Im really angry. You know, because ive waited so long for somebody like this look at this. This comes along now, oh yeah, no, no, its really good! Now! 12 years ago, you couldnt get anything like this god to get a car that went as far as this on one charge: 150 000 quid that was the tesla roadster, the first car i ever drove on fully charged, show this car now just as uh 200 miles. If you dont know whatever, like its no big deal so annoying this, this, this car is its if you could buy so many of these for the price of a tesla, roadster ill. Tell you how much it isnt a bit im not going to go on about it now, but im really angry. So that is the mg4 fantastic car, and this is the fully charged show fully charged live, is coming to california. This september 10th and 11th powered by electrify america get your tickets to the number one ev and home energy show now Music. So this is the mg4. It is a four door: family hatchback, its a small, sensible car, its not a massive suv, and for that they already get stars. Five gold stars from me just because its such a so refreshing seas made from the ground up as an electric car. This is, the version is called the trophy and theres also the se. The se has a 51 kilowatt hour battery. It gives you 218 miles of range roughly and starts at a certain price which ill talk about in a moment, and then this one, which is the one ive been driving, i will be driving today.

This is 64 kilowatt hours. This is the trophy 64 kilo hours with 280 miles of range, uh and thats a little bit more expensive, but not that much more expensive and still a lot cheaper than a lot of other competitor cars. Uh. Tell you the first thing i love about this car instantly. As soon as i saw it forget all the looks forget what the range the speed, the power, the, what i really loved is the name mg4. I can remember it its not a whole string of weird numbers and letters or weird names based on spanish resorts or whatever else its the mg4 its like the id3. You can remember it and its easy to remember and you you dont have to you know struggle. So weve reviewed other mgs in the past, the mg5, the mg ze zs, ev, so harder names to remember. So this is their first. This is mgs. First uh, you know absolutely uh built from the ground up with this new uh battery platform. Uh this modular battery platform, so this the the design of the modular battery platform, i mean this particular version – is rear, wheel, drive, it can be four wheel, drive and ill come on to that again later on, but also its scalable. So this can go from somewhere around 40 kilowatt hours to like 150 kilowatt hours using the same modules. Obviously, 150 kilowatts is going to be bigger and thats, obviously for a bigger vehicle which there are it doesnt think they havent done that yet, but thats the way its been designed with that with bear with that being born in mind.

So the this car is really the the first proper step i think in mgs journey to to 100 electric manufacturing Applause. Now, when i first saw this car, i saw it from the front and i was really impressed. I thought it looked really nice. When i saw the back. I admit i was a bit challenged. I was a bit challenged by that because its got some stuff going on its got this very big lip. That goes all the way across there with the lights on its got. This is the in the trophy model: its got this extra wing thing which actually uses slightly more energy than without so its not entirely obvious what thats all about, but heres, one of the little things thats just instantaneously. Good theres been quite a few cars ive come across where i didnt know how to open the back and youre. Looking for the thing, its just instantly obvious its there, its obviously where it should be big, roomy boot lots and lots of room trunk. So plenty of room in the back for for what is relatively a small car really nicely built. That is really a key thing: theres the the actual fit and finish of this car charging very straightforward, normal uh, seven and eleven kilowatt ac charger for use at home. Then you take the old cap off and there you go your dc fast charging up to 120 kilowatts, which is really good and thats just thats becoming more and more common with with new cars.

But one of the interesting things – and we dont have the adapter here. But there is an adapter you plug into the ac connector, and you can run a domestic socket off it. You can take power out of the car run. Things in boiler kettle have a little cooker. Have lights? Have a sound system? Have a you know: electric bbq, whatever i mean you could run a long extension cable into your house and run a load of lights. If you were in a power cut, you know im just saying you could do that, so it is capable of doing that. Its not a vehicle to grid or vehicle to house, officially its vehicle to load, which i think is really good, that theyre doing that nice feature now walking around it now, im really noticing the build quality is really peachy, its very, very good. The design language of the front is, i think, nothing too shocking or stunning or amazing. I dont hate it. I dont particularly love it, but its got a its. You know all works it all. It feels tight and it feels well put together. One thing that sets this car apart, a little bit is this down here, is that is an active intake grill that can open or close when its closed, its more efficient, theres less drag on the vehicle when its open, its obviously cooling, the uh the control system, The battery management system thats under the bonnet, its a rear wheel, drive so the motors back there, so it keeps the batteries cool if they need to be.

But if you dont need to keep the batteries cool that closes off and its more efficient, you can go further on one charge, these little scoops. I think yes, they blow they blow air over your wheels to make it more aerodynamic and thats a design feature that ive seen on quite a few things, and it comes from like really high end very high speed vehicles and its kind of worked its way down Into normal cars, but its basically its not too obtrusive the back, i find a little bit of a weird look, but i guess youd get used to it and also. I would definitely recognize it if i was driving along and was following this car youd go thats an mg mg4, but this is is just sort of its a bit car like Music, big puddle. I go through a big pub see what happens it doesnt leak Music, not sure. I love the steering wheel. So its got this funny flat bottom and then it just kind of threw me. Then it felt weird kind of wanted a. I wanted a round steering wheel. Rather than a sort of squared off one, its, not terrible, but it did feel strange then, when i really when i went sort of hard over right lets, see see how nippy it is across junction rear, wheel, drive love that felt. That then was conscious of it. So i just prefer rear wheel, drive, maybe im old school, but its rear wheel, drive front wheel.

