips of 200 to 230. Odd miles without too much trouble at all, and then we saw a reasonable charging speed. Just a 10 minute. Stop there topped up quite nicely.

So if you make a 30 minute, stop have some coffee tea, a bit of lunch, something like that. You can recharge it at a pretty good speed as well so thats about that for the efficiency of the cooper bourne on the test and those conditions. On that day, a few first impressions of the cars i promise, like i say second video well follow a bit more detail and review theres. Obviously, some real distinct similarities between this and the id3. It is a bit firmer, its got a standard and lowered suspension compared to the id3 and its also got a slightly different sort of faster steering rack. Apparently it does have that firmer edge to it. That kind of slightly more sporting feel you would say to it. Some nice details and trims on the interior, but theres a few little bits that were a bit more irritating as well, so theres some pros and cons there and i think well cover that in more detail on the second review. Video, so stay subscribed, stay tuned hit like uh button below comment. If you can and stay subscribed for the next video with some more detail on this keeper coming soon, elaine lane assist is on every time which is a bit annoying 200 horsepower railroad drive on the wet roads. It gets a little bit on the right right. Yeah a little bit live at the back. If you wanted to do you know one annoying thing if youre in the back of these on a hot day, no theres, no events as a family car.

Why would you not put even just one event here? Theres, a perfect little slot, thats annoying its got to be lined up. The headrest actually section here is quite squishy, quite like that thats nice for comfort. As i lay back here im pretty sure this has got more road raw than the id3. The rides quite hard around town on this isnt it, but here on the motorway this this is right.