How freaking cool is that all right round here, theres a secret button here and youve, got to push the front of it. Look look how thats embedded ready door goes out now you have wings on the top of your car. How cool is this? This is the brand new buick wildcat and im going to show you the coolest features wild cat. Here it is on the back. Why is it called wildcat? This name is reserved for buicks concept, cars. These are the cars that show the future of buick. So all of the cool design features that were going to see in the real production cars coming out. So, im going to show you a few of those first of all right here. Look at this! This is a brand new buick logo. The circle is gone. The like classic shield cutting through is gone. This is actually going to come out in real buicks in 2023.. I say real buicks like this isnt, a real its a real car like were going to drive it in a minute, but you know what i mean: actual production models right around here. I absolutely love this look at this. Look at these tail lights, how they go all the way up the back of the rear windscreen. I have never seen that before. I absolutely love that okay, now around here, another favorite feature of mine check out these wheels. Look at this: how freaking cool do they look? 18 spoke 22 inch wheels and here look you got a little surprise.

Wheels are spinning, spinning see this is the kind of detail the go to guys when it comes to design. They have custom made tires and the tread even the tread like these marks. You see here, thats designed like they could have made that design anything but theyre like nope. We want this one so thats the kind of detail that goes into a concept car like this and theyre going right. What do we want for the future of buick lets? Put it all in this car now around the front again, youve got the coolest headlights here and i love the way that these light up. As you approach the car and when you lock, the car were going to show you that, in the shade, just to show you how special that light sequence is love. Okay, now around here this front, grille here, is also another design feature were gon na see on production model buicks in future. So look out for that: okay, guys so heres the deal. This is the first time we are featuring a buick on the supercar blondie channel. What is buick just really quickly its a premium car brand under gm and their goal is to become fully electric by 2030.. This is a full ev concept and youve got this as well. Look something called ultra cruise now. This is a level two autonomous driving system that theyre going to be rolling out, which basically means that you can drive this car on, say, like 98 of roads around america.

You know with like autonomous systems that arent as great you can be hands free on the road, but only on highways. As soon as you take that road off the highway it kind of paddocks its like. Where are we it freaks out? This one is not going to do that, so this one will go through all your suburbs, etc. So this is going to be rolled out in buick cars in a few years time and of course, because buick is on the gm youre going to see some of the same technology rolled out in their other brands. Right lets go in lets, see the interior. So again we push here and the interior is revealed and ive been told im the only person outside of gm to be allowed to sit in this and actually drive it, which is so fantastic. Thank you guys. So much all right now come check this out here. We have the incredible interior – i just love how long this door is as well just look at the size of this thing. Incredible youve got your side camera view here as well, so that corresponds to this camera here, theres just so much space, because of course this is an ev now right, so you dont need all of this kind of center block between you and the passenger seat. So this is all open, this is floating and then all of this here is floating as well. You see, you can put your hand behind here.

Theres all this space here in the back now whats cool is this is what were going to see in future buicks. This whole new redesigned screen look its a curved screen its quite long, and this right here is going to be taken pretty much from this car and put in buick models, so thats quite cool to see, and then here youve got this beautiful center console stretching all The way from the front into the back there and then these seats, as you can see here, these are like floating. Do you see that everything in the interior is about floating these kind of materials, of course theyre looking into being more sustainable in future? So this is actually from old, yarn, so recycled yarn that theyve done this fabric and up here youve got a little easter egg. Look at this a little wild cat up here. Just to remind you what youre in i really like this, this is acrylic and it just makes it look a little bit futuristic. All these acrylic features here quite a thin steering wheel, which is cool, and when you move it, the center badge stays stationary. What do you guys think in the interior? Alright, we have a special guest sharon from australia. Actually come in, come in aussie buddies sharon is the executive director of design at buick and gmc and were going to talk about the interior com. Come around lets have a look. I havent said anything about the color.

Yet so why did you guys choose the green and the white and whats going on? So what i love about this interior is the fact that there are so many elements that that float weve got a panel that floats the seats that are floating, this beautiful console, thats floating and the color and trim really does speak to emphasizing those floating elements. So everything in white really speaks to everything: thats floating its grounded with this really rich green, that weve called legato green yeah, its beautiful its gorgeous its like a forest yeah. I mean its really rich, its beautiful its deep and actually in photography. It doesnt show up so well, but in person, its just an exquisite green and the exterior color, which is this very deep metallic mid value, gray, really does highlight all of the beautiful custom aluminum work so its just stunning. So these bits is here as well. Sharing the acrylic, why use that? So again, you know the design team paid a lot of attention to detail. All the elements have been designed and the acrylic was just another way to bring in an element: thats, really rich and really beautiful and deep. All right were going to see this in motion now theres, something special about seeing concept. Cars drive thats. What were going to do now. Look at this. This is how you close the door from the inside with this little button here all right ready here we go, sounds quite cool doesnt it! Listen to that! Hey! Hey! Oh! Look at this! How cool does this look and look at all these lights here in the center console all of this lights up? Oh, i love concept, cars.

Why cant? They just come to life. Why and look look how im turning the wheel in this stay center? Here we go here, we go here. We go! Listen to that sound! Oh, what do you guys reckon and there we go one of the fastest drives ive ever done just want to say a massive thank you to buick for organizing this. I am so lucky to get my hands on this and to show you guys on this channel, really its incredible. So a massive thank you to you guys and thats. It make sure you, like the video subscribe to the channel and uh. Well, see you next time. Weve got some crazy stuff happening. Bye.