The hummer ev is the ultimate expression of performance and capability, which is exactly why were here today. The rugged terrain and majestic vistas surrounding us are precisely the types of locations where consumers will bring their hummer evs. The hummer ev is also a perfect fit for gmc. It epitomizes the innovation and engineering excellence that have served as the foundations of our brand for well. Over a century, it is bold, capable and precisely crafted and provides truly remarkable on and off road capability, along with a quiet, all electric propulsion system, all packaged in a design that takes luxury to new heights. Today we want to take you deeper into the gmc hummer ev story, including its design, ev battery system and off road capability. Along with me here today, and back at gm headquarters in michigan. Are many of the men and women whove passionately collaborated to bring homer ev to life today, theyre excited to share their stories and inspirations to help you understand and appreciate all thats gone into creating this revolutionary super truck. So lets start things off where it all began by exploring exactly how hummer ev came to be and why our design and engineering teams were incredibly eager to take on this challenge. Ive been a part of the gmc heavy duty truck team since 2001, and the first thing you learn is that truck customers accept no compromises and the gmc customer takes that attitude to the next level. We took that no compromise attitude when assembling our team of experts to design engineer, validate and build the hummer ev and its not just a team of experts but of passion, and this passion has created the most capable factory truck weve ever produced.

It is an absolute beast: our engineering team never took no for an answer and neither did the design team to design an all electric hummer ev is a in a lifetime opportunity, but its also a huge challenge. Lets face it. There are no shortages of opinions about this truck. That was the task laid before us. How do you design something so instantly recognizable yet challenge everything we know about it, flip it on its head Music. We kicked off this program on april 1st of 2019 just 18 months ago, no kidding the performance team that had worked on the ca, corvette transitioned to this project and from the start we basically worked around the clock. It was a true collaborative effort between all of the design teams. We had a unique opportunity create something instantly recognizable while challenging everything you know as a zero emissions, zero limits, electric super truck. How do you create a dramatic sense of scale and unmatched presence? That is also tech forward and tough, the armory ev its both rugged and approachable, its perfect for any adventure, the overarching design language, its technical, capable and its contemporary the hummer ev profile. It is unmistakable with off road proportions and a wide stance. The headlamp lighting its premium, its high tech and its unexpected, its also expressive when charging and at walk up the vehicle comes alive. Our exterior color has a refined but impactful presence. Our goal was to provide a strategy that embodies the look and feel of modern adventure.

Our colors and materiality are technical and feel and utilitarian and execution for our exterior. We have high gloss uppers, a striking white body color and lowers with a subtle metallic fleck with bright and dark finishes. Our badges complement, the visual contrast within the exterior and the interior. As a vehicle that is intended for exploration on all sorts of terrains and environments, our infinity roof and sky panels provide you the opportunity to experience your adventures with a panoramic view. These panels are transparent as well as removable, so you can configure your roof and sky panels to best suit your journeys and best of all the sky panels easily store in the front with the engine no longer in the front of the vehicle. The compartment ahead of the cabin is now a convenient storage area. The multi pro tailgate is essentially two tailgates in one raising and lowering these two tailgate panels in a different combination allows multi pro to take on a variety of different roles, and it fits right in with the gmc truck family. Our lunar horizon interior featured here in edition one has high contrast: color blocking in sky cool gray and jet black and striking decor in a tech, bronze metallic finish. This interior leverages the opposition of warm and cool tones to create an environment that is truly unique, bold but harmonious. It is both purposeful and highly technical, and the analog toggles are blended with a digital cinema. Like user interface, i think the first thing people are going to notice inside the interior.

The gmc hummer ev. Are these large floating displays? We have a 12.3 inch instrument, cluster, a general motors first 13.4 inch touchscreen, as well as a secondary display, thats specific for climate controls. Our interface on these displays are very robust and you can custom tailor them to your desires. We have multiple layouts. You can choose from the instrument cluster as well as zones inside there, that you can change if you want and then in the touch screen, the 13.4 inch gives us a large enough canvas to be able to do two applications at the same time. The interface for this experience is a blend of sophistication and attitude with these technical science fiction, graphics that look like theyre floating on top of a lunar terrain, the interface itself will evolve throughout the day, really dramatic and moody at night. But then, during the day, you get a really bright, clean interface that give you the best contrast and visibility. The motion and 3d graphics in this system is, unlike anything, youve ever seen in a vehicle before and its made stronger by our partnership with epic games. Using the unreal engine when we look specifically at the touchscreen area were offering an unprecedented amount of information for off road enthusiasts and something thats really unique to that. Is this pro view to give full screen access to three different customizable widgets, as well as integrating that, with our virtual auxiliary switches, that you can customize the name of as well as change the iconography, to really make it your own? In addition to the incredible design elements in order to bring this revolutionary super truck to life, we knew that we also needed to have groundbreaking ev technology under the skin Music.

I remember the first time i drove an electric vehicle since that moment. Ive been convinced that evs are the way of the future. Ive subsequently led the charge that not only can you have an awesome vehicle that rivals its internal combustion counterparts, but one that massively raises the bar while creating a more sustainable future. Its simply a better experience, instant torque, crazy power, ultim fast charging capability and the structure is now one with the propulsion system. The gmc hummer ev is a super truck that will change perceptions about what an electric vehicle is and itll lead us all into a zero emission future id like to introduce you to the hummer ev. Now this is the first vehicle to use gms altium platform. The heart and soul of this system is a 24 module double stacked battery system. The sheer power of the ultim battery pack enables off road and performance features that will really set us apart, and we can cool and control these batteries with our architecture for even more performance from special driving modes, like terrain to watts, to freedom. But i think the coolest part of the ultim system is the battery management system, which debuts on the hummer ev, and the speed and robustness of communications really sets it. Apart from a wired system and the ultimate platform takes this technology and creates something that we like to call universal charging, we can charge just about anywhere. You can go all the way up to 800 volts and 350 kilowatts on a dc fast charge.