Steering super super tight on the road, very, very confident feeling i wasnt at all alarmed at that. I could feel all the power coming from the back: 50. 50, weight distribution, perfect balance. The front wheels are holding up exactly the same amount of weight as the rear wheels. That is very unusual in old fashioned cars. That was a really hard thing to achieve in a car with a massive lump of steel in the front called a combustion engine. So there are five driving modes theres snow, which im obviously not going to be able to check that out now. Theres eco, which i havent tried im going to try that there is normal, which is what i was in before, and there is now there is sport and then theres custom, so uh i dont quite know what custom will do. Maybe you can set it up yourself, but this is sport mode. Now now i did give flora a couple of times before theres an interesting little delay, its not a massive im, not noticing a huge difference, but its got ive got quite strong regen, so i can turn the regen onto weak and then you just kind of thats Sort of like freewheeling yeah, you dont, really slow down with the regen one of the things i cant tell with this is exactly how energy efficient. It is three point. Okay, now i can tell there is there: is the information on the screen so 3.

6 miles per kilowatt hour? Now? That is not brilliant, but i have been doing anything but careful driving. I already can feel i could get that higher. 3.6 is not rubbish. The audi e tron, for instance, gets about 2.5, the uh jaguar. I pace if youre really careful 2.6 2.7, and this is getting 3.5 now with me, like definitely not driving it carefully and now were driving in very heavy rain, which uh when you drive a combustion car youre, not aware of that, when you drive in very heavy Rain, you burn more fuel than when you drive in dry conditions. There is actually uh more resistance on the tyres from the water on the road. I was never even aware of that, but you use you do less miles to the gallon or kilometers to the liter. When its raining heavily – and you also use more electricity, you get less range when youre driving in heavy rain, which i am now Music, so instantly familiar interior. As soon as i got onto this car just knew how to drive its very, very simple gear. Selector there. Just turn the knob off you go. You dont its got a parking brake it automatically. Disengages everything is automatic. No, you dont have to press a button to start it. You sit in the car. You turn that you go. That is really good, very, very clear. Dash. Uh screen there really, you know very easy to work out whats going on uh up here.

The software is is better than most. The sat. Nav is okay. The built in sat nav, pretty good ive, seen a lot worse, its got. It connects to your. The good thing is its got apple, carplay and android, auto, which is so easy just plug your phone in, and everything is on there that you recognize that will update that really works well. So that is a brilliant feature. A couple of things that were slightly more complicated took me a while to get used to so theres a star button on the steering wheel, and that allows you to choose the thing that you instantly want to do so at the moment. Its set to do the uh, the heating and cooling so that it just does that automatically one button on the steering wheel and you can adjust everything with that, but you can also use you can reset it so that it does the driver modes, because the driver Modes are a little bit buried in the menus, but i now know i can press the star. I could reprogram it so that it just brings up the driving modes, not that youre going to change it a lot, but i just wanted to have a go in the different modes and ill be honest. There wasnt a massive difference between eco, normal and sport. You know they were all fine, i think, if you drove in the eco mode, you would get a longer range from it, the actual quality of the materials you know, i think, for for the price of the car, really really good.

Incredibly, comfy seats electrically operated. You know you cant beat that a little bit forward and backwards with a little button, a little bit of tip back. That makes me happy thats, very nice, so lets have a look in the back now, obviously im nowhere near the height of jack. Actually, this is really comfy and loads of room. You can see thats where i will have the seat for driving little pockets there usb charger, uh iso fittings for kids seats, you know and its really kind of tidy and neat and plenty plenty of room really roomy. I dont know about chat, i mean ive got plenty of headroom there, but i think jack is taller than me, but he he does that clever thing where he sits like that then theres loads of room, so look just to put it in perspective. Im only six inches shorter than jack, so you know hes a bit bigger, so he i think its it would be cozy for mr scarlett it would be nice and cozy in the back, but its plenty room enough and its much bigger than you expect from the Outside it is very much like the id3 is similar size, but there is a big difference between this car and the id3. So i needed to sit down for this bit because this is a little bit of a surprise bit of a shock. But the car weve been driving today starts at starts at 25 995 pounds, that is, for a vehicle that has a 218 mile range has vehicle to load.

With a 100 pound adapter uh can charge to 80 in in 30. Minutes has 120 kilowatt charging you know. Is a really well built car and its under 26 000 pounds now just to give a comparison, because you can say you can say to me thats a lot of money. Of course, it is a lot of money, but lets see what else you can get within the similar size of car similar range, all that sort of stuff, the renault zoe 31 000. It starts at the the uh, the vauxhall corsa e 29 000.. This is these: all cars have very similar range to the the base, the at the mg4 se, the peugeot uh, the e208 – that is 30 000 pounds, the id3, which is really the closest to this car in terms of size in terms of range. In terms of build quality in terms of uh technology that you use in the car, thirty six thousand pounds – this is a full ten thousand pounds cheaper than the volkswagen id3. I think this car is going to make a big impact on the roads of the united kingdom and elsewhere, Music, very really impressed with this car. I kind of knew id like it when i first saw it covered in camouflage. I thought that is going to be interesting when that comes out, because its not a its, not an suv, if nothing else. This is not a compact suv or a big suv or a big heavy car.

This is a smaller, lighter, longer range electric car, and what theyre going to be doing with it next year is is very exciting for people who were possibly susceptible to the concept of the hot hatch we will see next year with the mg4 performance model. Four wheel drive uh 77 kilowatt hour battery naught to 60 sub 4 seconds. Proper hot match totally unnecessary, but i cant help being slightly interested and im looking forward to test driving that next year, because im going to bully jack to, let me have a go, even if he reviews it and does a much better job than i can do. Im, just i just want to go in it, otherwise, its not fair, but uh yeah. That is very interesting. They decided to do that Music, but this isnt, the ending theres, still a little bit more. I want to tell you no there isnt, really just please do subscribe to the fully charged show tell your mates about it.