First of all, if youre in the market looking for an electric car, then you should wait until september 6, when mahindra will be launching its car e xuv400. This car is capable of hitting a range of around 350 to 400 kilometers. The good thing is that this car can be charged from zero to eighty percent. In only 30 minutes. The price range will be 15 lakh rupees, and thus it will be competing against nexon ev evmax now mind you. The nixon ev comes with a claim range of 312 kilometers, whereas the evmax can deliver 437 kilometers of arai range, so thats for september 6, but on september 5 hop electric mobility is launching its awaited. Electric motorcycle called oxo oxo. Now this model is supposed to be reaching a top speed of around 100 kilometers per hour. It should be delivering a range of 100 kilometers, in which case this scooter sorry, this motorcycle should be priced at somewhere around 1.2 lakh rupees. The website. The official website in b will be in the description and you can check it out. It is also accepting test rights and you can express your interest by filling up. The form from the main website now lets talk about two more electric scooter launches, which is done by the company called ibumi, and they launched these two models in delhi and they are soon spreading out across india. Now the models are called gtx and gtx 180. The jeet x model comes with a range of 100 kilometers in eco mode and 90 kilometers in city mode.

The gtx 180 should be able to do 200, kilometers in eco mode and 180 kilometers in city mode. Now the top speed for both these scooters are same, which is at 70 kilometers per hour, but theres a price difference, of course, because of the larger battery pack. The gtx 180 is priced at 1.4, lakh rupees, but the gtx model is priced at 1. Lakh rupees deliveries will be starting this month itself. Now lets give you two quick updates from the house of ola. Now the ola s1 model, which is launched at an introductory price of 1 lakh rupees, will be available at this price only for bookings in the month of august itself. In the month of september, you need to make the full payment to avail. This introductory price, after which the prices will be bumped, now keep in mind that the ola s1 pro was launched at an introductory price of 1.3 lakhs and later it was bummed up by 10 000 rupees. Something similar should be happening in ola s1 model as well. Maybe the price hike will be around seven to eight thousand. Rupees could be ten thousand rupees as well, but if you are looking to buy it for one lakh rupees now is the time august 31 is when the booking window closes and september month is when the purchase window closes. For this price range now mind you, the scooter can do a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour and should give you a eco mode in e commerce.

It should give you around 130 kilometers of range. Now, speaking of s1, pro already, the s1 pro model comes in 10 different colors, but now they have launched a new color, which is called the khaki color. The body color is military, green with a brown seat. It just looks amazing, but then mind you this. Just the color just because of this color pattern, it demands a premium of 10 000 rupees. It is available in limited quantities, just 1947 units, if any one of you has already booked this khaki model. Do let us know in the comment section and before finishing off the video two more updates, one from simple one, one from ultraviolet simple one has opened their test rights in jaipur. Any one of you has already done the test right. Please let us know. Please share your experience in the comment section for the rest of the country. Also, it will be opening up in a face manner for ultraviolet 57. They did their test ride, they allowed their test rides. On august of 15, a group of fighter pilots were called into a runway and they were given these f77 models to test right. Everyone looked very excited and very happy with the performance that these motorcycles were able to deliver. This is all for this weeks. Ev news. Well, make a curated video again and come up in this in this channel itself, so do subscribe to it.