This will actually get you about 100 miles charge in only 10 minutes but tim. Why do i even need that, with 350 miles of range thats more than enough to get me to any of the major off road trails at national parks, where i can go mountain biking or hiking? And one of the neat features here is that when youre up high on a hill and youre coming down the hill to get home well actually generate electricity on the way down, and all this happens through the altium drive units. The motor in the front is actually combined with a locking differential for the rock crawling. Your rear motors can work in concert with that, independently on the drivers side versus the passenger side, to give you real control and torque vectoring. Now, with all this capability, you have to make sure that, no matter what these systems are durable and you have to control all of this torque and all these different modes of operation with confidence and our pure ev propulsion system also holds torque for much longer and Through a wider range of speeds than even diesel engines, which is great for both on and off road, the hummery v will be the first gmc to offer supercruise the hands free driver technology that works on over 200 000 miles of highways in north america and remember I said zero compromise so with that in mind, weve added automatic lane change and to bring the hummer ev and the outside world together is our e assist app.

This allows monitoring of the vehicles energy usage, along with setting up a charging schedule, conditioning the battery temperature on the way to the charging station and teaching you how to drive more efficiently to maximize your range and more. All of these cutting edge. Ev technologies were aimed at one goal to deliver the ultimate expression of off road capability and performance Music, setting a goal to build the most capable factory truck ever required us to hand pick a team of gms, most talented and most passionate off roaders to bring their Experience to this program, this team helped develop and build the innovative features and technologies from first hand, experience which allow hummery v to conquer, virtually any obstacle or terrain todd, hubbard and aaron. Fowle live and breathe off, roading and rock crawling outside of work, and now, thanks to hummer ev, they can also do it at work as well mike colville whos, an experienced off road racer is also a member of our engineering team. Together, these off road experts and our team back home in detroit brought their years of incredible adventures and knowledge to the hummer ev mike weve, been together since day one 18 months ago, and its great having you as part of the team, tell us a little bit About your background and what it brought to the table for hummer ev, you know ive spent a ton of time in johnson valley, california, supporting and racing in the king of the hammers, and i applied a lot of what i learned into making the hummer ev.

Even better than what i raced in many ways, a great example is a time i was racing up outer limits and i broke a half shaft when i was turned hard to the left and accelerated really hard. That was on me when i started working on the hummery v. We created an algorithm that adds more power to the wheels when theyre straight well mike, i know another important part of racing is being able to lock the differentials. What did racing teach you that influenced tomorrow, ev development yeah, you know our race vehicles also did have lockers and knowing when to use them and when not to use them is very important. So we brought that into the hummer ev by integrating a front e locker into our terrain mode to help the customer. We also have a rear virtual locker that controls the wheel spin of the rear wheels. Its pretty amazing well mike youve, certainly encountered your fair share of tough obstacles over the years. How will the hummer, evs four wheel steering and crab walk help customers navigate through tight places? Yeah, you know, prior to my racing, i started out in rock crawling and i actually had a vehicle that had four wheel steer. So what we did is we created multiple steering modes on the hummery v, including crab walk to make that a lot easier for the customer and more intuitive to navigate tight places. Well, crab walk is an awesome feature, but four wheel steer is also going to be great on road aaron tell us a bit about your off road experiences and the example we talked about earlier.

I love challenging myself on trails on a recent trip to windrock park. Last june, i had to navigate a turn with a very aggressive side slope combined with about a five foot vertical wall. Thankfully, i got out with only a cracked tail lamp, but i knew at that moment if i had the ability to steer the rear of the vehicle i could have crab walked through that thing, completely unscathed. Well, weve created exclusive purpose built features to help our hummer ev customers tackle terrain thanks, aaron, okay, todd. Why dont you speak of some of the incredible vehicle stats that really give the hummer ev its serious off road capability. We have ground clearance of 15.9 inches, an approach, angle of 49.7 degrees and a departure angle of 38.4 degrees, vertical wall climb greater than 18 inches and waterfording capability 32 inches. One of the hummer evs amazing features is its available extract mode which provides up to six inches of additional suspension, lift well its not just about getting out of the toughest situations, its also about confidently being able to tackle just about any type of low speed off Road terrain: the team has done a great job. Taking our drive modes to the next level, terrain mode and off road mode specifically, will be huge enablers. We also spent a lot of time working on the acceleration response to make the truck very precise in technical situations. It gives you access to the 11 500 pound feet of torque.

Well, im sure you have many experiences going over punishing terrain where the sound of rock scraping against the undercarriage makes you cringe right, youre, absolutely right al! The team has done an incredible job with its underbody armor. We also have underbody cameras which can actually help you navigate around or above those big obstacles with all our live. Camera feeds its like having a virtual spotter right inside the truck. Well, all these features. Weve talked about also translate into the hummer ev being an awesome beast on the street as well, and those of you that know me know my passion for performance oriented vehicles, but working on an ev has allowed our team to unleash capability. We could only dream of before, so how do we harness this and unleash more than a thousand horsepower and eleven thousand five hundred pound pound feet of torque 0 60 in three seconds is thrilling enough for any vehicle. But how do we make it even more thrilling? Think of the way a roller coaster ride builds the anticipation. We wanted to generate those same feelings in the homer ev, and we do thanks to what were calling watts to freedom mode, its an interactive experience that engages the senses. The vehicle conditions is electronics and establishes the ride height for the lowest possible center of gravity. At the same time, you hear this awesome, 14 speaker, bose sound system belt out cool music and when the customer sees arm your excitement reaches its peak thats.